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Catholic Ballot Chasing

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Nearly 23% of the US population is Catholic, but with half of eligible Catholic voters unregistered, we urgently need captains and volunteers to help register voters nationwide, especially in the seven battleground states.

The Catholic Vote will decide the 2024 Election

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Catholic Ballot Chasing
What is Ballot Chasing?
Ballot chasing is our newest approach to contacting voters who have already received mail-in ballots to encourage them to mark their ballots and make a plan to vote. Our initiative will have huge numbers of door knockers to win the ballot game at the mailboxes.
The Problem
The Radical Left is beating us in the ballot game. They have strategically concentrated their efforts on key states, massively expanding their ballot-chasing operations in critical battlegrounds.
The Solution
In 2024, Catholics for Catholics in partnership with Turning Point Action will launch the first and most robust Catholic ballot-chasing operation. With a strong national grassroots network and a track record of empowering conservative leaders, we are committed to ensuring every American makes a voting plan for victory.

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It is not enough to simply speak of faith. We must be persons of faith and embrace our religious heritage to navigate the present with wisdom and purpose. Donate to our mission today.
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