The year was 569. Christians in France gathered together and sang for the first time one of the most iconic songs ever composed in Christendom. “Vexilla Regis Prodeunt” in English…. “The Royal Banner Forward Goes!”. It was a hymn composed to honor the Cross of Christ and is still sung today. They carried in procession on that November day, the wood of the real Cross, a relic sent by the Emperor himself.

The sounds that came from the throats of those Christians who sang it for the first time, came also from hearts that believed with every ounce of their being. They were loud and proud in the public square because they wanted others to know just how much Christ loves them.

In 569, we had Christians unafraid to show their faith. In 1956 we also had Christians who on Good Friday put 3 large crosses upon the skyscrapers of New York to remind the world of the one who died for them all.

2023 must be no different. The world needs our witness more than ever. As we prepare for the great feast of the Resurrection, let’s ask for the courage we need to bring our Faith into the public political square as our forefathers did in years gone by. Time is short. Our Country needs it.

Have a Blessed Triduum and a Holy Feast of Easter!

John Yep
Catholics for Catholics, CEO

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