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Inaugural Event

  • Date Oct 13th, 2022
  • LocationPhoenix, AZ

Vote November 8, 2022


Catholics for Catholics had our inaugural event on October 13, in Phoenix, Arizona—a battleground for so many issues facing our country right now. We were spearheaded by our keynote speak, General Michael Flynn, a warrior in the cultural fight, and others: Father James Altman, and Steve Bannon showed up, and a number of the candidates who we wanted to highlight and say, these guys may not be baptized Catholics, but yet, their principles are more toward and in line than what their Democrat counterparts, who refer to themselves as Catholics, stand for.

What does it mean to be a Catholic? How can you just use that word because these particular politicians, they go against some fundamental tenants of our faith: you know, the right to life, euthanasia, their stance on the border, human trafficking. These aren’t just like lower taxes, higher taxes issues. This country is going to be won or lost over the battle for ideas and definitions. There’s been a total negation of some of some of the most basic concepts: man, a woman, a life, a child, a Catholic, not a Catholic, a citizen, an immigrant.

There has been a plague of silence coming from the traditional forms of leadership and society.  Church leadership. Some political figures. Business organizations. They’re not speaking up when they have to.

There’s something special happening today and Catholics for Catholics is at the forefront, and we stand with our fellow patriots in the trenches, ready for the Great Awakening that’s happening before our eyes in the greatest country ever known to man.

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