In Azerbaijan an enemy of the state, defined as vocally disagreeing with the government, can earn someone up to two years of “corrective labor”. In Venezuela the same offense lands one in prison for up to 40 months. Bahrain: seven years. In America, where the first amendment enshrines the right to unpopular speech, this is not a concern. Consider.

Social Media personality and former darling of the Hollywood set, Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault by four women. Not convicted, just accused. Brand who vehemently denies the allegations and has never hidden his promiscuity, has been hit by accusations from over 10 years ago. His worldwide comedy tour has been canceled in some places and postponed in others. His publicist has abandoned him. His management has abandoned him. YouTube has removed his ability to monetize his content on their site. Remember that Brand has not been found guilty. For the celebrity who has been outspoken about the ignition and response to Hawaiian fires, climate change hypocrisy, financial ties between the pharmaceutical industry and congress, and who is a covid vaccine skeptic, the accusations have been met with the presumption of guilt.

Tim Ballard, the hero of the movie Sound of Freedom has recently been accused of sexual misconduct. Ballard already sticks out like a sore thumb in that his story is one of protecting children in a world where they have become sexualized and utilized. Aside from the movie, Ballard is rumored to be interested in the Utah Senate Seat of Mitt Romney, and is a pro-Trump conservative. It appears that liberals are worried that they won’t retain Romney’s seat.

Noted Psychologist Dr. Jordan Petersen has been ordered by Canada’s College of Psychologists of Ontario to undergo re-education therapy for his public statements, not on professional psychology and science, but politics and culture. Petersen’s choice is to take the re-education camp or lose his license to practice psychology. Guess upon which side of the political aisle Petersen’s public opinions fall.

Earlier this year, a well-known pro-life author and sidewalk counselor was arrested at his home in an early morning SWAT raid in front of his seven children. The allegations were eventually thrown out of court. Mark Houck was accused of shoving a pro-abortion man who had intimidated Houck’s 12-year-old son, refused to exit the boy’s personal space and to stop hurling “crude… inappropriate and disgusting” comments at the Houcks. That early morning September 2022 raid was conducted by 25 to 30 armed FBI agents who pounded on the door and brandished weapons, even at the children.

The Gateway Pundit reports two 70-year-old, pro-life conservative, grandmas have been arrested for blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic. As one can see from the pictures of the elderly offenders, they couldn’t block anything from anyone. The convicted septuagenarian grandmothers have been sentenced to 11 years in prison. This is horrifying. It takes a special person with the disposition of a martyr to leave your family for an 11 year prison term for the crime of praying outside an abortuary.

Note that the prosecution of these grannies comes before the DOJ found motivation to expose the Epstein Client List and the Nashville shooter manifesto, or to identity of the Supreme Court Dobbs ruling leaker, the identity of the January 6 pipe bomber, the motive of the Vegas shooter, or the identity of White House cocaine culprit which everyone knows was Hunter.

It may be that the allegations against Brand are true. But what is undoubtably true is that these type allegations, especially after so many years, are never raised about left-wing personalities. In Brand’s case, these allegations have been whispered about for years. Why, then, were they not acted upon during his time as a Hollywood mainstay? Why were they kept quiet until he began to speak out against the agenda of the Left? In Brand’s case, how does he satisfactorily clear his name? How does one prove a negative, that he didn’t do something, a dozen years ago?

Remember when the Canadian government froze the bank accounts of those truckers and their supporters who protested the vaccine mandate? That was a huge transgression of every purported liberty that has ever existed. It was a bell in the night and it was also the blue print of the assault on dissent.

But this is the terrifying future awaiting this country pending the outcome of the 2024 election. A government gulag awaits those that publicly espouse conservative thought if Joe Biden wins reelection or if former President Trump wins and doesn’t follow through on his pledged purging of the Department of Justice. System wide and selective application of the law is a hallmark of tyranny. A Biden win or a scenario where Trump wins and then waffles dooms his supporters. There is no room for Trump to campaign tough and then back down like he did on the wall, birthright citizenship, and dreamers. If he wins and does not straighten out the DOJ, this is the end. The offenses by the criminal justice apparatus of this country are worse than conspiracy theorists fear and it is going to take a steel spined strongman to make the most radical changes necessary to avert disaster. Vivek Ramaswamy has promised large-scale, mass layoffs across the government with an estimate of over a million and a half job losses in his first term.

The word “decimate” takes its roots from the Roman Empire. It is the killing of one in ten, chosen by lots, from a rebellious city or a mutinous army as a punishment sometimes used by the Romans. Should a Republican win the 2024 election, an inversion of decimation is necessary. The termination of the jobs of 9 of 10 government employees is necessary to prevent the future that is set in motion. They should not be chosen by lots, find the good one and show the rest the door.

By fear and intimidation or prosecution and exile, the current regime; the DOJ, FBI, White house and Congress is determined to snuff out that opinion with which they disagree. Big brother is alive and well in a way that Orwell’s imagination was stretched to describe. What comes next, flat out suppression of books, movies, podcasts? It has already been done. The collaboration of the Deep State with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter during Covid, Russiagate and the 2020 election has already been exposed. Subjugation of conservative thought is how they figure to win the future.



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