Rush Limbaugh, may he rest in peace, used to say that he employed absurdity to demonstrate absurdity, or something very close to that.  The man who went through life with “half his brain tied behind his back” truly had an ability to think like the wacky Left and prognosticate what they were going to do next.  Now, two and a half years after his death, he can posthumously point to another example of the Left’s absurdity and tell us, “See, I Told You So”, his aptly named 1993 book.

Dueling articles on Breitbart expose that the radical Left is incapable of the internal and intellectual reflection that lends itself to consistent, well thought out principles.

From Breitbart News comes the story of Brooke Bruk-Jackson, a 21 year old native of Harare, Zimbabwe.  She was crowned as her nation’s representative in the 72nd Miss Universe competition.  The only problem, the only reason this story made waves, is that this Miss Zimbabwe is white.  The Left vomited on the internet, calling Bruk-Jackson’s victory everything from “tragic” to “audacity” to a “damn shame”.  “Can 95% of Zimbabwean girls identify with this miss universe Zimbabwe, no” claimed another post on “X”.  There were dog whistles calling for violence as well.  “MUGABE RISE” wrote one internet user, referring to the brutal uprising of Robert Mugabe, a former leftist dictator known for crimes against white humanity in his overthrow of the former Rhodesia.

Also, this week, the story of a biological male beating out several females for the title of homecoming queen in Kansas City, made Breitbart News.  If the above internet questions are valid, two can play the game.  Quick question – can even one percent of real high school girls identify with this homecoming queen?  No.  As one can imagine the Leftist online community is aflutter with joy.  Excitement, love, gratitude, iconic, deserving, stunning and brave are the adjectives being used to describe this travesty. 

Leave aside the argument about the disordered nature of the young man who won the queen’s crown.  Consider.  While the conservative argument is consistently applied to both developments, left wing thought fails to do so.  Conservatives would argue that a woman should win the Miss Zimbabwe crown.  Conservatives would similarly argue that a woman should win the homecoming queen crown.  Regardless of skin pigmentation, ethnicity, height, hair or eye color.  A woman.  That’s it.  No story here.

The left wing would argue that a transvestite pretending to be a girl should be crowned with an award.  At the same time, and without any sense of irony, they believe that a contestant is disqualified solely because she is not the correct color woman.  In one instance, this world of gender disarray allows anything to go, while in the other application, a presumed result is expected or they call for violent uprising.  The pea sized brain of the modern Leftist fails to comprehend that this call for uniformity of thought and controlled result contradicts their typical plea for diversity.  In 95+% black Zimbabwe, it appears that diversity is not a strength.  To further this discussion, and for what it is worth, five of the seven judges of the 2023 competition are black.  Apparently, they did not subscribe to the opinion that this is a cause for international shame, regardless of the opinion of those overly educated, white, wealthy, liberal, pumpkin-latte sipping, Prius driving women who concern themselves with these matters. 

The Left would have humanity believe that this beautiful young woman, a pure-bred, 100% Zimbabwean, is unfit to wear her sash.  At the same time, they would insist that we all join the delusion that this young man’s Adam’s Apple and genitalia are not disqualifying for his honor.  This is Limbaugh’s absurdity theorem personified and he never lifted a finger.

It appears that in the hierarchical game of victimhood, the color of a woman is more important than the womanhood of a woman.  While the Left erupts over a white woman winning in Zimbabwe, they don’t care if a real woman wins in Missouri.  This is another example of how the welfare of biological females gets pushed aside in favor of other protected classes.  In the political power structure of victimhood, trannies come first.  Presumably, somewhere up near transgenders, but further down the organizational chart, come the several hundred made up genders, followed by those cis-genders with odd sexual preferences.  In a distant middle of the pack, the color of the victim matters.  Far down the depth chart comes the plain, heterosexual female, just above Tom Brady.  And she’s getting the shaft.  Luckily, all of the other homecoming queen candidates were white, otherwise, the calculus involved in determining a winner would have given them all collective headaches.  Put in another way, what kind of a pretzel would they have twisted themselves into if the white winner in Zimbabwe had been transgender?  No one must misappropriate the presumed national identity of Zimbabwe, but who cares about women?  

Well, Maha Rushie, wherever you are…Mega Dittos!  You’ve still got it. 



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