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The Demon Militates Toward Absurdity

Articles | May 8, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

This expression succinctly denotes that it is not enough that the evil one pushes creation towards redefinition or destruction.  He desires to do it in a manner that denigrates, apes and makes a mockery of all aspects of God’s plan.  In all ways it is insidious.  It is also a reality check, and at times, potentially humorous for those paying attention. 

Consider recent developments in the news

At the University of Chicago’s Anti-Israel encampment, the terribly scary pro-Palestinian, semi-extremists are requesting HIV tests, dental dams and the morning after pill.  One not even need to read the entire article to see that these protests have presented opportunities for getting busy with co-ed jihadists.  College boys are always opportunistic.  For them it is like Woodstock with keffiyehs.

At UCLA, the intimidating, very butch protesters, quaffed in man buns, short pants, socks and Birkenstocks are demanding vegan and gluten free food.  As a reminder that beggars can, in fact, be choosers, they are further specifying that no bananas or nuts are welcome.  The kvetches who took away honey roasted peanuts from Airplanes are not exactly the typical example of badassery. 

If the poor parents of these wannabe radicals were not largely responsible for the mindset of their children, they ought to be eligible for a refund of the outrageous tuitions.  But this environment is known, and was in many ways cultivated, by those 1960s left-wing radicals who now comprise the customers, educators, administration and donors to these Universities.   

One thing has been found to unite both sides of the spectrum, though.  Trans and Cis.  Antifa and The Proud Boys.  Homophobe and Queer.  Protestant and Catholic.  Antisemite and Jew.  The University of Alabama discovered the one thing which brings both sides to chant in unison…  It is not love for puppies nor a canned chant about justice versus peace.  It is distaste for Joe Biden.  The one chant that has both protesters and counter-protesters in this religious war singing from the same sheet of music is “F**k Joe Biden.”  It’s like an odd, 2024 version of the old “We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?” game.

The winner of the George Orwell wannabe, Doublethink competition is a tie.  The award goes to Robert DeNiro and Jeffrey Katzenberg; for both comparing Trump to Hitler while still being part of the political party which is actually perpetrating a pogrom.  Doesn’t it seem that this whole ‘Trump as Hitler’ canard is getting old?  If only there was an in-your-face way of knowing where the current antisemitism is coming from.  Trump, or the students at the most liberal campuses in America?  If only…  

Other news on the ludicrous front:  A few weeks ago, five girls in West Virginia, to their infinite credit, objected to and refused to compete against an biological male in a competition of physical strength.  The Shot Put throw.  As a reaction, what did the school district do in response?  They banned the GIRLS, not boys, from future competitions.  Wonder if this young transvestite man is what John Denver referred to as a Mountain Mama?  Bravo for the bravery of these girls and hopefully this miscarriage of justice is soon reversed.  Riley Gaines and the Mountain State Attorney General are working in conjunction to remedy this.

Lastly, for years it has been interesting to watch the homosexual movement state that one’s gender is hardwired at birth, that there is no choice in the matter.  At the same time, the trans movement opines that one’s sex is entirely fluid.  In order to be an ally of these two groups, a person must believe both of  these two conflicting positions simultaneously.  That is confusing enough.  But just when you thought it was safe to wade into those murky waters, it gets worse.  Now several people are discussing how their genders change with the seasons.  Carhart in the winter and Liz Claiborne in the spring.  Who knew?  What is this coming to, and what can be done about it?

Well, one solution has been proposed in Finland and Germany, which will allow a confused person to change their identity on an annual basis.  The state requires a three-month notification that a person will legally be changing his/her gender assignment.  That designation is good for one year, at which time the process can begin anew.  These stories prove that this “gender fluidity” is being taken quite literally and is ridiculously out of hand.  It has become a satire of itself, proving that most of this is not serious confusion.  It is fetishism or it is attention-grabbing behavior by provocateurs.    

All of these stories show examples of just how crazy and unnatural this world has become.  Each of them would be comical standing alone.  Put together they reflect a sad state of affairs in which the prince of this world has a hand.  The devil exists, persists and influences the secular world.  Right now he is using masterfully as his canvas. 

This article was written by Louis Biad, a contributor to Catholics for Catholics.



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