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The Real Presence of the Eucharist Coalition Launched

Articles | July 1, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

A new coalition, the Real Presence Coalition (RPC), has been formed to address the decline in faith among Catholics regarding the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. The coalition consists of influential Catholics, including theologians, lay leaders, and clergy, who aim to restore faith in the Real Presence through various means. As a first step, the coalition has released a survey for American Catholics to better understand the reasons behind the decline in faith.

The survey is intended to provide valuable input to the U.S. Catholic bishops as they work to renew Catholics’ faith in the Real Presence. The bishops have launched a three-year National Eucharistic Revival campaign, which includes a National Eucharistic Congress in July 2024.

Several members of the coalition have expressed their concerns and insights about the decline in faith. Father Chad Ripperger believes that understanding the causes of this decline is crucial for reversing it. Dr. Peter Kwasniewski notes that faith in the Real Presence is weak or non-existent among many Catholics, while Timothy Flanders attributes it to a lack of reverence for the Eucharist and liturgical iconoclasm.

The coalition’s members also believe that reparation to Our Eucharistic Lord is necessary to reverse the decline in faith. They encourage faithful Catholics to participate in acts of reparation and to support the bishops’ efforts to promote a greater understanding and reverence for the Real Presence.

Overall, the Real Presence Coalition aims to assist the bishops in understanding the root causes of the decline in faith and to promote a renewed appreciation for the Real Presence among American Catholics.

Those interested in participating in the survey or learning more about the Real Presence Coalition can contact Vicki Yamasaki, spokesperson for the coalition, at Vicki@realpresencecoalition.com.


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