The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is threatening the federal government with a legal battle. The hospital in Oklahoma was told earlier this year that a sanctuary candle was a safety hazard. The hospital has asked the government four times for a waiver regarding the candle. The hospital says the sacred candle is an important symbol of their Catholic faith in God as they help patients.

Saint Francis Health System, which is the 12th-largest hospital in the U.S., was told following a hospital inspection in February that its solitary candle at Saint Francis Hospital South was a safety hazard and that it would lose its ability to accept Medicare, Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) if the flame was not removed, according to a letter sent to the hospital last month.

For sure, the Founding Fathers could never have imagined that after throwing out the despotism that required them to pay taxes on stamps; they would, in just over 200 years, start threatening private businesses on where they put candles.

Our Government is wasting our tax dollars being worried about 1 candle in 1 hospital in Oklahoma. At the same time, our southern border is wide open, the economy a mess, and the world is closer to nuclear war at a level not seen in decades. We thank them for their concern but ask them for their time and energy on other major priorities, or they will be fired in November 2024 at the polling booth.


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