Eduardo Verástegui’s remarkable tour de force, Sound of Freedom, holds such cultural significance that it has become the latest counter punch thrown by the Right.  Add Indiana Jones, with the full support of Disney, to the list of Bud Light, Target, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Americans are demonstrating that they care less about the Little Mermaid remake and “tuck friendly” underpants than the leftist establishment would like.  Traditional Americans are circling the wagons and defending what is important to them.  As evinced by the slew of new laws banning child mutilation and sterilization, children are a priority of the ascendant silent majority.  Sadly, we learn every day that dangers to children lurk in the US as much as in the Colombia of Verástegui’s opus.  

Last month, the New York State Department of Education published a “legal update and best practice” document for how schools should serve “transgender and gender expansive” students.  Quoting the report: “Only the student knows whether it is safe to share their identity with a caregiver.”  The report calls “unaffirming” parents dangers to their children and prescribes a “best practice” of hiding from parents if their child is interested in or trying to transition.  It goes on to recommend that should a teacher need to communicate with “Kevin’s home” they should use he/him pronouns, but at school “The teachers call her Kimi and use she/her pronouns.” This usurpation of parental rights echoes the sentiment of Joe Biden when he suggested last month “They’re all our children. They’re not somebody else’s children.”  Back in Corn Pop’s day, comments like these were called fighting words.

Children who can’t receive a Tylenol from school nurses without a permission slip are now able to go to school administrators who conspire to keep intimate details from parents?  As Biden let slip, this is an effort to wrest control of children from the family and place them under the care of the state. 

Pair this with a headline from the Boston Herald.  “DCF (Department of Children and Families) takes custody of four children found in apartment with alcohol, drugs, sex toys.”  The report details the fire department answering a call to a location where they found a man dead of cardiac arrest.  In the apartment they found approximately 6 adult males and “four children in the back bedroom being hidden by an adult male.”  Multiple sources told the Herald that “some of the adults were dressed as women when the first responders arrived at the scene.”  Demonic.  It is becoming more evident that the involvement of children is instrumental to the full expression of the gay and trans lifestyle. 

Why else would the LGBTQ community push back so hard against laws banning children from drag events, gay pride parades and the like?  Apparently, keeping children a safe distance from the sexual content and activities of this community is an attack on the LGBTQ identity.  It seems that inappropriate infatuation with children goes hand in hand with perversion, and that for some reason, to fulfill the most intimate desires of this creepy group, children must be involved.  Tolerance and acceptance of every lifestyle has lead us to a point where even previously taboo or disordered behaviors have become commonplace. 

There is simply no productive, healthy, natural purpose for the undue sexualization of minor children.  The only ends are evil and nefarious.  There has always been a segment of the LGBTQ community who fetishize about children.  The “fringe” group NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, has existed for decades but was usually disavowed by Leftists.  It seems different now.  The recent onslaught of child-centered sexual activity has the appearance of deviants frantically staking their claim to minors before their window of opportunity closes for good.  The culture wars are warming up so the worst demons of the community, heretofore hidden and pushed back into the closet, are rearing their heads.  And the entire community has gone all-in for the fight. 

If the strategy is to fight back against any laws protecting children, calling them an attack on the gay community, then Phase Two is to pass laws granting autonomy to children.  According to the Free Beacon, a new bill in California would punish parents who don’t affirm their child’s gender identity.  The bill, which has already passed the State Assembly, would allow non-affirmation to be defined as abuse which could affect custody and visitation. Some states, including Oregon and Washington State are currently passing laws giving teenagers, as young as 15, access, to “gender-affirming” care, such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and life-altering surgeries without parental consent.  If a child runs away from home to procure these services, the parents are not even notified.  Once this separation occurs the state takes control of the children and offers them up to the gay community. 

The next argument is that these surgeries and decisions should be made by the child and their doctor.  Parents are only allowed in the room when they support or catalyze the transition.  But what is the next step?  If these transitions are necessary to prevent the suicide of the children, if these procedures are truly good for the wellbeing of the children, why allow the child to change their mind?  Would an emergency appendectomy depend on the approval of the children?  Would a child have any say in the matter?  Of course not.  Then, if not for the appendectomy, why would the “life-saving” orchiectomy be any different? 

From here it is a very slippery slope to forced transitions which benefit for-profit medical centers and parents who want a trophy child.  Separation from parents and forced transitions for confused minors in the custody of the state.  This is the end game.  Pray we don’t let that happen.


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