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Summer of Love Coming for Dems?

Articles | May 2, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

According to Pew Research done in 2020, the average American paid attention to the Democrat primary, with 59% of responders claiming that they paid “close” or “fairly close” attention to politics in February and March of 2020.   After the Democrat primary, the attention of the country must have returned to surviving the response to covid, as the percentage of Americans paying attention to politics during the summer of 2020 dropped to only 52%.  Then, in September that number rose to 66%.

It is likely that even fewer people are paying attention now.  The nation is not gripped by Anthony Fauci, we are out from under “two weeks to stop the spread”, and both the Republican and Democrat nominations were uneventful. 

When Americans start to pay attention, what are they going to find?  Consider. 

At their 1968 Convention in Chicago, Democrats met to officially nominate Hubert Humphrey, the Minnesota Senator and former Vice President.  What the country saw when they tuned in, however, was chaos.  From Grant Park, rioters of the Vietnam War were protesting the Johnson Administration, and police seemed disinterested or incapable of restraining them.  Obnoxious protesters were finally teargassed and riot police were called in, trying to bring the whole thing to a quick and quiet end.  They failed.  Instead, what was broadcast were images of unruly protesters and a handicapped police response, which provided a better Republican response to Democrat policies than anything Richard Nixon would present to Americans at his convention. 

When Democrats, again from Chicago, meet this summer, presumably, to nominate Joe Biden, by what will they be overshadowed?  Watchers may see Palestinian riots and transvestites rioting and protesting the policies of Biden, because one can never be leftist enough for the cannibalistic woke mob.

Biden’s handlers have to walk a very fine line. He has to pander to his base without turning the stomach of the average voter, who may be just then turning their attention to politics. Viewers are going to find a more radical Democrat Party than they have a taste for.  Biden may well be hoist by his own petard.

These Palestinian riots, which are spreading across the nation from the cradles of elitism are going to be far less sympathetic to watch than the BLM riots of 2020.  In the case of the 2020 race riots, the narrative given to the public of the George Floyd death was triggering.  The story was emotional and it falsely portrayed a racism unseen since the controversial portrayal of the Rodney King beating.  The riots were new.  There was pent up frustration from the covid shutdowns, and Americans had not been berated by riots for a while.  There was plenty of white guilt floating around following the replacement of Obama with Trump, and the Floyd affair was manipulated by the media to keep whites on egg shells and to defeat the Donald. 

But, as things are cyclical, that white guilt wears off and this issue is not white and black.  People find these riots less interesting and will find them tiresome by summer.  The story is not the same.  White, wealthy, privileged kids are not the same as racial riots financed by George Soros.  Outside the Democrat Caucus on Capitol Hill, there is little sympathy for these masked and scarved white kids standing in doorways like George Wallace, preventing the moving about of Jews on Ivy League campuses.  This is more like the weird, waspy, CHAZ in Seattle; but with more deodorant and less patchouli oil.  The plight of young antisemites is not going to endear itself to the average voter. 

Especially if Republicans respond shrewdly.  They should not come to the aid of lefty College Provosts and Deans.  Red state governors and law enforcement should not rescue those who spit on them, literally and figuratively.  The GOP would do well to let this simmer, all the while linking these rioters to the events of the October 7 attack on Israel.  Point to a causation for these riots.  This attack forced Israel to respond, and this is how the left is behaving.  Wouldn’t every Republican on the ballot, love to know where soccer moms come down on the rapes and murders of young women at a music festival?  Or the horrific burning alive of non-military combatants?  These protests can serve as a reminder that we are in a lawless society; less organized and safe now than we were four years ago. Replete with subway muggings, trespassing, vagrancy, homelessness, random assaults.  This is a reminder that traditionalists are not just standing against Biden and his masters.  This is an indictment of the entire ethos of leftism.  When observed in the raw, it does not play well with many communities. What are newly attentive Jews going to think?  Some of these videos out of Columbia University are pretty powerful.  Very interesting times.  But what else is new? 

This article was written by Louis Biad, a contributor to Catholics for Catholics.



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