“Bear in mind that, since the French Revolution, fighting for the Faith has not been confined to the field of battle but extends to the floors of legislatures and the outlets of media.  In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, men and women arose in every country of the Western world and elsewhere as well, not only to explain the Church’s religious doctrines, but to defend Her social, cultural, and political teachings as well.”  So says Charles Coulombe in A Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail.   

He could not be more spot on. The simple gems in these sentences, hidden in a 2017 book about an altogether different topic, are more applicable today than when he penned them. Today, there is little or no bloodshed, and no guillotine stands in Louis XVI’s Versailles. But there is a movement of faithful conservative and religious folks fighting for small victories, here and there, against social, cultural, and political rot.  These guerillas stand as bulwarks against depravity. 

Consider.  The battlegrounds are the two dozen or so states where they have passed laws banning the butchery of children in the strategically vague and benign name of “gender affirmation”.  They are in the other dozen states where such laws are being debated in the seats of power.  The fights are on the fields outside of Dodger Stadium, where Christian faithful stood up to the LGBTQ+ mob.  And in Norwood, Ohio, where Catholics for Catholics held a Rosary Rally to protect the unborn and to prevent the mass sterilization and mutilation of children.  The sites are in Massachusetts at blatantly Satanic conferences.  The battles are for territory, inch by inch.  For the right to advertise and espouse what we believe, free from cancellation.  To shield our children’s eyes and minds from filth. To reclaim the right to life endowed by The Creator. To promote our social and cultural beliefs without whispering.

There have been losses.  Those losses occur in states like Washington, and Oregon, where parents are losing control of their children’s sexuality to the intrusive state.   California just passed a bill reducing penalties for the sodomy of “willing” children.  The defeats are in Santa Fe, where the state has codified abortion in a manner so pervasive and perverse that there exists a taxpayer funded hotline for abortion access which directs callers to a Satanic Temple for ritualistic abortion.  The New Mexico Department of Health recently distributed a school survey telling Fourth-Grade students in the Land of Enchantment that they can seek help for their sexual health without permission from their parent.  Fourth-Graders.  Nine-year-olds.  It is interesting that the hot zones seems to follow wherever the family unit is;  sexuality, abortion, pornography. 

We have those who have been martyred.  One can imagine that actors like Jim Caviezel would have had an entirely different career track if he had been less outspoken about his faith.  There is Father James Altman and other holy men and women who have been canceled simply for defending the truth of the Catholic Deposit of Faith.  When Coulombe speaks of media outlets, recall those that Elon Musk had to liberate from “cancel” captivity when he purchased Twitter.  Comedians, renowned scientists who dared question the response to Covid, a former President of the United States.  These rebels are given furtive names: “Anti-vaxxers” and climate change “deniers”, so their banishments to the Phantom Zone can be rationalized.  Remember, Tucker Carlson was jettisoned from Fox, even with the most watched program in news.     

But this side has victories as well, and reason to be hopeful.  Praise God, the awful legal thought behind the “right” to an abortion has been overturned, and Roe has fallen.  The figurative heads of Bud Light and Target hang on our walls, with billions of dollars lost by these companies who tried to force a tuck friendly reality down our throats.  Dylan Mulvaney is not quite as influential as he used to be.  Florida, under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, has been a constant source of victory.  Most recently, the Disney District has announced it is abolishing all Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs after DeSantis stripped them of their self-governing powers.

Our leaders are Governor DeSantis.  America’s Bishop, Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas who courageously defends the Faith wherever it comes under attack.  The Daily Wire, Catholics for Catholics, a few reliable Representatives and Senators.  They lead millions of parents and religious people, seemingly blue-collar, everyday folks, who have had enough because the other side simply went too far.     

The other side is powerful.  They own entire branches of government and its entrenched bureaucrats.  They have the media in their quiver.  Yet the Right rises up to meet the challenge whenever it can.  Our armaments are simple.  They are “Our Lady’s Livery” as St Louis de Montfort calls them; the rosary and scapular.  We have prayer.  These are not new battles.  As former combat pilot, Dr. Dan Schneider writes in The Liber Cristo Method: A Field Manual for Spiritual Combat, “We fight an ancient enemy and the ancient weapons are best.”



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