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One Month for Pride is no Longer Enough

Articles | May 29, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

It is apparent that the monster retail chain Target doesn’t feel that Pride Month – a month dedicated to the commemoration of the lesbiangaybisexual, and transgender – is long enough.  Historically it is June which has been conscripted into celebrating this lifestyle, but it is now only the middle of May and already whole sections of Target have been newly decorated with rainbows and clothing which celebrate gay pride.  Isn’t it time to dispense with the charade and call it “Pride Season”, or “Pride Year”, which is the real goal of the movement?  After all, one can’t avoid blue haired or stubbled ladies anymore, regardless of the calendar.  All that is necessary is to go to preschool, turn on the television, or open a magazine.  As Christmas and St. Valentines Day decorations are ubiquitous during their respective holidays, this is like RuPaul projectile vomiting at the Target entrance, like that little girl in The Exorcist.

Target has chosen May as a starting point to hawk everything from special underwear and bathing suits which are “tuck friendly” to other pro-gay clothing with the usual slogans.  These selections are even sized for pre-pubescent boys and girls who, still in the latency period of their lives, are realistically too young to have these scatological topics on their mind.  These items are for those parents who are eager to transition their children, like a hip accessory, and sacrifice them to woke groomers.  Clothing is labeled and promoted as Tuck Friendly when it has extra fabric in the crotch so that little boys can be made to hide their bulges in swimwear and underwear.  These undergarments are diabolically designed to more comfortably facilitate the social transition from male to female.  This fruit is from the loom of disgusting, demented, satanic minds.  Is it a coincidence that this false start is especially offensive to Catholics, who have ordained May as the month of The Blessed Mother?  She is Purity incarnate and this defiles Her month.

Consider what is being celebrated. 

The most brilliant public relations campaign in history is how homosexuals have been allowed to define themselves.  While the sum of the homosexual is greater than their sexual preference, they conveniently use this one proclivity, this one fetish to bludgeon society.  The benefit of the strategy is to be able to say some version of “I am homosexual, I was born this way, and society can’t hold it against me.  This is the way God made me.”  This is the homosexual movement seeking victim status and arguing for approval of the lifestyle.  It’s also ingenious.  Now, it is easier for their activists to align the plight of the gay with that of historically discriminated against groups.  The gay movement shrewdly, but falsely, uses intersectionality to tie itself to the Women’s Suffrage movement and the Civil Rights movement.  But being black, or being a woman is an ontological definition, an actual and total state of being.  Being female or black is not one of many characteristics of a personality.  It is a complete existence.  Blackness or womanhood is not one contributing trait, it is not part of what describes a person, like having brown hair.  Sexuality, however, is not the entirety of any person.  For the straight or the gay, acting on a sexual preference is a behavior.  It is one aspect of what describes a person.  The strategy of the homosexual movement is to obscure this difference.

It is not wrong to find a particular behavior distasteful.  This legal distinction is why a Christian baker or florist can morally and ethically refuse service for an event which he finds objectionable.  That is why Catholic priests should never be forced, under threat of legal punishment, to administer the Sacrament of Matrimony to two men. It is the behavior that is objectionable, not the very being of the person.  This is the distinction that allows the Church to call the homosexual to repent without marginalizing or hating the person.  To a large extent, the principle is no different than any sinful behavior.  The alcoholic or glutton is welcomed by the Church but is called to control his unhealthy compulsion.  No one can say “I am an adulterer, that is who I am and how God made me.  People are bigoted against me if they expect me to deny myself.”  The gay movement can spin it in any way they like, and they have done so masterfully, but the consistency of the Church remains and the same call to confess and reform applies to each serious sin    

Disordered sexual proclivities, in both hetero and homosexual natures, are sinful actions that require slaying the error before being in Communion with the Church.  There is a distinction, however.  While the act of contraception blocks the procreative design of the conjugal act, the act itself is still ordered to reproduction.  It is the human interference with a natural and creative act, designed by God, which is sinful.  But, on the other hand, it is the homosexual act itself which is shut off from procreation and therefore from Grace.  The heterosexual act requires manipulation from concupiscent humans to make it unnatural.  The homosexual act mutilates copulation so that the act, in and of itself, is sinful and disordered.  The Church has always claimed this to be so.  But, despite accusations to the contrary, the homosexual is not written off, is not hated or unwelcome.  The Church does not wish the annihilation of homosexuals.  The Church of Christ is capable of distinguishing the sinful behavior from the person who commits the act.  The trite cliché, “Love the sinner, hate the sin” is fully applicable here.  Christ himself, the Church’s perfect model in everything, met with and engaged those living outside of the order He came to establish.  His message to them was unequivocal – Repent.  The message is still the same.    

Toward the end of his life, Pope Benedict XVI called Gender Ideology “the ultimate rebellion against God”.  This rebellion is based on the Luciferian Pride that says “non Serviam”, or “I want to make my own path and be equal to God.”  This story is not new.  Its origin is in the Garden and it is this Pride which led to disobedience and death.   


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