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Faith Over Fear: A Mother’s Inspiring Fight Against Cancer While Carrying her Unborn Child

Articles | September 14, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

Tasha Kann, a young mother from Michigan, was advised to have an abortion after being diagnosed with an aggressive malignant tumor in her brain while pregnant with her second child in 2022.

The medical team advised her to abort her unborn child and immediately start cancer treatments.

Kann refused to have an abortion and leaned on her faith in God for support. She believed in God’s power to keep her baby safe. She said that if the cancer was as bad as doctors claimed, killing her baby wouldn’t have saved her anyway. Kann gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Gracey in October and is still fighting her cancer with the support of her family.

Kann believed killing her unborn baby wasn’t going to make the cancer go away. She relied on holistic approaches to fight the cancer while pregnant.

Kann gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Gracey in October 2022. However, nearly a year later, Kann’s diagnosis changed as doctors discovered that the cancer had spread, leaving her with less than a year to live. Currently, Kann is seeking alternative immunotherapy and has a port installed in her chest, through which she administers the treatments at home. She still maintains her decision to not receive chemotherapy or radiation. Despite her ongoing battle, Kann believes having her baby girl was worth it.

Kann’s story highlights the sacrifices mothers are willing to make for their children. Despite the medical advice given to them, she refused to abort her baby and chose to fight her battle while carrying her child. Her story also demonstrates the power of faith and hope in difficult situations. While Kann is still struggling with her cancer, she remains hopeful and continues to fight with the support of her loved ones.

In another similar story, another mother, Ellie Whittaker, was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while pregnant. Doctors advised her to have an abortion as cancer treatment could cause problems for the baby. However, Whittaker refused to give up her child and chose to delay the treatment. Her scans showed that she could push off the treatment until after she gave birth, and she delivered a healthy baby in March of 2020. Whittaker then underwent aggressive cancer treatment and after 20 rounds of Chemo, learned she was cancer-free.

Our Father, we lift up to you this young mother who is fighting cancer. We ask the Holy Spirit to be with her every step of the way, to give her strength, courage and hope in the midst of her struggles. We pray that Your Son and Our Savior, Jesus Christ, would heal her body and restore her to good health. May she feel your love and presence surrounding her, bringing comfort and peace to her heart. We also pray for her family that they will find strength and comfort in you. May they feel your love and support as they walk alongside her in this journey. We ask this in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen.



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