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The Woke Takeover of Universities: a Reaction to Hamas’ October 7 Massacre

Articles | November 30, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

By John O. McGinnis of Law & Liberty

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The reaction to the Hamas’ October 7 massacre has stirred many alumni to recognize the woke takeover of their alma maters. Many university presidents have been initially silent about the greatest mass slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust. Others issued vague platitudes of concern about violence. This has prompted a backlash from donors who suggest they would withhold their gifts. As a result, universities have put out some more muscular statements condemning Hamas, created task forces against antisemitism on campus, and expressed concern about student slogans that favor a Free Palestine.

The universities’ actions, however, treat the symptoms rather than the causes of the ideological miasma that has enveloped them. Indeed, by buying into the paradigm of the politically active university and further empowering it, political statements by universities and their appointment of task forces based on identity will make things worse in the long run.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) supposedly dedicated to protecting minorities cannot be trusted to focus on antisemitism, especially when it is connected in any way to Israel. Many DEI offices prioritize a particular ideology of intersectionality that places Jews in the oppressor class of privilege. DEI offices often have an ideology that cannot give priority to antisemitism. In fact, DEI departments must be disbanded as they undermine the epistemic openness of the modern university. . .

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