“Thou art weighed in the balance, and art found wanting.”

The Governor of New Mexico, Friday, used emergency action to ban the possession of firearms in public in the largest county in the state.  She declared a state of emergency to suspend rights guaranteed by the second amendment. 

There are already calls for this declaration to be tested in court, and the local sheriff has already declared that he will not enforce the action.  She has acknowledged that something has to be done, even if the action does not withstand challenges in court.

Consider.  Where have we heard this emergency language before?

By emergency declaration Americans were sold “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

By emergency declaration we wore masks.

By emergency declaration small business were shuttered and put out of business.

By emergency declaration our churches were closed.  Catholics were denied access to the Sacraments.

By emergency declaration our schools were closed.  Our children were isolated and continue to suffer the physical, emotional and educational consequences. 

By emergency declaration government and many private employees were forced to inject an unsafe, unproven and ineffective vaccine into their bodies.

By emergency declaration we were made to stand in the cold while we waited in line to buy food.

By emergency declaration beaches, parks and the outdoors were closed off.

The government set us up for the actions of the emboldened Governor of the Land of Enchantment.  They warned us.  They used, not covid, but the covid response, to test the reaction and the fortitude of the American people.  When someone tells you who they are, believe them.  They are tyrannical.

Covid, in addition to injuring the popular and successful administration of President Trump, was a test run to see how we the people would respond. We failed.  “Thou art are weighed in the balance, and art found wanting.”  [Daniel 5:27]  The governors of blue states evaluated their governed and rolled over them.  Once we let an erosion, an attack on God given liberties that are specifically enumerated, go unanswered – like sheep – we asked for it to happen again.  It is that simple. 

We did not resist.  As a result, they have moved on to other overreaches of authority.  As Governor Lujan Grisham has declared, “rights are not absolute.”  President Biden has said the exact same thing, verbatim.  If that is indeed the standard, are they our rights after all, or do we live at the mercy of governmental whim?  What must our founding fathers think of us? 

And there is more to come.  One shudders to think what comes next, but they are preparing us.  For the good of the environment, and by emergency declaration, no more coal.  No more petroleum products.  No more meat products.  Eat bugs and like it.  Vaccines and boosters.  Taxes on mileage.  Electric Cars.  None of this is beyond the vast stretch of the imagination.  Is it?

This is not the end.  Very interesting to see what happens next.         



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