Meet The Catholics for Catholics Team

We are a group of Catholics who love God and our Country. Our Catholic faith impels us to make our voices heard in the public square as Jesus Christ instructed us not to keep our light under a basket.

Furthermore, since so many American principles find their roots in the teachings of our Catholic faith, this validates, even more, our mission to be in the public square, though not of it.

As a 501c4 organization, Catholics for Catholics provides educational resources about Catholic doctrine, including materials addressing Catholic leaders’ positions on public policy, legislation, and other social welfare matters. Catholics for Catholics also promotes related activities that promote social welfare based on Catholic doctrinal teachings.

The two-tiered focus of education and action, as outlined above, help us to hold our elected leaders accountable to the Constitution and, in a special way, to those politicians who refer to themselves as Catholic. Recently, we have witnessed a unique crisis unfolding within both Church and State, as leaders in both have begun to veer from our guiding documents; the Holy Bible and Constitution.

It is not enough to call oneself Catholic. One must show it with actions and policies that reflect it. The deafening silence of Church leaders, who are the first ones tasked with guarding the truths of our Faith, has made it all the more urgent that we stand up now and hold the line.

The cultural climate has shown an increasingly hostile effort to silence voices like us. Yet by locking arms with other groups that are doing the same and tapping into the blood of martyrs that flow in our veins, we will trust in the words of the Mother of Christ who said in the apparition of 1859 in Wisconsin, “Go and Fear Nothing, I will help you.”

What People Are Saying 

Heavenly Father, I pray that you watch over Catholics for Catholics, that they may continue to give bold witness of our Faith in the Public Square and their volunteers and supporters will always keep Christ in the center. May Our Lady be always close giving them the courage to be witnesses to Christ even unto death.”

Bishop Joseph Strickland

Catholic Bishop of Tyler, Texas

“We are in the most monumental, consequential period of U.S. history. The destiny of America will be based on the path you choose to walk on tonight. Thank you for your presence here at this inaugural event of Catholics for Catholics, and for being part of something that is historic.”

LTG Michael Flynn (ret)

former Top National Security Advisor to President, current Senior Advisor Catholics for Catholics

“God came down to earth to establish the Catholic Church and therefore, it cannot be wrong. At the time, He gave the Apostles (Bishops) 100% jurisdiction to be responsible for growing the Church and keeping it from error. We are facing our greatest crisis ever, and most US Bishops
stand in complicit silence as the Country and the Church fall apart. We won’t sit back. The work of Catholics for Catholics, dedicated to Our Lady, will play a historic role in saving America and ushering in the new Catholic moment.”

COL Harold Ziegler (ret)

Senior Advisor Catholics for Catholics

Catholics are one the last remaining barriers to the takeover of our country. The work of Catholics for Catholics is vital.”

Steve Bannon

White House Chief Strategist, Host of the War Room

“I am a Christian, former Navy Seal, and entrepreneur. I believe we are in deep trouble as a nation in part because we have pushed God out of everything. I commend Catholics for Catholics for their amazing work, and now is the time to get behind God-fearing patriots to right the course of our country.”

Eli Crane

US Congressman - Arizona

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