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One simple message tonight: Hold the line. We’ve had multiple reports from all over Arizona of voter locations like this one where voters have been turned away because 20 percent of the tabulating machines are mysteriously no longer working or they’ve run out of ink… and there’s no more ballots.

If you’re in line, we need you to stay in line and make sure your vote counts. Secondly, we beg our priests and our bishops to speak up about election integrity and the important need to avoid all trace of fraud. Think that’s a partisan issue? It’s not. And that is why Catholics for Catholics is proudly endorsing the statement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops—hot off the press—calling for free and fair elections in the country of… Nigeria.

But since it’s a general principle and it applies to whatever country, we assume that the Bishops also mean here. We ask them now, tomorrow morning, to speak up about this because there are multiple reports of fraud going on.

Please pray for our country. And remember, above all, hold the line, spiritually and physically as your vote is counted. God bless.

Join the Crusade!

Write your bishop to support fair and free elections now.

God bless you.

Catholics for Catholics