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The Left’s Greatest Gift

Articles | February 8, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

In January, 1941, less than a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill hosted Harry Hopkins a special emissary from America.  Hopkins was a trusted advisor to President Roosevelt.  Roosevelt had just won re-election and was now free from isolationist campaign rhetoric to decide whether or not to involve the US in the European conflict.  Hopkins, in Great Britain for several weeks, was the eyes and ears of FDR, and was tasked with evaluating the situation and reporting directly back to the President.  This was during the time that Hitler was turning his attention from the Brits, whose continued resistance to the Blitzkrieg he found galling, to Operation Barbarossa, the planned invasion of Russia. 

Historian Erik Larson recounts one Saturday evening at a country estate north of London.  After dinner, inspired by cigars and brandy, Churchill opened up into a monologue befitting a historic figure of the 20th century.  Trying to convince Hopkins, and by extension, Roosevelt to aid Britain, Churchill began, “We seek no treasure, we seek no territorial gains, we seek only the right of man to be free; we seek his right to worship his God, to lead his life in his own way, secure from persecution.  As the humble laborer returns from his work when the day is done, and sees the smoke curling upwards from his cottage home in the serene evening sky, we wish him to know that no rat-a-tat of the secret police upon his door will disturb his leisure or interrupt his rest.”  Britain sought only freedom to say whatever one wished, and protection of all in the eyes of the law.

This stirring and extemporaneous expression represents those in this country, today, who wish to be allowed to worship their God, raise their families, and preserve their culture, free from persecution and prosecution, does it not?


The left has only recently supplanted their accusations of racism and Nazism hurled at everyone with whom they disagree, with the already exhausting trope that Donald Trump and MAGA are “threats to democracy”.  But which side of the political aisle is guilty of, and has the spine to do the following?

  • Deny Presidential Immunity for the first time in history
  • Impeach a sitting President twice for political reasons
  • Strike down the ability to speak of those who simply refuse to take part in the delusional fantasy of transgenderism
  • Use social media to deplatform, demonetize, shadow ban, ban, and stigmatize with the brand of “disinformation”
  • Create a “disinformation department” of the federal government
  • Foist an experimental drug onto society with threats of losing your job, or the ability to go to school or to play sports, or go into the store, or ostracization for those who refuse
  • Coordinate smear campaigns against those who speak about such
  • Remove, not just the platforms but remove the licenses of professionals who disagree with a given narrative
  • Detain, in some cases without trial, trespassers after the January 6th “insurrection”
  • Prosecute Pro-life people who simply pray outside of abortion clinics
  • Infiltrate and investigate Traditional Catholic churches and communities
  • Allow for conservative speakers to be threatened and mobbed at speaking events
  • Selectively prosecute Trump for having classified documents, but not the other former presidents and vice presidents who admitted the same violation
  • Indict their chief political rival 91 times
  • Regulate away what people can listen to on podcasts, YouTube
  • Track people’s searches and purchases of guns
  • Track people’s internet searches for religion
  • Strong arm banks into revealing transaction info to the FBI

Who is more likely to hear the “rat-a-tat” at their door, a pro-life activist like Mark Houck, or any political figure on the left?

Despite all their chatter, there is not one member of the left at large that is in danger of losing their life, liberty, or political appetite.  Conservative writers, activists, and commentators calculate their risks daily about how far they can take their advocacy, knowing that the day may come when they have to choose between their beliefs and their families.  

Rush Limbaugh was right.  Again.  The greatest tool and asset of the left is the ability, aided by their accomplices in media, to accuse its enemies of exactly that which the left is guilty of.  Their claims simply go unchecked.  The portrayal in the media of the right as dictators in waiting notwithstanding, one is more likely to be prosecuted for contributing to Alex Jones’ Infowars.com than for twerking at RuPaul’s family friendly, drag story hour.   

True, the media and District Attorneys who have been bought and paid for (see Fani Willis and Alvin Jones), are huge assets to the left’s agenda.  But that is not the only reason for the left’s dominance.  The left is bold and the right is timid and tired.  To paraphrase Major Maurice Petherick, in the British House of Commons, 1941, the left has panzers, the right has pansies.



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