“Evil republicans want to make it so that an eight-year-old girl has to travel all the way to New Mexico to get a Satanic abortion after her troglodytic, mouth-breathing, lazy-eyed, half-brother impregnates her.  Or she will have to get an illegal coat-hanger abortion in an alley somewhere.  She’ll probably die.”

So goes the usual canard, accusing any pro-life measure of being extreme. 

Is that why all those people rallied in Cincinnati, Ohio?  Is that why Jim Caviezel, Bishop Joseph Strickland and General Mike Flynn met in the heat of early August to pray the Rosary?  No, they claimed ground there to try to prevent exactly what happened.  After Ohio Issue 1 failed to make it more difficult to change the state constitution, the blood-thirsty Left pounced.  A bill to change Ohio’s constitution, codifying the right to abortion, is slated to be voted on in November.

The usual tactic of the Left is to call any pro-life or pro-lifer radical.  But this bill advances the party line of the pro-abortion movement.  It calls for abortion without restriction at any point in gestation, up to the date of birth.  It calls for abortion for any reason.  And for minors, it allows for abortion without permission – or even the consultation or knowledge – of parents.  This is the standard bill of fare for every abortion advocate in the country today.  Abortion for anyone, at any time, for any reason, at any age.  All abortion, all the time.  That sounds radical.  And if opposition to this is extreme, then moderation is no virtue.  The lifenews.com summary of the bill is excellent.

Clearly the fall of Roe was a victory for the pro-life movement and, more importantly, for the unborn.  Remember, Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”  But that critical victory changed the sites of the battle.  It did not deliver the ultimate decisive blow to abortuaries.  Now, the advance has to be made, state by state, to secure the right to life.  Those efforts in those states where life is secured are grand.  Those states where the right to end human life is enshrined is still a national scar, ending the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies. 

The next significant pro-life victory needs to come at the national level. 

I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.

Ronald Reagan

Which is why it is important to remember that there was only one person on the debate stage last week with any credibility or track record of success in the effort to curtail abortion.  And, it’s not Nikki “[We] need to stop demonizing [the issue of abortion]” Haley. 

Governor Ron DeSantis has actually outlawed abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.  It is important to note that he has also defended his border and fought the culture battle, stopped Disney’s promulgation of the sexualization of children and combatted the mutilation and sterilization of youth.  Not to be ignored is that he has also fired those radical Soros-financed district attorneys who are persecuting and prosecuting his chief political rival.  DeSantis understands the fight.  He is steadfast as a conservative and, coincidentally, resolutely Catholic in all his positions.  He has engaged the fight and taken shots.  Unlike many Republicans before him, he does not shy away.  He will not be deterred.  He is not concerned with being nice.  He is not foolish enough to seek consensus or agreement with the Left.  He knows that they need to be destroyed just as they would have him destroyed.  The same cannot be said for Senator Tim Scott.  He is very nice, but as he seems too desirous of being liked by everyone in the room, a Democrat congress would chew him up and spit him out.  Vivek Ramaswamy says many great things on many important issues, but like so many before him, he sounds great until facing the onslaught of the Left.  Then they fold.  Too much at stake to take a risk.  The Right continually produces a standard bearer who is either too nice or too foolish to stand up to the Left. 

Those days need to be over. 

Ohio demonstrates the need for this and other battles to be taken from the state to the national level.  One could argue that if the Ohio constitutional amendment passes, things are worse than before.  Instead of continued vaguery or debate, it will become another state which has a secured a codified right to abortion without restriction.  Another loss.

The only proven commodity on that stage last week was DeSantis.  He seemingly doesn’t give a whit what the media and Left wing say about him.  He is a Warrior. 



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