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Sacramento City Attorney Warned Target of Fines for Reporting Theft Crimes

Articles | July 10, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

The legal department of Sacramento, California, issued a warning to a well-known retail store in Land Park, threatening to fine them for public nuisance due to multiple calls to the police after theft incidents. The store, Target at 2505 Riverside Blvd., faced the warning over the past year. State lawmakers reacted by amending a retail theft bill to prohibit such threats from authorities toward businesses.

Additionally, Governor Gavin Newsom and other lawmakers are advocating for a package of 14 bills to increase penalties for retail theft. They aim to address retail theft crimes without altering Proposition 47.

However, a petition to reform Proposition 47 has gained enough signatures for the November ballot, leading to debates in the California Capitol to tackle crime. Critics argue that the proposed legislation is a tactic to dissuade voters from amending Proposition 47.

The situation has drawn criticism from various sources, with concerns about the impact on retailers and job losses, as well as the government penalizing businesses for seeking protection. Despite the efforts to address crime issues, there are conflicting views on the effectiveness of these measures, highlighting the complexity of crime control demands and public safety in the state.

(Source: Fox News)

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