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Why Won’t Cher Just Leave Already?

Articles | November 1, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

For what seems like the umpteenth time, aging hippie Cher has already threatened to leave the United States if Donald Trump is re-elected.  She is looking for an exit faster than someone in a Congressman Jamaal Bowman fire drill. 

More than likely, she will be the first of many to utter this now familiar chorus.  Highlights of the essential list of celebs who were supposed to leave in 2016 include; Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dog, Whoopie, Amy Shumer, George Lopez, Samuel L Jackson, even Babs Streisand. 

How we would have gone on if they had followed through with their threat makes any sane person shudder.  Nevertheless, we endure.  Some may take this for the rantings of petulant children who have not gotten their due attention of late.  But should Trump win re-election, hopefully these stars remember, this time, the presumably cheap flights into Palestine right now.  This tripe from Cher does raise an interesting question though. 

Consider.  If Cher would consider leaving a republic over a president with whom she disagrees, why wouldn’t many prelates leave a Church which stands in stark and unbending opposition to the way in which they live their lives? 

Logic would dictate one of two conclusions to this conflict.

If Catholicism is so objectionable, and if there is nothing true or revealed about this backwater Church, then they should have no compunction with leaving.  Amid the now 50,000 or so protestant churches active today, surely one must be consistent with the personal beliefs of the revolutionary.  Theirs are not new objections.  Or if there isn’t a protestant church that fits, then start one from scratch which reflects your personal truths.   

If, however, there is something immutable and objectively true, something set aside about the Catholic Church, then they should have no reason to desire its modification, they should look inward to bringing themselves into full communion with the Bride of Christ.  Further, they would have no authority to do so anyway. Man is unable to change this Church.  “Truth is not determined by a majority vote.”  – Pope Benedict XVI

It could be that this is not about making their square peg beliefs fit into the round hole of the Church.  If it were, leaving would be the path of most sense and least resistance.  It is just as likely that they are trying to disrupt the Church from within.  These guys are not motivated by a desire to better the Church.  They are either diabolical influencers or they are under diabolical attack set to remove the final berm which prevents them and others from living exactly as they would.  And they are close to succeeding.

First to be attacked were public standards which held expectations of people.  Those are long gone.  Violence in the street, legalized streetwalking, and free needles prove that some conceptual humanistic ideal is a sham which collapses under the weight of narcissism.  There is nothing in the political realm which stands up to the diabolical.  A perfect example of this is the way people look at pedophilia.  What was once, correctly, looked at as an outrageous violation of nature is finding pockets of support and sympathy.  Laws are being changed in some states to accommodate the pederast. 

With 50,000 church communities in existence, there are no nonnegotiable positions to be found in protestantism.  Their flexibility and willingness to acquiesce and accommodate are a natural home for those who leave the Catholic Church due to rigid application of the 2000-year-old law.  The entire protestant movement was born of the rejection of Catholic teaching, so this would be an ideal place for ex-Catholics to end up.

Far too often it is the opinion of the heretic, modernist, usually homosexual, that the Church which stands against the wicked and depraved must yield.  If the Church can’t be conquered from the outside, then they favor that it should be done from within the walls.  In fact, the recently concluded Synod on Synodality was held solely to discuss such things.  At the insistence of malcontents, the Vatican just spent a month discussing changes to dogma.  And the result was not sufficiently heterodox to the proponents of change.

But hope lives on in the form of Francis.  His recent pronouncement that women are to be excluded from Holy Orders notwithstanding, he continues to discuss the ways in which the Church needs to change. 

His actions are as pointed as his words.  In word and deed, in who he welcomes and who he rejects, he continues to cast a pall of confusion over the Church. 

Without even a hint of correction, the Pontiff met with members of the LGBTQ+ community and asked for their prayers and said “move forward” when told of their efforts to “decriminalize LGBT+ individuals globally.”

The Church whose divinely stated mission is to save souls and usher them toward the will of the Father, is an obstacle for some to live in the way they wish.  To put it simply, the Church forms man, not the other way around.  And they can’t live with that.  As hedonism and modernism has conquered and moved past societal norms and other religious sects, it has the Church set squarely in its sights.  

Would that they could just move on. 


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