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The Life and Times of Saint Apollinaris, a Great Martyr of the Church

Articles | January 7, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

Apollinaris was one of the earliest martyrs of the church, appointed Bishop of Ravenna by St. Peter. His miraculous deeds and sermons in Ravenna attracted many converts to Christianity, but also drew the wrath of the pagan people who subjected him to brutal beatings on several occasions.

During one such ordeal, Apollinaris was slashed with knives and scalding water was poured over his wounds. He was eventually put on a ship and sent to Greece where he continued to perform miracles, preach and suffer.

After enduring another vicious beating by pagan Greeks, Apollinaris was returned to Italy. When Emperor Vespasian announced a decree of banishment against Christians, Apollinaris was hidden for a time. However, as he attempted to leave, he was attacked and beaten mercilessly while passing through the city gates. Despite his injuries, he lived for seven days, prophesying that future persecutions would occur, but the Church would ultimately emerge victorious.

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