March 31, 2024

An Open Letter to His Holiness, Pope Francis –

Your Holiness,

Christ is King.  He is Risen, Alleluia.  He is Risen as He Said!

If you will permit me, I have a few questions through which I and many others have come to be clouded in a confused stupor.

Is there anything that the US President, nominally Catholic Joseph Biden, might do or say that would warrant a correction?  Under the auspices of being a follower of Christ, his record is already that of the most pro-abortion politician that the non-communist world has ever produced.  This man scandalously claims to be a devotee of the Rosary, yet is the biggest friend to the gay, lesbian and trans industry, in their goal of leading young people to ruin.  He accepts and promotes the lies of this age, rejecting the complementarity of man and woman on a scale heretofore unseen. 

There isn’t much he hasn’t done, there is no Rubicon he hasn’t crossed.  But on this occasion when he has sided with the enemy in an attempt to usurp Easter, the most holy and solemn of Christian celebrations, show him that this offense to Christ and His Holy Church is a bridge too far.  It is not too late.  Please do not hide in the upper room this week after we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.  Please, do not let Biden deny Christ as did your predecessor two thousand years ago.

Biden has put all clerics who support him politically in uncomfortable positions before.  This recent and most high offense of proclaiming this day (this day of all days!) to be “Transgender Day of Visibility” and following it by banning Christian-themed designs from the White House is different.  It is to place a bushel over the Resurrection of Christ. It is a direct offense on Christ and His Resurrection.  This is a blow struck by the evil one at this calculated time.  Follow the lead of so many members of the laity who have already expressed shock and outrage. 

Please collect yourself, forego any pride for your failure to correct him before, and put this purveyor of lies and calumny in a position to recant and repent.  For the sake of Biden’s own soul, and to confirm Catholic followers in the Faith, please respond.  It is not too late to save this frail and eroding man on his road to perdition.  It is imperative that you assist him.  From one aging leader to another, it would be an amazing example of ministry for this world to behold.

The Papal Nuncio should be recalled from Washington.  Biden should be corrected publicly and you should personally call for his confession and public apology, as this was a public offense.  In an act of mercy, please instruct his bishops; in Washington, in Delaware, wherever globally he might travel, to refuse him Holy Communion until he repents.

As we reflect on the Passion of Christ, one wonders if the LGBTQ+ community offered President Joe Biden 30 pieces of silver to betray his Lord.  Through your strong actions, which might terrify this catechized man back to the way, assist the Blessed Mother to bring this poor man under her Mantle and usher him back to Her Son.


Louis Biad

Catholics for Catholics


This article was written by Louis Biad, a contributor to Catholics for Catholics.



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