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The Excommunication of Archbishop Vigano

Articles | July 6, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

Catholics for Catholics Statement on the Excommunication of Archbishop Vigano:

While we disagree with the conclusions that Archbishop Vigano reached and for which he was excommunicated, namely the ultimate denial of the authority of Pope Francis and Vatican 2, we cannot fail to see the glaring scandalous inconsistencies coming from the See of Peter.

While President Biden, former Speaker of the House Pelosi, or people like Fr. James Martin, continue to scandalize the faithful without paternal correction from Rome, in fact just the opposite, others like Archbishop Vigano are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

The gravity of the scandal of this pontificate is historic. This is no mere “Borgia Pope”. Common sense would indicate that there is intentionality behind the constant obfuscation of Church doctrine, alliance with dark secular forces, or the protection and promotion of sexual predator clerics.

Our current spiritual father on earth, like Noah (Gen 9) is morally naked. But unlike Noah who at least had the privacy of the cave to shield the embarrassment, our Pope is out in the open for all to see.

Great prayer, discernment, humility, and courage is needed now more than ever to have the correct response to this reality. Ham got it wrong. Sham and Japheth got it right.

To not acknowledge the moral nakedness does great harm to those outside the Catholic faith who are rightfully scandalized by so many weak men in the Church who appear to serve not Christ but the other.

Amid the darkness of this situation shines the great light of the Mediatrix of God, Our Lady who gently warned about these times to her children in several historic apparitions of the last century.

To Mary we pray for Archbishop Vigano, Pope Francis and the whole Church that one day soon, “Ut unum sint” Jn 17 (…that they may be One). No matter what happens the Church has the promise of Our Lord Himself that “upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” Mt 16.

We close noting that the date of the excommunication of the former US Nuncio was carried out on the US Day of Independence, July 4th. Intentional or not this is a reminder that the battle for America has consequences reaching beyond her shores. With renewed vigor then we throw ourselves with more resolve into the fight for the soul of America and the renewal of our Church.

God Bless and Fight On!

Read the press release on the penal process of Archbishop Vigano >

Archbishop Vigano

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