The clock is running on the Ariz. election

Hey Patriot! We need your help! It’s the 4th quarter, not of a Cards game, but of a decisive election. Victory in Ariz. will be won or lost by a razor thin margin. A crucial number of ballots had a mismatched signature or did not provide proper ID when voter voted in person. Time is short. We have until Nov 15 to cure these votes. Catholics believe election integrity is a non partisan issue and we stand ready to assist. Details below: God Bless and Thank You!

Text Pam Kirby at 602-617-7795
or email [email protected]

Do not call. Please provide the city/cities where you are available to volunteer and your email address. Do not provide any scheduling requirements. Pam will connect you with the Captain for your area to help cure ballots.

Catholics for Catholics