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Mr. Biden’s Bold Play

Articles | June 17, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

A shrewd advisor, personally loyal to President Biden might suggest he heed the advice of Former President Richard Nixon.  Nixon’s election strategy may be summed up with something like “Run in the primary as far to the right as you can.  Then in the general election, run back to the center as quickly as possible.”   One of Biden’s biggest problems is that he has been stuck in the margins on the far-left side of politics since the 2019 primaries.  And, in his condition, he can’t but hardly walk, let alone run.

Biden is in the fight of his political life with an opponent who carries more baggage than the Kardashians, because he has governed as a far-left ideologue instead of the moderate he has portrayed for his entire career.  Biden could take a popular stance on three issues and strengthen his position with the independents and blue-collars who are going to determine this election.

For at least the second time in the last month, President Putin of Russia has floated the idea of peace in Ukraine.  Following the example of former Presidents, Biden should dispatch a peace emissary, empowered to speak with the authority of the President of the United States, to meet with NATO and rally them around peace.  Most of NATO is on record in favor of bellicosity, but if a contingent from the US told them bluntly that the party was over, and that the checks are all dried up, one imagines NATO leaders falling in line.  The fun part would be telling President Zelensky that he needs to swallow his pride, and realize that his 15 minutes of fame are over.  Then the detachment should move on to Russia to meet with Putin. As part of the effort, all Russian submarines come home from Cuba.  A major win for the embattled President Biden. 

Biden and his emissary would be in line for a Nobel Prize.  He could point to something that he, and only he, could have done on the grandest of stages.  Putin gets rewarded for his magnanimity, and exits the conflict with dignity.  Zelensky goes down in history for having stood up to the Russian Bear, and, as a very wealthy man.  Bill Clinton used former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in a similar capacity, and President Obama used Clinton himself in the same way to deal for American hostages in North Korea.  Biden should go back to Clinton again and ask him for one last service to his country.  This also polishes Clinton’s image again, tarnished by Clinton Foundation and Epstein rumors.  It would serve all involved very well.

Secondly, Biden should return to his Catholic, Joe six-pack, Scranton, PA roots.  Even if he did nothing to assist the plight of American businesses and consumers, he should begin talking, focused like a laser, on how Bidenomics is helping in these tough times brought about by the post-Covid inflationary period.  He would feign frustration that it is not happening fast enough.  He should point to a number of closing businesses and the void they leave.  Rue 21 is a low-cost outlet and it is closing all of its 540 locations in the US.  Family Dollar – closing 600 stores, Party City is closing all of its locations, CVS is closing 900 stores, Footlocker – 400 stores, Bed, Bath and Beyond – all of its stores, Rite Aid Pharmacy – 231 locations, Best Buy – 15 stores, Carter’s Baby products is going all virtual, the 99 cent store is closing all of its locations, Walgreens – 150 stores.  Of course, Bidenomics is responsible for these closings, but Americans want a sympathetic president.  Voters will respond accordingly if he is believable playing the Clintonesque “I feel your pain” role and demonizing casino capitalism.

Lastly, Biden should embrace Benjamin Netanyahu when he comes to speak in front of a joint session of Congress.  Nancy Pelosi has criticized his invitation by Speaker Johnson, the Hamas wing of the Democrat party has vowed to interrupt and heckle his speech.  Capitol Police has to be preparing for the rioting which will ensue.  But Biden needs Jewish votes.  Those Jews who are confused by how readily their party has left them in danger, and abandoned, need to be comforted – this is the way to do it.  Biden should tell democrats in The Squad to sit down and be quiet and should send all the protesters home by way of a massive law enforcement presence.  He should unequivocally recommit his party to the friendship of Israel.  This would give permission to all those traditionally democrat Jewish voters to come home.

A peace and prosperity campaign is the way to go.  The President is looking fragile.  He could use a win to cut off at the pass those rumors about the oleaginous Gavin Newsome, or the political novice Michelle Obama replacing him on the ticket.  It would show a vibrancy and a political savvy that has been missing lately.  He could credibly say “I was the only one in the world who could pull this off – nobody has one foot in the foreign policy arena and another in the blue-collar world like I do.”  Make peace and keep his roots in workaday America, that is Biden’s key.  Independents would rather vote for Biden than the controversial lightning rod that is Trump.  It would not take much for these folks to come around to Biden in big numbers.  They just need a rational reason why, a push in that direction that they are not getting.  Biden should abandon the culture wars for now.  Biden is not going to find the support of independents from Pride Month or George Clooney fundraisers.  Some lip-service from the President would assuage their consciences and give them cover to vote, again, for Biden.

To be clear, all of these positions would be theatre.  Biden is controlled by leftist activists who would rather vomit than to adopt these policies.  But Trump has wrested these issues from Biden and the President needs to reclaim them, or continue being painted as an impotent and out-of-touch liberal like George McGovern or Mike Dukakis.  Biden just needs to get to November and then his puppet masters can refocus on their efforts to make America totalitarian, transgender, atheistic, blue-haired, commie-pinko, Palestinian again.  Politics is a contact sport, easy to make and easy to break campaign promises get forgotten every day.  A message to the voters being deceived:  Caveat Emptor.

This article was written by Louis Biad, a contributor to Catholics for Catholics.  


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