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The Coming Vilification of Brandon McManus

Articles | May 28, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

An NFL Place Kicker has been in the news recently for an offense against women.  The victims claim that they have suffered “severe mental anguish, anxiety, psychological and emotional distress, embarrassment and humiliation”.  This is surely a violation of the #metoo movement.  These accusations are at the heart of what the feminist movement has been fighting against for quite some time now. This encroachment is something that most assuredly must not stand, lest it set an example that women exist simply for the pleasure-seeking man, looking to dominate her.  This is an affront to the advances that women have made in the last generation and, as such, an example must be made of the offender.

Of course, as the reader knows from the publicity generated by this case, the offender is … Brandon McManus.  According to a report by ESPN, a pair of female flight attendants who worked the Jaguars flight to London in late September last year have sued former Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Brandon McManus, accusing him of sexual assault.  Quoting from the article, “The two attendants worked the September 28 Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings flight to London. During the transit, the women allege that McManus…grinded against them. When confronted by one of the women, the women claim McManus “smirked and walked away.”  Later, the report details how the flight to London turned into a raucous atmosphere. McManus allegedly “recruited three other flight attendants to the party and passed out $100 bills to encourage them to drink and dance inappropriately for him.”  One of the accusers claims that McManus attempted to kiss her while she was seated. The other accuser claims to have been assaulted by McManus as she was serving dinner.  No means no, Bill Cosby.

McManus’ new team, the Washington Commanders, nee Redskins, have issued a comment detailing how they have taken the allegations very seriously, are looking into the matter, and have had communication with the League Office.  They will, however, reserve further comment at this time about the behavior of their new place kicker, Harvey Weinstein.

No word on whether Brandon has been doxed at this time.  No word detailing how his home address, photos of him or his wife and children have been cast about on the internet.  No word on whether or not commissioner of the NFL, Roger Godell has “distanced himself and the League” from the behavior of McManus or if he has commented, or plans to comment, about how this is the action of McManus and that he made them “in his personal capacity” and his actions are “not those of the NFL as an organization”.  No word on any feminist groups, as of this writing, calling for the termination or ostracization of the kicker from the league.  The NFL is apparently not “…steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which only makes our league stronger,”.  Nor has McManus been lambasted by the cacklers on The View or strung up by most any other news or sports outlet.  No one dressed up like those stupid and ubiquitous Handmaid’s Tale characters. 

These false starts allegedly made by McManus were toward women, against their will, and who were in attendance simply to perform their jobs.  They were not there to hear or be with McManus.  They were not warned about that which they were to be subjected to, nor did they have reason, based on the kicker’s past behavior that this is what they were going to get. 

But punishments doled out by public opinion are reserved for sickening perverts like Harrison Butker.   Consider.  The reader may not recall how Butker has been treated since his speech at Benedictine College, as the outrage has really been very low key and not unreasonable at all.  His treatment won’t be detailed again here, but it can be googled and possibly dug up by the technologically savvy sleuth.  As opposed to Ray Lewis, OJ Simpson, Adam “Pacman” Jones, Michael Vick, Jameis Winston and now McManus, all who were NFL athletes with their share of legal entanglements, Butker was not treated with kid gloves, nor given the benefit of due process.

Recall what Butker did to deserve his crucifixion.  He spoke at a private Catholic event.  He was preaching to the choir, so to speak.  To people who accepted the invitation to hear him speak even though he has made his faith very well known.  Butker was invited by a group of traditional Catholics, specifically to say the things he said, to people who wanted to hear him speak.  No surprises here.  The people who birthed the calf after hearing Butker’s comments were not in attendance, were not the intended audience and have no business commenting.  As opposed to McManus, Butker did not grind up against anyone’s ears, forcing his comments onto them. 

It will be very interesting to see this behavior get memory holed, while Butker’s so called victims call for his professional and personal demise. Nowadays, one can get away with being a sexual predator, just don’t be an articulate and fearless voice for traditional Catholicism.

This article was written by Louis Biad, a contributor to Catholics for Catholics.



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