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Trump’s Second Chance at a Final Impression

Articles | January 30, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

As detailed in a Breitbart report on 26 January, probable Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump, has called for individual states to use their National Guards to deport migrants.  That’s audacity.  If only Trump remembered that he was recently in a position to do something about the existential crisis of uncontrolled immigration.  And that he failed to do so.

To those MAGA constituents who can look at Trump with clear eyes, he was phenomenal on several issues.  But he did have flaws and failures, even if he will never admit them. 

First, he did not surround himself with true MAGA people. He did not put believers in positions to succeed.  As Chiefs of Staff, for example, neither Reince Priebus, General John Kelly, Mick Mulvaney nor Mark Meadows were true warriors who would advance Trump’s agenda.  Quite the opposite, Trump put in positions of influence members of the swamp that he spent a year demonizing during the 2016 campaign.  Trump got out of Anthony Fauci’s way and let him run the response to Covid.  That is a failure of historic proportion for which Trump has never offered a mea culpa. 

Secondly, the reality is that Trump didn’t build the wall, the central theme of his campaign.  That failure, if looked at honestly, facilitated the immigration problem of the last three years.  Four years of Trump’s quantifiably successful legislative and procedural efforts were erased within an hour of inauguration by the current occupant of the White House. 

Lastly, and perhaps most damning, he did not drain the swamp or slay the hidden denizens built into the unelected rolls and rolls of bureaucratic fat. This is where the Anthony Faucis and the Merrick Garlands lurk. He even installed some of these people. See Catholic persecuting Christopher Wray and Bill Barr as examples.  As shown in the last eight years, it is in these bureaucratic layers of blubber, where the true threats to democracy lie. The MAGA movement and awakening Independents are aware of their existence now.  These leeches stealthily grew in number and power from 1961 when Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex, until 2016.  They lurked quietly, and if Jeb or Hillary would have won, they would still be hidden, like mold in the wall.

Consider: In a way, the conspiracies witnessed from 2016 to 2020 are a good thing.  Trump’s presidency and questionable defeat have brought into the sunlight the existence of these ensconced, unelected bureaucrats who run the daily machine.  Now, instead of quietly insidious machinations, they have been exposed.   Now that the public knows of their existence, they can and must be eliminated.  Like a big game of whack-a-mole.  The most aggressive proponent of a bloodletting was GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.  If Trump has a second term, one hopes that Ramaswamy has a crucial role, and that he is allowed to eliminate bodies from the machine, in a manner that is in line with his most aggressive imagination.    

To be fair to Trump, until Russiagate, Ukrainegate, two impeachments, 91 felony indictments, covid and the Wray/Garland Justice Department, very few people knew the extent of the problem. These career globalist cogs are a metastasized cancer in the halls of government. Certainly, Trump did not know in 2016. But the assumption is that he knows now, and, should he win, Deo volente, he will take a scalpel and a blow torch to a generation of dug in bureaucrats standing in the way of a threatened American liberty.  Now there is an opportunity to clear the field.       

If only Trump could focus. Not on “Birdbrain” Nikki Haley or other nicknames and Twitter spats.  All but Trump’s biggest devotees have tired of that schtick.  The petty grudges and sensitivities get in the way of sober action, and make the Trump tent a chaotic circus sideshow.  The problem is that there is yet to be anyone who can successfully delineate this message forcefully enough to the former President in a manner which prevents him from going after the shiny objects.  The message goes unheeded.  He is yet to show the ability to discipline himself in his behavior and ability to stay on task.  With the country struggling as it is, re-election is within grasp, even on an uneven playing field.  If an understated, serious Trump emerged from the primary season and went from issue to issue reminding people how much better their life was before the Biden Administration, he could amass electoral and legislative victories.  But there is no indication that he will run a disciplined campaign, avoiding opportunities to shoot himself in the foot.  The country would put aside his E Jean Carroll type issues, and maybe even sympathize with him a bit, if he could eliminate unforced errors.  Whether or not he can do that is unknown and unproven thus far.

What is known is that Governor Ron DeSantis is the most successful politician in memory at the methodical dismantling of the left’s agenda and advancing his own. Because on issue after issue:  life, DEI nonsense, cultural rot, transgender issues – DeSantis maintains a focus on the task at hand – forwarding conservate ideas and defending his area of operation.  The same cannot be said of Trump.  His lack of discipline is part of his inability to do so.  Those rooting for America must hope that clownish Trump fades away forever as the nomination is clearly his.  This time around, the country, at a tipping point, doesn’t have another four or eight years to wait for the next guy.  In 2016, disenfranchised Republican voters took a leap of faith to elect him over established, establishment candidates who offered more of the same vanilla ice cream.  In short, the country needs him to be what the left portrays him to be.    

The good news is that the American Leftist has been exposed.  The bad news is that Trump has no excuses now but to put up or shut up and go away. There will be no third chances if he fails.  His legacy could be great, and it would have nothing to do with real estate and the art of the deal.  Success in making America great again, again, would absolve him of much of his heretofore legal and moral entanglements.  He could be a Jan Sobieski; he could be the man who saved American by sheer will.  Or, if he doesn’t get serious, he is going to go down as a failed used car salesman whose con cost his supporters the opportunity for an American revival.   



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