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Catholics for Catholics Endorses Donald Trump for President

Press Release | January 14, 2024 | by cforcadmin


**Catholics for Catholics Officially Endorses Donald Trump for President**

*Phoenix, AZ., January 2024 – Catholics for Catholics, a leading organization representing Catholic values and teachings, is proud to announce its official endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States. After careful consideration and analysis, we believe that Mr. Trump best aligns with the principles and values that are fundamental to our Catholic faith.

As an organization committed to promoting the teachings of the Catholic Church and advocating for Catholic values, Catholics for Catholics believes it is essential to support a candidate who upholds the sanctity of life, respects the dignity of every individual, and defends religious freedom. After assessing the policies, actions, and statements of the presidential candidates, we have determined that Donald Trump is the candidate who most strongly represents these core Catholic principles.

Mr. Trump’s unwavering commitment to the pro-life cause, coupled with his dedication to appointing pro-life judges, protecting the innocent unborn, and advocating for parental rights aligns closely with the belief in the intrinsic value and preciousness of every human life inherent to Catholic teachings. Moreover, his defense of religious freedom and the constitutional rights of all Americans, including people of faith, is a crucial aspect of our endorsement.

Catholics for Catholics recognizes that no candidate is perfect, and we acknowledge that we may differ in certain areas with Mr. Trump. However, when considering the broader spectrum of issues that impact our society, economy, and the preservation of Catholic values, we believe that his stances and policies offer the best opportunity for advancing the interests of Catholics and reflecting our Church’s teachings.

We encourage all Catholics to carefully reflect upon the candidates and their positions, to pray for guidance, and to exercise their right to vote as informed citizens. By participating in the democratic process, we can shape the future of our nation and contribute to the protection of Catholic values in our society.

Catholics for Catholics urges fellow Catholics to unite behind this endorsement and support Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Together, let us work for a society grounded in the principles of life, religious liberty, and human dignity.

For further inquiries, please contact:

John Yep
CEO – Catholics for Catholics
(480) 442-7802


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