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Was America Built On Stolen Land By Genocidal Racists? Er, No

Articles | October 17, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

By John Zmirak, Ph.D., via The Stream

The frustration with liberal Christians who adopt ideas of “de-colonization” and “settler guilt” as a way to denigrate Western civilization. This suggests that these individuals are not worth persuading and instead mocks their arguments. I recommends responding by expressing support for colonial settler imperialism and questioning the beliefs of the individual in an attempt to end the discussion.

I introduce Jeff Fynn-Paul’s book, “Not Stolen,” which aims to debunk claims about European settlement in the Americas, such as the mistreatment of natives and the introduction of slavery. I argue that Fynn-Paul’s book provides a scholarly response to “anti-racist” rhetoric and challenges commonly held beliefs about Western history.

I also criticizes the teaching of these ideas in college classrooms and suggests that liberal professors fear backlash for expressing contradictory views.

In conclusion by claiming that Christian morals actually restrained and tempered the actions of European settlers and that the European settlement of the Americas should be viewed in the context of other historical conquests. The book also addresses the issue of slavery and argues that it was Christians who invented and practiced abolition.

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