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LGBTQ+Drag Queen Festival in Phoenix AZ by Jesse Romero

Articles | March 26, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

This past Saturday (March 23, 2024), many lay Catholics joined in prayers of reparation for the sacrilege and blasphemy against our Catholic faith that was taking place down the street from Phoenix Diocese at Heritage Square (113 No. 6th Street, Phoenix). Their was an all day LGBTQ+ Drag Queen festival celebration. We assembled in front of the Phoenix Diocese around the bronze statue St John Paul II. I felt the presence of holiness standing behind the statue of this Pope who wrote against marxist communism and gave us a clear understanding of the theology of the human body. The LGBTQ+Drag Queens are using Marxist tactics to shoehorn their ideology and their disordered view of gender and the human body into mainstream American culture by having these public festivals, carnivals, library reading for children and theatre performances.

Our American culture and country has become so secular and godless that I am suppose to affirm that Bruce Jenner & Dr Rachel Levine are woman? Are you kidding me? Well did Isaiah the prophet (5:20-21) say: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! [21] Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!”

Fr Gabriel Amorth (Exorcist) says the devil wants to confuse children about gender.

The LGBTQ+Drag Queen movement is based on pure lies and deception.

*Deceive [dictionary.com] – to mislead by a false appearance or by a false statement; to delude: to mislead or falsely persuade others.

*Revelation 12:9 (NAB) “The huge dragon, the ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, who DECEIVED the whole world, was thrown down to earth, and its angels were thrown down with it.”

*2 John 1:7 (NAB) “Many DECEIVERS have gone out into the world.”                                                                           

*Jesus said about the Devil: “…he is a liar and the father of lies (John 8:44).

*St Thomas Aquinas said, “the definition of Truth is conforming yourself to reality.”

We started praying at 12 noon with the Angelus and ended our prayers at 3 PM with the Divine Mercy. We saturated the atmosphere with “the sweet aroma of Christ” (2 Cor 2:15) and intentionally united our prayers from 12noon to 3pm (the hours Our Lord was redeeming the world on Calvary). Your prayer between 12 noon to 3pm taps into the mystical body of Christ, your tapping into the prayer power of the Church militant, suffering and triumphant. This augments the blessings and graces for your protection and it augments the efficacy of your intercessory prayer for the enemies of God because there is so much prayer power flowing around the world during these set times. Eg. a swimmer will swim a lot faster if he swims in the same direction of a strong river current, he will not swim as fast in a still pond of water. Picture a Roman soldier about to go into battle. As they stand in formation, rhythmically pounding their shields, slowly, methodically, with quiet intensity, it strikes fear in the heart of their enemies. This is exactly what Catholic prayer does united to a feast day, or united to particular times of the day when the Church Militant is at prayer.

We prayed all four mysteries of the holy rosary in between. The laity brought crucifixes & holy images and lifted up high as we are praying for the conversion of these lgbtq+drag queens. Two Catholic men held a banner that read ‘STOP the Grooming of Our Children with Drag Queen Performance.’ We held this banner to let the lgbtq+drag queens across the street know why we there in a peaceful assembly and praying in public.

The Church orders lay people to evangelize in the ‘temporal order’ (www.definitions.net ‘the present life, or this world; secular society’). This is clearly stated dozens of times in the documents of the Vatican II:

DECREE ON THE APOSTOLATE OF THE LAITY SOLEMNLY PROMULGATED BY HIS HOLINESS, POPE PAUL VI ON NOVEMBER 18, 1965: Here is but one example – “Christ conferred on the Apostles and their successors the duty of teaching, sanctifying, and ruling in His name and power. But the laity likewise share in the priestly, prophetic, and royal office of Christ and therefore have their own share in the mission of the whole people of God in the Church and in the world. They (laity) exercise the apostolate in fact by their activity directed to the evangelization and sanctification of men and to the penetrating and perfecting of the temporal order through the spirit of the Gospel.”

Saint Louis de Montfort (The Secret of the Rosary) said: “Public prayer is far more powerful than private prayer to appease the anger of God and call down His Mercy, and Holy Mother Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, has always advocated public prayer in times of public tragedy and suffering.”

Bishop Olmsted: (book ‘Catholics in the Public Square’) page ii. “It’s the job of priest to give their people those tools – in other words to form Catholic laypeople to think and act as disciples of Jesus Christ, in a manner guided by the teaching of the Church. Catholic lay people should be the leaven of Jesus Christ in the public square…p.3 lay men and women are in a unique position to bring their faith into all areas of society…p.7 A lay person in the public square has a particular responsibility to live his or her vocation in view of its unique impact on society…especially those involved with all forms of the mass media, a significant part of their responsibilities is to live their faith by promoting the common good in society…p.33 Finally, prayer is a primary means of promoting and fostering a ‘culture of life.’ While personal daily prayer is always important, public prayer gatherings can provide a striking witness to the rest of society.”

St. Jerome said, “A dog may bark in his master’s defense, am I to stand by when God’s holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than remain silent.” We are there to peacefully witness for JESUS CHRIST our King who’s holy name and holy Mother were being blasphemed across the street by the children of the devil (1 John 3:10) children of darkness (1 Thess 5:4-5).  We are also called to pray for our enemies (cf. Luke 6:27-28). Our prayers are more effective when we pray as a large community of believers (cf. Matt 18:20). Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” This is what Catholics should be doing in front of Abortion clinics, whenever the temple of satan comes to town and has a conference, whenever the LGBTQ+drag queens come to town like they did in Phoenix and in Dodger Stadium.

The Importance of Reparation

The Catholic Encyclopedia explains, “We are restored to grace through the merits of Christ’s Death, and that grace enables us to add our prayers, labors, and trials to those of Our Lord ‘and fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ’ (Colossians 1:24). We can thus make some sort of reparation to the justice of God for our own offenses against Him, and by virtue of the Communion of the Saints, the oneness and solidarity of the mystical Body of Christ, we can also make satisfaction and reparation for the sins of others.” In this way we can help repair the spiritual damage that others have done and contribute to the healing of the world.

In this unprecedented time, when man publicly calls evil good, and good evil (Isaiah 5:20), we must not be content to only pray in the silence of our homes. Our Lord encourages us to be the SALT OF THE EARTH (Matthew 5:13); proclaiming the Truth in a very public way, so that those who have eyes to see, will see. We are not to be spectators but participants in public prayers of reparation the greatest enemy of Our Lord, which is Satan! We Fired thousands of arrow prayers from 12noon to 3pm at 20,000 LGBTQ people at a Pride carnival across the street from the Phoenix Diocese in Arizona. We fired arrow prayers and God decides where they land. Our goal was to merit for them the grace of conversion and to make reparation for the blasphemy and sacrilege coming out of their mouths. The supreme law of the Church is the salvation of souls, that’s why Catholics pray in front of abortion clinics, pray in public at satanic and drag queen events, prayed at Dodger Stadium, prayed at Ohio and prayed at Mara Lago.

Finally, if all this chaos and madness is being orchestrated by the antichrist, than let the antichrist find us standing tall and standing up for JESUS, come what may. God Love you my fellow Christian soldiers, Strength and honor in JESUS name, Virgin Most Powerful pray for us.

This article was written by Catholic speaker, Jesse Romero.




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