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Lightning Round – About the Catholic Scene

Articles | March 5, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

Christian groups have been offended by the comments of Politico reporter, Heidi Przybyla, who said last week that Christian nationalists “believe rights come from God.”  This is the latest on the left’s ‘threat to democracy’ thread.  The accusation used to be racism, and then it was Nazism.  This is the new trope.  Newsflash to Christian Nationalists groups:  Don’t hold your breath.  But just know that you are in good standing as the framers of this country held the same belief.  Remember that we are endowed by a Creator with inalienable rights.  But at journalism school, they are taught that all rights, along with everything that is good and holy, comes from government.  The Left’s disdain for Christian, heterosexual, capitalists and families knows no bounds. They think of us all as slow, slack-jawed, troglodytic, open-mouth breathers. 

Pope Francis met privately with the superior general of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter this week.  Trad Catholics hold their breath.  Is further suppression coming?  Advice to the traditional order?  Hang on to your birettas and saturnos.

A new memo by an anonymous Cardinal has emerged as Francis enters the hospital again for symptoms of flu.  The letter, attached here, outlines the qualities needed in the next pope in contradistinction to the failings of Francis.  The letter also explains that it is written anonymously because of the petulant and vindictive nature of the current Pontiff. 

Speaking of the next pope, I am old enough to remember the final days of the John Paul II papacy.  The official opinion of the Enlightened world, especially non-Catholics, was that the Catholic Church needed an African pope.  Or rather, it needed a non-European pope.  A name floated at that time, as being papabile, was Cardinal Arinze.  That was back before the DEI crowd lowered Africans on the hierarchical list of victimhood, below that of women, gays, and transgenders.  In light of Fiducia Supplicans, and more specifically, the negative reaction from African Bishops, one wonders if the same politically correct people would still welcome a pope from Africa?

Donald Trump is not right about everything.  The latest example is his opinion on in vitro fertilization.  That is why Donald Trump needs Catholics to influence him.  Just as Catholics need Trump to protect them.

Coming back to Fiducia Supplicans:  If homosexuality is acceptable now, wouldn’t you be very upset and confused if you had been blasted by God in Sodom or Gomorrah only to find that if you had lived circa 2024, you could have been married in St Peter’s Basilica?  That’s not fair.  Or, is the Roman Curia wrong, and are the perennial teachings of the Church the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow?

If an illegal immigrant kills a transgender person, who will the legacy media protect?

Contrary to modern opinion, there is a difference between chastity and celibacy.  A married man with children can be chaste.  A priest who enjoys pornography, but is not sleeping with anyone, can be celibate but not chaste.  But evidence suggests that many Cardinals in key Vatican positions are neither. 

 Terry Barber is the Godfather of modern Catholic media. 

Francis Bergoglio is paranoid.  This happens to older men who know they are at the end of their lives.  That is also why he and his acolytes are so hurried to implement his pro-sodomy reforms to the Church.  He says that “No one is scandalized if I give my blessing to an entrepreneur who perhaps exploits people: and this is a very serious sin. But they get scandalized if I give it to a homosexual….This is hypocrisy!”  He sees boogeymen everywhere.  None of his critics from the Catholic wing of the Catholic Church object to criticism of immoral capitalism.  Saint Joseph himself, Model of Artisans, demands dignity for the worker.  And Leo XIII warned against the same transgressions in his encyclical Rerum Novarum.  Traditional Catholics don’t want Francis to be Right or Left, they just want him to be Catholic. 



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