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Alvin Bragg is a Racist Political Actor

Articles | May 14, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

In January of 2022, according to New York’s Pix 11 News, newly sworn-in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg released an internal policy memo outlining criminal offenses which he will no longer prosecute

Pix 11 reports that “Included in his memo are: fare beating, marijuana misdemeanors, resisting arrest, trespassing, and prostitution — as long as they do not accompany other felonies.  His sweeping changes call on prosecutors to ditch felony armed robbery charges and instead charge suspects with petty larceny – a misdemeanor which carries a maximum of one year in prison – even when a weapon is involved, if the firearm did not ‘create a genuine risk of physical harm.’  Burglaries will no longer be prosecuted as burglaries if the bandit steals from a storage unit or outdoor property that isn’t connected to a ‘living’ dwelling, and quality-of-life crimes such as prostitution, turnstile jumping, weapons possession (of non-firearms) and marijuana possession won’t be prosecuted at all.  Drug dealers will not be prosecuted for felony crimes unless they commit other offenses on top of drug dealing, and prison should be a ‘last resort’ – despite the mounting number of violent crimes being committed on the streets of New York by repeat offenders who have been let out of jail early.”  

[Aside:  If the firearm did not ‘create a genuine risk of physical harm.’ ??  Hasn’t he heard that firearms alone are responsible for the killing of people?  He needs to check in with every other gun control advocate within the Democrat Party – as he, apparently, did not get the memo]

So, how’s it working out for the sitting ducks in The Big Apple?  Since the beginning of 2023, forcible rape is up 63%, grand larceny 38%, robberies 24%, car theft 25% and major felonies in the transit system 51%.

The Daily Mail conveniently details a list of the worst criminals that Bragg refuses to take off the street.

The 10 worst NYC criminals let go again and again by woke Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg | Daily Mail Online

In August, Mayor Eric Adams revealed that the same 10 criminals made up nearly 500 crimes and that 60 percent of them were still roaming the streets at that time.  The highlights:

  • Harold Gooding has more than 70 arrests just for theft alone and has been taken into custody more than 100 times.   The 53-year-old already has 15 convictions to his name, as well as 14 failures to show in court following his prolific crime spree.
  • Michelle Kelley, 41, allegedly bragged to authorities that she was a ‘professional booster’ and told police that they could not ‘stop my hustle’.
  • Jamel Pringle is one of the most prolific criminals in the Big Apple, with 167 arrests on his record.
  • Rodney Johnson has gone to prison twice and has nearly 90 arrests, but was let go last week on a $1 bail.  His arrests include robbery, domestic violence, grand larceny, and threatening to kill his girlfriend’s daughter. 

The current NYC criminal du jour is a gentlemen named Jordan Neely.  A New York City police spokesperson told Newsweek that Neely’s has 42 prior arrests, dating between 2013 and 2021.  Included are attempted kidnapping, during which he dragged a seven-year-old down the street, and the attempted murder of a 67-year-old woman in which she suffered a broken nose and fractured skull.

Why is Neely famous?  Because his case has highlighted the second of only two people that Alvin Bragg actually will arrest and prosecute. 

The first person is Donald Trump.  Enough about Trump.

The second is Daniel Penny.  Penny is a twenty-four-year-old college student and decorated Marine veteran, who is being charged with manslaughter stemming from his actions to protect individuals on a NYC subway train from an assailant (Neely) who later died.

This former Marine detained Neely after Neely was actively walking around a subway car threatening people.   This was an unhinged lunatic and career criminal who was threatening an entire subway car of people.  Frequent riders of the NY subway system have commented that the behavior of Neely is well known and is incredibly threatening.  This time, he simply picked the wrong car.  The three passengers, including an African American man, who subdued him have done nothing wrong.  Neely was a known threat and Marine Penny acted to defend himself and all the potential victims in the car.  People have a moral, legal, and ethical right, when they feel genuinely in fear for their life, to self-preservation…before they are victimized.  That is the difference between self-defense and retribution.  That is why Penny and the other detainers are heroes and no one in that car is, today, another tragic statistic.  To be clear, there are two groups of people responsible for Neely’s death.  Neely’s family for not getting him the help that the disturbed man needed, and Bragg.  When a District Attorney, of any city, refuses to enforce the law, people know it, and feel the need to defend themselves.  Victims develop a quick response impulse, and there is a direct line that leads from that instinct to Bragg’s desk.  Unfortunately for Penny he is white and not another career criminal for Bragg to release. 

The internet contains dozens of videos of in-progress assaults and murders, taken by bystanders who choose to record instead of risking their lives and freedom, by intervening.  That voyeurism is apparently preferred by New York DA Bragg.  For Penny’s own self-preservation, it would have been better for him to watch Neely victimize another woman, child, or aged person whom Neely frequently assaulted.  Instead, Penny detained Neely.  He is owed a debt of gratitude by the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters of the potential victims in that subway car who made it home to their families that day.  Two million dollars plus has already been raised by thousands of donors on the website ‘GoFundMe’ for Penny.  Those donors should also call out Bragg for dereliction of duty.  Bragg’s failure to do his job has left an entire city to live as prey to the uncivilized monsters who have turned New York City into a urine-soaked dystopian hellhole. 


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