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Who is behind the AZ Abortion Access act?

Articles | March 6, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

Who is behind the AZ Abortion Access act? The culprit is Rep. Athena Salman, a Democrat and the state’s first elected official of Palestinian descent, she resigned from the Arizona legislature on Dec. 31, 2023 after nearly seven years in office. Salman is left her District 8 seat for a new role as director of Arizona campaigns for Reproductive Freedom for All, formerly known as NARAL, they advocates for reproductive rights (code word for ‘abortion’ or ‘baby killing).

Athena Salman is organizing the AZ woke leftist pro-aborts and working to put a measure on the November 2024 ballot that would allow voters to enshrine abortion access in the Arizona constitution. It needs about 384,000 signatures to make the ballot. Athena Salman, an atheist, made national headlines during her first legislative session when she gave a humanist prayer on the House floor, which was ruled out of order by the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives. She is married to Juan Mendez an AZ democrat senator from Tempe AZ. Juan Mendez is a member of the temple of satan; Juan Mendez and Athena Salman received the Phoenix New Times’s 2017 Best Power Couple. The name Athena means in Greek mythology goddess of wisdom and war.

Lucien Greaves founder of the temple of satan says that the temple of Satan has waged a long legal battle to claim that killing babies through abortion is a religiously protected Satanic ritual. The temple of satan deceptively uses two faces in its advertising. The temple openly displays Satanic iconography and antagonizes people of faith by insulting them, while its founder Lucien Greaves uses the art of deception and trickery by operating a second organization called the Reason Alliance which promotes a secular humanistic message. It’s this deceptive double speak mask that Satanists depend on for their audience. For example, sometimes Lucien Greaves is a secular humanist, running the Reason Alliance, sometimes Lucien Greaves is a satanist and runs the temple of Satan

This is what allows a satanist like AZ senator Juan Mendez to be endorsed by mainstream Democrats. They (satanist & democrats) are both working together to enshrine abortion in AZ all nine months. My guess is that Juan Mendez the satanist and Athena Salman the atheist are under the operational umbrella of Lucien Greaves temple of satan and Reason Alliance. The temple of satan claims abortion is a sacrament and they claim that laws restricting abortion violate its members free exercise of religion. The temple of satan, whether they admit it or not works for satan. The organization Reason Alliance is an atheist organization, atheism is the opiate of the elites and the ‘devil’s gospel.’ This is what were up against Church, Patriots, Conservatives and People of good will.

We Catholics and our nation have come through much tougher times since our founding in 1776 and, with the divine intervention of Our Lord and Savior, we have always prevailed. This time is no different, Catholics can fight back and win, there is political power in numbers if we organize. Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he has chosen for his own inheritance.”



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