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General Michael Flynn

Listen to General Flynn’s message to Catholics about the future of America

General Michael Flynn has an important question for you: “Who is a Catholic in today’s America?”

Lieutenant General (Retired) General Flynn, is a retired Army general with over 33 years of service in the United States military. More importantly, he is a faithful Catholic and American patriot.

General Flynn sees the state of the USA as not politics as usual any longer. There’s no way in the world, that any American citizen with an ounce of common sense would think that what is happening in this country is fine.

There’s no way Americans are going to go and vote for any of what is happening.

This country has plenty of talented people. Plenty of smart people. Plenty of innovative people. But we need leaders, right now. We need huge leaders. We need gigantic leaders. We need people who are unapologetic about this country and are unapologetic about the things that we are facing. 

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