Monday was April 15.  Tax Day.  Millions of Americans dutifully, and under threat of prison, paid their taxes suspecting that a significant portion of their income was about to be squandered.  It is reasonable for this day to cause introspection and analysis. 

Consider, what, in fact, are we getting for our buck?

  • Americans watched as a nominally conservative House of Representatives, and their Speaker, joined with Democrats and passed an extension to a FISA bill which allows the federal government to surveil American citizens without the burden of obtaining a warrant. 
  • Over this past weekend, our only ally in the Arab world was attacked by the regime in Tehran.  Israel is now in the middle of two conflicts against terrorist organizations who have made well known their wish to wipe our ally off the map, and who wish death to America as well. 
  • Just last November, after the Gaza attack on Israel, sitting US President Biden released $10 Billion of frozen, sanctioned assets to Iran.  So, in a mindboggling reality, American is financing all the parties in the Israeli conflicts.
  • One must wonder if any of the weapons abandoned by our hasty, ill-conceived withdrawal from Afghanistan have been used by Iran in their assault of Israel.
  • As a matter of policy, and in a bow to the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party, President Biden continues to play games with funding for Israel by insisting that Israeli support be tied to Ukrainian support packages. 
  • While many Americans struggle to see their own national interests in any of the war zones on the globe, the war machine churns away as our government continues to fund the war in Europe being fought by one corrupt oligarchy versus a different corrupt oligarchy.
  • Meanwhile, it can be very safely assumed that China and North Korea are watching how we treat our allies and how weak we are on the global stage. 
  • Nationally, race relations remain at a low point.
  • Communities like Baltimore suffer as infrastructure bills are put on the back burner to pave the way for more Ukrainian funding.   Palestine, Ohio should be the focus of our president, not Palestine, middle east.
  • The abortion issue is dividing the country.  Honest Liberal Bill Maher just admitted that abortion is “kind of is murder – I’m just ok with it.”  This liberal is saying the quiet part out loud.
  • The US is 34 trillion dollars in debt and counting.
  • Free speech is still being threatened by social medial platforms who ban, shadow-ban, demonetize, or refuse to allow the posting of conservative opinion.
  • The invasion of the US by illegal immigrants is happening by land, sea, and air.
  • Former Barack Obama treasury secretary puts the real inflation number at 18%, a 40-year high.
  • College campuses are hotbeds of hatred.  
  • Gas prices continue to be more expensive than during the previous administration.  The strategic petroleum reserve is depleted. 
  • Never-to-be-jailed parolees and illegal immigrants are preying on American citizens.  In subways, restrooms and on street corners, Americans are less safe now than in recent memory. 
  • Thanks to an open border, fentanyl is killing 200 Americans every day. 
  • Male competitors are erasing the accomplishments of female athletes, ensuring that female athletic accomplishments are temporary and soon to be forgotten.        

This list is not exhaustive.  This is the fruit of leftist policies.  This is the state of our union on Tax Day 2024.  There is no reason why these people should be given another 4 years, ever, to wreak havoc on Americans.  By every identifiable metric, this country and the world are demonstrably and objectively worse off than four years ago. 

This article was written by Louis Biad, a contributor to Catholics for Catholics.



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