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“Most Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation” – Henry David Thoreau

Articles | June 13, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

“Libs of TikTok” is one of the Left’s most reviled and feared Twitter accounts.  The account – which directly reposts, thereby exposing, some of the most poisonous aspects of progressivism – had been previously suspended and was one of the accounts freed by Elon Musk.  On June 9, it tweeted an illuminating video, originally posted by a woman who has “transitioned” to manhood.  Judging solely by the facial hair and vocal register, this young woman appears to be far along the process.  In a moment of sincerity, this poor woman, in tears, laments how difficult it is to be a man.  The clip begins with a remarkable first sentence, “Nobody told me how lonely being a man is.” 

In what seems to be a wave of enlightenment, she talks about all the things she does not like about “being” a man.  Men cannot be vulnerable.  No one hugs you.  People are colder to men and it is harder to build relationships.  Though she doesn’t admit to regret, the viewer seems to be watching, in real time, the realization that men and women are not interchangeable.  Reality is setting in that gender is not an accessory.  That men are not just a collection of body parts – they have different roles, and play by different rules with different requirements and expectations.  As opposed to “her” truth or “my” truth, there are just immutable Truths.  Perhaps, cis-men do not, after all, have the privilege that leftist victims have been led to believe?   It appears to be the stoicism required of true manhood with which she cannot deal.  She takes the opportunity to call on her TikTok followers to find a man in their circle and “help them feel seen for a moment.”

With Father’s Day this coming weekend, the timing on this poor thing’s video is impeccable.  God willing, there are no children in the charge of this confused woman.  The pressure, responsibility and…reality just multiply with a family.  But instead of acknowledging what this woman has come to realize, today’s narrative runs that men are awash with unearned opportunity.  It says that men are privileged and discriminatory chauvinists who have no idea the challenges faced by someone who is not a heterosexual, cis-man.   

Consider.  Why are fathers always portrayed on TV as some blend of Al Bundy and Homer Simpson?  Useless, lazy, morons and sex-craved deadbeats.  Why has society been conditioned to think of fathers, and the vocation of fatherhood, as such, to the point where before one can google “stupid tv dads” the search is auto-filled?

Those pushing this perverted opinion have successfully tied all of masculinity to its worst exemplars.  A marginalizing fiction overshadows the truth.  And what is truth?  The Census Bureau and US Department of Education tell us that 24% of children live in the absence of a father and that 77% of teachers are female.  So, many young men are formed amid a dearth of masculinity, not an excess.  Rarely discussed are the correlations between fatherlessness and crime, violence, suicide and dropout rates.  The stats paint a picture that a young man without a father is: four times more likely to live in poverty, twice as likely to commit suicide, and 71% more likely to drop out of high school.  85% of youths in prison come from a father-absent home.  Children in fatherless homes are 14 times more likely to commit rape and 20 times more likely to end up in prison.  The results are pretty clear, but John Heywood tells us that “None are so blind as those who will not see.”  The truth doesn’t match the message.    

Even in the presence of sound evidence to the contrary, effeminate male activists, radical feminists, Gillette razors, and the hens on The View never stop waxing on about this toxic masculinity nonsense.  Their delusions don’t stop there.  People are meant to believe that while the woke and absent baby daddy is heroic for following his truth, it is the lessons a father passes on to his sons about hunting, sports, religion, or the virtue of responsibility that are the sources of toxicity.  All the while, the reprobate who funds the abortion (now there is true toxicity) is an open-minded champion of women’s rights.    

The radical feminist and big government movements have argued for a generation that fathers are unnecessary.  As paternity has been reduced to its base biological function, programs have been tailored to replace the father with Uncle Sam.  It is the lack of fatherhood – masculinity in its Heaven instituted form – that is the culprit for the palsied fear in the eyes of abandoned children.  It is the lack of security, the lack of confidence, and the lack of discipline that untethers fatherless young men.  The effects are catastrophic.  

Those of us who know the struggle appreciate our fathers all the more.  We mustn’t give up.  We are like dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants.  We honor them with our persistence. 

Sancte Ioseph – ora pro nobis.


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