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‘FLYNN’—The Man And The Movie

Articles | April 26, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

For the first almost two years of our relationship, I never actually met General Michael Flynn, our communications being limited to text messages and occasional phone calls.

We were both standing trial in the D.C. federal courthouse, facing politically motivated prosecutions by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

We had so many shared experiences; both of our families had been virtually financially bankrupted at the legal onslaught against us; both of us were smeared through leaks from prosecutors and an anti-Trump-Flynn-Stone bloodthirsty media cabal; both of us faced jail time despite having done nothing wrong. “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong!”

While General Flynn had remained a devout Roman Catholic and a family man, as I have confessed publicly, I had wandered far from the Lord.

While General Flynn was already a man of Faith from a family of Faith, when he was politically targeted for destruction, I would end up renewing my Faith and being redeemed in the Blood of the Cross – calling for the Lord to deliver me from my persecutors and the deadly snared set for me by Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, and Adam Schiff.

I actually met General Flynn in person for the first time on January 5th, 2021, when our paths crossed in a hotel room that Alex Jones had set up with his full studio equipment and was broadcasting from.

No: neither General Flynn or I ever attended any “meeting” in any so-called “war room” in the Willard Hotel that apparently some Trump supports were operating out of in the effort to win a delay in the U.S. Senate for the certification of the Electoral College by returning the electoral votes back to the states for review before resubmitting based, evidently, on the theory that additional investigation would prove indisputable evidence of voter fraud.

This is a novel theory and as I am not a lawyer, I really don’t have a clear understanding of the Vice President’s authority and responsibilities in his conduct of the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and its amendments, as well as other relevant judicial decisions, other than to say that prominent legal scholars seem to disagree about the narrowness or breadth of the Vice President’s authority on the floor of the Electoral College.

Indeed, if the Act was not ambiguous, why did the Congress rush to amend it to make the Vice President’s authority more clearly delineated?

Nonetheless, as three different sources told The Washington Post:

  • I was not involved in any effort to delay the vote in the U.S. Senate
  • I do not know many of those who have been named as having been involved in same.
  • General Flynn has told me that he was also uninvolved and only vaguely aware.

I would be coupled with General Flynn again when Cassidy Hutchinson, who was a young aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, testified to the January 6th Select Committee that President Trump directed Meadows to “call Roger Stone and General Flynn” on the afternoon or evening of January 5th.

Liz Cheney helpfully suggested that the call was to “find out what was going to happen on January 6th.

Hutchinson later testified that after she dissuaded Meadows from going to a meeting at the Willard in the “war room” – which Flynn and I were never in, nor knew contemporaneously about – that Meadows “called Stone and Flynn for an update.

This is a complete falsehood: I have never communicated with Mark Meadows in any mode, although I do remember briefly meeting him in a green room at Fox when he was a Congressman and before he joined the White House staff.

I did not speak to Meadows that day and General Flynn assures me that he did not either, and, like me, has never communicated with Meadows.

For the record, I spoke to neither Meadows, President Trump, or any member of Trump’s staff from December 27th, 2020, when I ran into him in a buffet at Trump National Golf Club Jupiter on a Sunday afternoon as a guest of Newsman owner Christopher Ruddy, until March 13, 2021, when my wife Nydia Stone recovered from cancer treatments and President Trump graciously invited us to come see him at Mar-a-Lago.

What was done to General Flynn was even worse than what was done to me.

Despite the FBI agents to whom Flynn allegedly “lied” saying that he had not lied and the notes of the government agents who not only said that Flynn wasn’t lying but revealed the political motivation for his interrogation, Flynn was charged anyway.

An additional charge in which Flynn was accused of lobbying for the nation of Turkey without filing under the Foreign Agents Registration Act fell apart because neither Flynn nor his partner in the public affairs endeavor were being paid by or had been formally engaged by the Turkish government and were working quite legally with non-governmental Turkish business interests.

Through the truly heroic efforts of his attorney Sidney Powell, Powell presented enough evidence to convince U.S. Attorney General William Barr that Flynn had been wrongly charged and the prosecutors in Flynn’s case moved in federal court to dismiss the charges.

Rather than admit that the charges against Flynn had been contrived, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan only refused to dismiss the charges but appointed a new Special Counsel to investigate Flynn, who turned out to be a disgraced former judge who has resigned from the bench just ahead of a serious ethics inquiry, despite Judge Sullivan having no such legal authority.

The judge only dropped the case after President Donald Trump’s very rare “pardon of innocence.”

Flynn had been convicted of no crime, but the pardon was designed to avert future potential lethal lawfare against Flynn.

Then, Powell persuaded U.S. Attorney Bill Barr to reexamine the case against Flynn after successfully guiding Flynn through the withdrawal of his pressure-induced guilty plea, where prosecutors threatened to prosecute the General’s good-hearted, politically pugnacious, but well-meaning son, Michael Flynn, Jr.

I became much friendlier with General Flynn and his incredible family in late 2021.

General Michael Flynn’s brother, Jack Flynn, consoled me when my wife Nydia underwent treatment for cancer.

Mike Flynn’s brother, Joseph J. Flynn, has given me both spiritual, business, and political advice.

Mary Louise Flynn O’Neill is just as much of a warrior for traditional Catholic values as General Mike Flynn was in the battlefield.

Clare Flynn Eckert and Barbara Flynn Redgate have been warriors in the effort to correct the historic record regarding Michael T. Flynn’s extraordinary service to this country and his sacrifice.

I don’t know and have never communicated with General Charles Flynn, but I hear wonderful things about him as a leader and a man.

These people are like my own family.

General Flynn’s biographical documentary helped me understand the vital and loving role played in this entire horrific ordeal by General Flynn’s wife, Lori.

Perhaps I can best appreciate this because my own wife, Nydia, was my rock throughout the entire vicious and politically motivated assault on me by the Deep State.

Mike Flynn is a deeply educated, studious, and serious man.

His knowledge of geopolitics and military and war history is as extraordinary as his knowledge of the Bible and the history contained within it.

The General is above all else a military man, but in his case, a military man of principle.

Mike Flynn believes in the promise of America, the history of America, and the very real dangers we face of being stripped entirely of our constitutional freedoms when we surrender our sovereignty and are subjected to the control of a world government.

As I have said at many of the ReAwaken America Tour events, General Flynn is one of the finest American patriots, Christian gentlemen, and courageous leaders that I have known and I still believe that his greatest public service lies ahead!

In 2022, I definitely told General Flynn that if for some reason former President Donald Trump decided not to run again, or if there should arise some legal bar to his running, that General Flynn himself would be a superior potential candidate than Governor Ron DeSantis, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Senator Tim Scott, or any of the other globalists who decided to run.

This was in my mind, a contingency plan—a plan B.

The idea that Flynn and I somehow plotted to supplant and undermine Trump is ludicrous. Both of us remain on excellent terms with the former President and are among his most vocal supporters.

Strangely, the same people who accused Flynn and I of secretly planning to replace Trump with Flynn are the same people who insist that Flynn and I were somehow involved in the illegal events of January 6th.

To be clear, any claim, evidence, or inference that I knew in advance about, condoned, or participated in any illegal activity at the Capitol, or anywhere else on January 6th, is categorically false and there is no e-mail, text message, encrypted message, group chat, voice message, phone call, or witness that can prove otherwise. Nor to my knowledge was General Flynn involved in either the efforts to delay the Electoral College vote nor any illegal activity at the Capitol on January 6th.

Because of my great respect and affection for General Michael Flynn, I have looked forward with anticipation for the release last week of his new biographical documentary ‘FLYNN.’

I traveled to the premiere in Venice, Florida to celebrate the opening of this powerful new film with over 700 supporters of General Flynn and his family.

Shortly after we became friends, I told General Flynn that it was vitally important that he produce both a book and a documentary film, laying out the facts about the efforts by Barack Obama and the deep state to destroy him, particularly establishing the fact that the allegations that incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was always a lie.

Barack Obama’s incoming National Security Advisor very clearly spoke to the Russian ambassador in the period in which Barack Obama was President-elect.

There was never anything improper with Flynn’s phone call to Kislyak seeking to cool tensions without concessions after the United States slapped Russia with sanctions to punish them for “election interference”—which to this day seems to be limited to a couple of small and underfunded bot farms whose posts on social media seemed schizophrenic, poorly written, and at a level in which it can be said pretty definitively that they had no effect whatsoever on the greater electorate.

As a professional in the political arena for over 45-years, even I am shocked by the rapid deterioration of our once hallowed criminal justice institutions, as it becomes clear that both the prosecutors and the courts have become infected with a political virus and autocratic judges and rigged juries are used as weapons against political opponents.

I’ve seen my fair share of political turmoil and deep state shenanigans and as someone who has personally experienced a vicious, baseless attack from the deep state. I still marvel at General Flynn’s strength, stoicism, and resolve, as well as his deep Faith. The film captures the emotional toll such an ordeal can take on an individual and their family.

It’s a stark reminder of the cost of standing up for what’s right, and the courage it takes to do so.

The movie ‘FLYNN’ not only tells you what happened to Mike Flynn, but more importantly, it tells you why it was done to him. It’s so rare to find a film that captures the essence of the struggle and the indomitable spirit of those who stand against the tide.

‘FLYNN’, available at http://flynnmovie.com, is one such gem revealing a stark picture of the lengths to which the deep state will go to silence dissent and protect its interests.

It’s a gripping and revealing true film, exploring the life of General Michael Flynn, from his rise in the U.S. Military to the severe political persecution he faced for exposing corruption as the National Security Advisor to the POTUS.

The movie presents a detailed account of the attack on Flynn, showcasing the FBI’s and the Justice System’s relentless pursuit and the significant personal and professional toll it took on him and his family creating a chilling effect on any individual daring to challenge the deep state’s narrative.

The narrative underscores the importance of safeguarding free speech and the right to dissent without fear of retribution from powerful institutions.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Flynn’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity serve as a beacon of hope for those who may find themselves in similar situations.

The film implicitly calls for a reevaluation of the current state of affairs, urging viewers to consider the potential consequences of unchecked power within government institutions.

No one knows this better than General Michael Flynn.

As a friend of General Michael Flynn, I can say without hesitation that this film does justice to his incredible journey, and I highly recommend it to audiences of all political persuasions.

See ‘FLYNN’ here: http://FlynnMovie.com

Read the original text by Roger Stone at his X account.



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