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Is This Another Do Nothing Congress?

Articles | June 8, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

Breitbart reports that five illegal aliens now stand accused of killing a 15-year-old boy in Frederick County, Maryland.  This terrible story reminds some that the 2022 election, which gave control of the US House of Representatives to the Republican Party, was supposed to have sweeping consequences.  Remember when the House MAGA conference held up Kevin McCarthy’s ascension to Speaker?  That 1am vote, which finally put McCarthy over the top, was supposed to have come with some assurances for non-establishment Republicans.  But since then, what has happened?  Or more to the point, what hasn’t happened?

It is embarrassingly commonplace for Republican candidates to talk tough about issues like border security, spending, and the culture war during primary and general election seasons, only to be absorbed by the swamp after election day.  There is nothing new about the spine problems that afflict GOP lawmakers around that first Tuesday in November, except that the stakes are higher than ever and the makeup and expectations of the conservative voter base is different now.  

The grand spending agreement which, last week, prevented a default on US debt is a perennial stand-off between the left, which doesn’t care about spending, and wobbly kneed Republicans who never come away from the table with accomplishments.  If the Pusillanimous Party was ever serious about gaining ground, this past week represented its best opportunity in years to advance its purported agenda.  The cards they were dealt this time around included a Republican House majority, a weakened President with historically low approval ratings, a Senate in which Democrats have only a one vote majority, including two semi-independent Senators in Sinema and Manchin, and two Senators – Feinstein and Fetterman – who are near catatonic.  Granted, every lever of government can’t be controlled with just one chamber of Congress, but they have the cards to force some action if they just don’t fold too early.


-Any child who ever took an elementary civics class knows that the House controls spending. With that in mind, why did House Republicans, with control of the purse strings, not cut one penny of the Catholic surveilling budget of the FBI? 

-Why did they not cut funding for the 87,000 new IRS agents armed with weapons and tactical gear?  Every Republican to the right of Justin Trudeau had this in their campaign stump speech.  Yet, they tacitly funded it by not cutting it. 

-Has immigration advocate and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, been impeached for dereliction of duty and abandoning his post?  Have they taken any steps to secure our border? 

-Have the nominal investigations of Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption yielded indictments, sham congressional investigations, or impeachments?

-Has Anthony Fauci been investigated and thrown in jail?

-There has been talk about impeaching anti-Catholic Attorney General Merrick Garland.  No progress on this yet. 

-Has anyone been held accountable for the “Get Trump” circus?  There are so many participants from whom to choose: Adam Schiff ran a con on the American people, Former FBI Director James Comey, the smug current Director Christopher Wray, Peter Strzok with that demonic smile, James Clapper, John Brennan or any of the intelligence operatives who lied to take down Trump, in what was effectively a coup.  Anyone?

-Have the January 6 “insurrection” tapes been released to the public in a broad enough manner to help those who have been unjustly prosecuted and imprisoned?  Has the Republican lead Congress taken any steps at all to come to the assistance of those political prisoners? 

-How about investigating and punishing those social media companies who deplatformed, banned, shadow banned and called conservative viewpoints “misinformation”?   

The Obama-Biden years are replete with broad strides in a leftward lurch; Obamacare, LGBTQ advancements, erasure of the border, destruction of the education system, election interference, political enemy’s lists, military engagement, wars against petroleum, inflation and on and on.  Why don’t Republicans play for keeps? The establishment GOP, who admittedly has a disdain for the populist wing of the party, would do well to remember Target, Bud Light, and the LA Dodgers.  Would it be prudent and necessary to cancel the GOP?

In fact, during his first two years in office, President Trump was given a Republican lead House and Senate and they spent two entire years embroiled in infighting.  Not with investigations, nor impeachments, just Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel outmaneuvering the President.  Trump didn’t even find a way to keep his central campaign promise.  There was a whole lot of talk, but a wall would have been nice. Other than the Judiciary, did anything endure from the Trump Administration which MAGA can hang its hat on?  Post-Bush conservatives are different.  They expect results.  Right now, it appears that the only folks who are making progress and advancing a conservative agenda are social media hosts and a handful of state Governors.


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