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Where does Tyler go from here?

Articles | November 22, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

Among the questions surrounding the termination of Bishop Joseph Strickland is what happens to the people of Tyler, Texas, who are now lacking a shepherd.  And what happens to the dozens of seminarians from his diocese?

In the absence of an official reason for the removal, one can only assume that it is because Pope Francis stands in opposition to much of what Bishop Strickland believed.  As opposed to the persona of the merciful, listening, accommodating and accompanying pastoral figure that Francis tries to portray, the excusal of Strickland paints an entirely different picture; namely tyrannical, petty, rigid, uncompromising, punitive, merciless and vindictive.  But, in order to help His Holiness fill the void in Tyler, a list of possible candidates in better standing with the Bergoglian Church than Strickland is to be compiled.  Here is the Catholics 4 Catholics effort to help:

  • The Holy Father has been very passionate about the ministry of Father James Martin, SJ.  Martin was invited to and played a key role of the Synod on Synodality.  He was intricately involved in the planning and execution of what is becoming Vatican III, so now marks a perfect time to promote him.  This would teach those rigid people in Tyler, now with pitchforks in hand, but who until last week loved their Bishop enough to enlist their sons into seminaries!  Martin, a well-known advocate of homosexual activity is in good standing with the Holy Father, so why not?
  • Here is an interesting candidate.  How about Marina Abramovic?  First of all she is a woman, whose placement as a bishop will scratch the itch of many of the other people on this list.  Plus, she is the ambassador from the corrupt government of Ukraine to its school children, for the rebuilding of schools.  Again, though not technically a Catholic, this woman is skilled in diplomacy, is steeped in knowledge of the spiritual and occult.  She is a high priestess of the satanic movement, but don’t judge.  Remember, all are welcome (except those who assist at the Traditional Latin Mass).  As a final credential, she stands as far away as possible from the Deposit of the Faith, held so dear by Bishop Strickland.  It may not be far enough for the taste of some in the Vatican, but it’s a good start.  

As reported this week on lifesitenews.com, the Apostolic Nuncio to the US told Bishop Strickland three years ago, that “there is no deposit of faith” and that he needs to stop talking about it because the “Holy Father is watching you.” 

As is found in CCC no. 84, Bishop Strickland is a staunch believer that “The apostles entrusted the ‘Sacred deposit’ of the faith (depositum fidei), contained in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, to the whole of the Church”.  For that, he has been targeted for removal since at least three years ago.  Francis sidles up to celebrities, abusers, Muslims, heretics and homosexuals, but his tyrannical termination of Good Bishop Joe is a warning to others not to go too crazy with orthodox Catholicism.  Otherwise, they will be the next to have given their last full measure of devotion to the faith which got Strickland sacked. 



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