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The Case Against Joe Biden

Articles | June 3, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

On May 29 2021, Kamala Harris sent a flighty tweet to her followers, enjoining them to “Enjoy the long weekend.”  This tweet which callously and vacuously missed the sober meaning of Memorial Day notwithstanding, it appears that more and more Americans are unable to do just that this year.

A series of stories in the last news cycle point to a growing summer of discontent for middle class America, who will judge Joe Biden come November.  It appears that Biden, who has forever painted himself as an average Joe has forgotten the plight of those he purports to represent, and middle America may be preparing to dump him because of it.

First, the most serious offense of Biden’s summer time blues, is an unforced error by whoever it is who handles Joe Biden’s X (formerly Twitter) account.  The text of the tweet, purportedly from Biden, avers that on his watch “…we leave no one behind.” 

This evoked massive criticism from conservatives and from Gold Star families, who quickly reminded the President of his records in Afghanistan and Gaza.  Messages like that from Representative Mike Lawler, R-NY,

“We leave no one behind’ Unless you’re an American hostage being held by Hamas. Unless you’re an Afghani interpreter who helped save American lives. Unless you’re a middle class family struggling to make ends meet. Mr. President, this is – at best – horrifically out of touch,”  

were accompanied on “X” by many other critics expressing similar outrage.  Often these tweets were book-ended by the photo of President Biden checking his watch at a ceremony for fallen soldiers at Dover Air Force Base in 2021.

Meanwhile, Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend brought a CNN article suggesting that Vladimir Putin would be willing to entertain peace talks to end the war in Ukraine.  While CNN reports the comments by Putin, it also seems to offer a unilateral answer;  “Fat Chance”. 

This message from the Kremlin is being dismissed but shouldn’t be. There is nothing wrong with cautious skepticism here, in the mold of “trust but verify”, but it is morally, ethically, and prudently the obligation of all nations, especially the US, to intervene here on the behalf of and in the interest of peace.  The sooner this war ends, the sooner the bloodshed of Europeans ends, and the smaller the chance of this escalating to include NATO, America, or nuclear ordinance.  Even if Ukraine ends up ceding territory to Russia, contrary to the wishes of the bellicose politicians involved, from Ukrainian President Zelensky to US Senator Lindsey Graham, it is worthwhile and charitable to pursue this turn of events, however far it will go.  Additionally, the US interceding here to promote an end to this conflict, brought about in part by American mishandling of the lead up to hostilities, would go far to show Russia that America is not an enemy by default.  This message would serve in contradistinction to the last two years of rhetoric vilifying Putin, five funding bills, and 175 billion dollars, if we ever turn our attention to post-war diplomacy.

It is predominantly the middle class who bears the burden of wartime.  The tax dollars of the middle class being vacuumed up to fund Ukraine hold more value to them than the one-percenters.  Further, and more intuitively important, it is the middle class in this country who offers up their sons, their fathers and their own lives hoping to return intact, if they return at all.  One thing is certain, it is not the middle- and lower-class families who benefit from the war machine and the dollars it generates.  While this is being dismissed out of hand by CNN and other talking heads, one has the definite impression that Biden’s likely opponent would not be so quick to do so, and these intuitions are not ignored by war-weary families.  Mr. Trump is imperfect, and his brash claims about his ability to end this war in 24 hours is hyperbole, but if he is the only option even considering a quick peace, then his upside on this issue is far greater than what Mr. Biden brings to the table.  His war record in office definitely poses a contrast to the John Boltons and Bill Kristols of the political class. 

At home this weekend, as barbeque grills were being fired up, at least 41 people were shot, 9 fatally in Chicago.  Readers of Breitbart news recognize this weekly report on its website. 

One of the shooting fatalities was a five-year-old girl.  These stories also affect the average voter.  No, Mr. Trump is not likely to win heavily blue Illinois, and Trump’s rallies may not end up carrying the Bronx or New Jersey, but his internal polls must show that these states are at least within striking distance.  More likely, is that these stories have legs and those legs carry them into the suburban neighborhoods of mothers who really would rather not vote for Trump, but distinctly remember 2020 being safer for their families than 2024.  These are the soccer moms who Trump desperately needs to give him a second chance.

On an issue that is not life and death, but still important and still bad news for the President, a Fox News poll suggested this week, that a majority of voters are unable to vacation this year.  While Memorial Day represents the unofficial start to summer, 55% of Americans are unable to get away from the grind this year.  Of that 55% not vacationing, 73% claim not to be able to afford it. 

More concerning for Mr. Biden, while Biden has been trying to purchase the votes of those who are burdened with student loans, only 24% of those polled call student debt problematic.  Meanwhile, 84% of respondents say gas prices are a problem for their family, and an astonishing 89% answered that grocery prices are so high as to affect them negatively.  None of this is good for his reelection hopes. 

Never-ending war and the economy are the biggest concerns for the blue-collar constituents in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan who are going to decide the next president.  The wealthy routinely donate to both parties, but this argument is Trump’s wheel house now.  He speaks directly to the unions, carpenters, welders, auto workers and electricians about the American resurgence he intends to usher in – again.  Remarkably, the billionaire has more credibility than self-proclaimed “Amtrak Joe” on the issue of “who cares about me” which has decided so many campaigns in the past. 

Once the people vs Donald Trump cases wrap up, regardless of how they wrap up, the show trials will be over and the case of if Joe Biden deserves a second chance will heat up like the summer temperatures.  The President’s argument does not look great right now, he had better hope that his argument looks better as temperatures drop.  

This article was written by Louis Biad, a contributor to Catholics for Catholics.



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