In early September of 1683, three armies met in Ober-Hollabrunn, Austria.  Meeting together were the reinforcement armies of the Hapsburg empire led by Charles V, Duke of Lorraine, Prince George Friedrich of Waldeck, Field Marshal for the German and Dutch forces, and the Polish army, commanded by King Jan III Sobieski, of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. As Vienna was the gateway and key to Western Europe, Sultan Mehmet IV of the Ottoman Empire, and his general, Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa (literally Black Mustafa), believed that as went Vienna, so went Christendom.  These allied armies came together to frame an attack plan to rescue the besieged city.  Infidel barbarians were at the gates and Leopold I, King of the Hapsburg empire, and titular head of the Holy Roman Empire, had already fled his base at Vienna upon the arrival, yet before the opening salvoes of the Ottoman Empire.  

Historians note that the strength of the Ottoman armies, were not light piece artillery, nor heavy bombardment, it was their underminers.  The Turks would cut trenches up to the gates of a target city and then mine their way under the city walls where they would place explosive charges threatening the buildings and footings of the bastion walls themselves.  Over the course of two months, the structural integrity and foundations of Vienna came to look like an underground honeycomb. 

Though these three armies were joined later by Saxons, Bavarians, and Franconians, able warriors all, it was quickly accepted that Sobieski would be the commander in chief of this effort.  Sobieski, to whom the Turks had given the sobriquet “The Lion of Lechistan”, had in the past, and with greatly outnumbered troops, defeated the Ottomans, Muscovites, Cossacks and Tatars.  It was the nature of this man to lead.  His abilities and reputation preceded him such that merely his presence at a battle near Oleszyce, Poland caused the followers of Mohammed to cry “Sobieski is here!  Retreat immediately!”  It took 24 hours for Sobieski’s armies to defeat the invading force at Vienna.  Over the course of the next month he pursued, driving them from Europe back to the East.  For defeating the Muslim invaders at the Battle of Vienna, Pope Innocent XI hailed Sobieski as the savior of Christendom.

In a similar manner to those at Ober-Hollabrunn, next week, the Catholic world, helmed by the organization Catholics for Catholics, will convene at Mar-a-Lago to unite and strategize, to offer itself in prayer, and to join in common cause.  Like the siege of Vienna, this coming election is a battle on which hangs the destiny of America.  It is fully fitting that March 19, the day of the prayer gathering, is also the feast of St. Joseph, Hammer of Communism, and Protector of the Holy Church. 

As the primary season is now over, the Republican Party and those unaffiliated conservatives aligned with MAGA, ride now under the banner of Trump.  Upon departing from Poland en route to Austria, Sobieski and his men went to Mass, received a blessing, and was given by the priest a reproduction of the famous painting, Czestochowa’s Black Madonna, which the King of Poland hung around his neck as he rode into battle.  Likewise, it is wholly appropriate that Trump begin his campaign as presumptive nominee, not against Black Mustafa, but Dark Brandon, with the support of Catholic prayer as a righteous wind at his back.    

Vienna was under siege by Ottoman Infidels looking to purge Europe from the scourge of Christianity.  Today, America is besieged by those who hate and hope to fundamentally transform her.  As those inside the walls of the Austrian capital could hear the tunnel rats laying mines, today nationalist Americans can see the similar undermining of those institutions and traditions held dear for centuries.  The federal government suing individual states for controlling their sovereign borders, lawsuits and indictments of a former President, January 6 trespassers being held without trial, uncontrolled illegal immigration, illegal immigrants being counted in the census with the purpose of redrawing the electoral map and representation, the elimination of any voter id laws, children being taken from their parents by the government just for opposing the trans-ing of their babies, the covid response, the prosecution of pro-lifers outside of abortuaries, the infiltration of those religious sects seen to be at odds with the federal government, the cancelation or banning of free speech, the unconstitutional tracking of the purchases of American citizens; all of these efforts correspond to the undermining or weaponization of the American political or jurisprudence systems.

During the attack, the Aga (General) of the Janissary corps bade the Grand Vizier to observe the lances adorned with streamers belonging to the Polish front guard and said to him: “Their damn King is at their head.” which filled Sobieski’s enemy with dismay.  As opposed to Leopold I who fled the siege of his own city, or Mehmet IV who accompanied Mustafa to the gates of Belgrade only to flee back to Adrianople, or Joe Biden in the Basement, where is the MAGA standard bearer?  Out in front, at the head.  Taking fire.  Lawsuits, prosecutions, 91 indictments, personal assassinations.  For him and his family.  Whistleblowers are now shedding light on the circus committee called to investigate the “mostly peaceful” assembly on January 6.  It is being learned now, that the ludicrous accusation that Trump assaulted Secret Service agents was patently false.  Also coming to light is that the President requested 10,000 national guardsmen for the protection of DC.  All covered up by that Rino traitor, Liz Cheney.  This suppression of exculpatory evidence would be a crime punishable by disbarment, fines, or contempt of court in any court case not featuring a MAGA defendant.

There are barbarians at the gate.  May God ride with us.


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