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Catholics for Catholics MORAL COURAGE WINS event
On Our Lady of Fatima, October 13, 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona

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(National Anthem)
O say, can you see
By the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight’s last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars
Through the perilous fight
O’er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?

And the rockets’ red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there

O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

John Yep: Before you sit down, let’s begin with a prayer. So I’d like to invite Father James Altman up to the stage for the opening prayer.

(applause) (whisper)

Father James Altman: I wasn’t sure what kind of prayer I was suppose to be praying. I thought it was a meal prayer.

(voice from off stage)

Father James Altman: It’s what… A catholic one!

(laughter) Bow your heads as we pray for God’s blessings. In nomine Patris et Fili et Spiritus Sancti Amen. Heavenly Father, we give you thanks that we can be here tonight as one family in faith and in love. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so that as we’re nourished with this food we can go forth and be a light of Christ to the world. We give you thanks for the loving hands that prepared this as together we pray, bless us oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, amen. In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

John Yep: Once upon a time in a country—it was a special country—it wasn’t just any ordinary country. It had helped win two World Wars, get a man to the moon, bring about the greatest place, where freedoms that God gave, could be lived out. And this country was in a state of peril. A serious situation. You see, this country was starting to doubt it’s blueprint, its identity, its DNA. It was forgetting. There were outside forces seeking to come in and destroy it.

Now in this country there was an election. In one state in that country, a special state, no doubt known for its hard-core Western spirit, ruggedness, frontier attitude. Well, this state had a situation coming up… with uniqueness about the election. There were five important races coming up: Governor, Secretary of State, U.S. Senate and two key congressional races that were, had something in common. They were all close, important and with the unique situation where all of the candidates—of the other side, in the Democrat side—in some way, shape or form, declared themselves as members of the holy Roman Catholic faith. And these people, these souls, were using that—what seemed to them, they or us, maybe it was a casual reference—”I’m a Catholic” to sway the vote. To get people to vote for them.

Now a group of us were sitting back and we’re thinking, we’re Catholic. We honor our faith. We love our faith. How can they just maybe use that term? Are there actual benchmarks, parameters to say if you’re Catholic or not? Now we’re not talking about judging the person’s soul. God does that. Put in Ethics 101, going back to Aristotle, there’s subjective and then there’s the objective side. Subjectively is, the circumstances, the intention behind what a person does. We don’t know that. We don’t have a right to get inside their psyche and judge them that way. But what we do have, not just a right but a responsibility, is to judge the objective principles for which they stand for. And that’s the difference.

Now looking at these candidates on the other side, they stand for principles or in Catholic lingo, the five non-negotiables that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops teaches us, which make it a serious offense given the conditions to vote for them. Now we’re not so much going to focus on the negative or what they’re, you know, crazy stuff that they’re voting for, these… But highlight the positive about the candidates who are running up against them. You see, tonight’s not just a political event. There are tons of political events. We all get emails, texts, everything, attend this one, that one, you know meet… This isn’t just a campaign event because it doesn’t end here. This is the beginning of something. This is the first event of Catholics for Catholics and it seeks the question, What is a Catholic?

What does it mean? It’s not just some trick, superfluous issue like what’s Coke made out of? It’s something that pertains to eternity. No. Uh, you could be sitting here like, John, I’m not Catholic. Why… uh, it’s not for me maybe I better exit the room. But hold on a second. It’s actually really important. Number one, it’s one of the biggest denominations in the world. And it goes to 2,000 years of tradition behind it. A lot of imperfect people. But, practically, we’re all in election lines, the Catholic vote is extremely important.

Did you know that no president has ever won the White House without taking the what, the Catholic vote with them. It’s only happened twice since the second World War. This is an important issue. It affects real… this is not theological debate among bishops and popes. It affects us. And that’s why we’re here tonight, to begin something, a quest. This is going to go on. We’ll talk about some of our projects later on we’re going to do. So that’s the mission. To start address that. What is a Catholic that’s special?

I’d like to make a couple, few introductions. Number one, I want to, besides the speakers, uh, you know, besides the speakers, you know, I look at their own introduction. But I wanted to acknowledge some of those who stuck their selves out to be a legislator. Politics is tough. It’s a tough business. Don’t think I ever want to go into it. But with us in the room, and, if they could just stand up and we’ll just give a round of applause right at the end for all six or seven that are here.

So, I’d like to first recognize State Sen. Nancy Barto. Please stand up. Like to recognize State Sen. Sonny Borelli. State representative Neil Carter. First, our First Vice Chair Jill Norgaard. Thank you, Jill. And then the Honorable Maria Syms, as well. We recognize her. Thank you, Maria for being here.

So, with that, I’d like to bring up our first speaker and please don’t wait to eat. I don’t want anyone passing out of hunger, but, I’d like to bring up our first candidate, Kelly Cooper. A little background on Kelly because some of you are not from Arizona. So, maybe you don’t know. Kelly Cooper is running against Democrat Mark Stanton, correct, Stanton in Arizona. He is dedicated to saving Arizona and America from incompetent leaders that are destroying the American dream. Kelly’s a successful business owner, entrepreneur, a Marine Corps veteran, and a family man. He’s dedicated to defending the unborn, preeminent issue for Catholics, and has said, quote, “As a Marine I was trained to defend the weak. We must work to protect the vulnerable and none are so vulnerable as the unborn.” He will, be, also stand strong on border security, government overreach, in defending free speech, and the right to bear arms.

So, I’d like to bring up Kelly, Kelly Cooper, to come up and address us. Give us some of the principles that he’s fighting for. He’s not Catholic. That’s the point. So, this isn’t just, we’re going to pull the Catholic candidates, because guess what. There’s some candidates who, remember, objectively, not subjectively, and their principles, are more Catholic. And therefore, it is a choice that we ought to go for. So, let’s give a round of applause for Kelly Cooper.

Kelly Cooper: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for having me here tonight. It is my honor to introduce myself to this group. Faith is one of the most important things in my family and a small addition to my introduction. While I may not be Catholic, my wife and children are and we tend to practice together every week, so, she’s working on me, yes. (laughter)

So, as I stand before you today as a person of faith, I want to talk to you little bit about who I am, what I stand for, and what I will bring when I come into office here in just about three and a half weeks. So you got the introduction that I’m a Marine Corps veteran and everything that he just said about me is true. I served all over the world in the infantry. Oohrah. And when you learn from that is the differences in different countries and different governments around the world. But you also learn and understand from the Marines perspective, but I think from all that serves perspective, is it is our duty to protect those that are weaker than us. It is our obligation to take what was given to us and protect the rest of the people within our society.

So, when I sat down today, in front of all of you, you have the same thing. But this piece of paper I looked down at—it spoke to me. It’s right there on the front cover. It says, “moral courage.” Now he said Greg Stanton. For those, anybody know Greg Stanton in this room? A few of you know him. So, Greg Stanton will tell everybody that he’s a man of faith. That he’s Catholic and that he stands for the people and he’s bipartisan and he will work hard to bring us all together.

So, Greg… Greg voted for abortion up to the moment of birth. That is one of the biggest violations of that standing for other folks. Standing up for the people that are weaker than you. That that there can be so from my perspective this is one of those offenses that removes you from office. Now I have also served in restaurants from dishwasher all the way up the restaurant ownership.

Today I own three restaurants here in Arizona—two of them in my district. I employ over 100 families and sometimes that’s mistaken. People say, you employ over 100 families. I say that because I want you to understand that I sign the front of over 100 payroll paychecks every two weeks. But I work side-by-side with those folks until I decided to run for office I was cleaning toilets mopping floors every morning. That is the kind of servant leadership that I intend to bring and what I view as the biggest challenges that are facing all of us today is inflation, and the economy, and security across the board, both financial security, personal security, border security, educational security.

These are issues that I will fight for every day, tirelessly as a Marine, as a business owner, as a husband, as a father as a person that gets up with faith every day and will fight tirelessly for all of you. So, I asked for, and all of you can contribute, it’s But what I genuinely truly ask for from all of you is the power of 10—because there is nothing greater than all of your voices in this room today to make sure that we can bring back faith to our representation, honor and courage to the decisions that are being made as it represents us.

And when we do those things, when we stand up for the things that we believe in and we don’t bow to cancel culture, we will find a better America underneath that shroud that we pulled back. We will find a better Arizona and we will find a better future. Semper Fi. God bless all of you.

John Yep: I just love Marines. If I hadn’t been a missionary for most of my life, I would’ve been a Marine. Love that branch and so honored to have men like that in the room. Right, Senator? I want to introduce our next—backing up there’s another congressional race happening, which is really key. Now, Eli couldn’t be here tonight, but he made sure to send a personal message for us. And I’m going to get this message… read this for you. This is from Eli. Eli. He’s running a very tough race, again. Also against somebody who professes a strong Catholic faith.

Hi guys. I want to thank you for all you’re giving me, the opportunity to relay a message to your organization. I am a Christian, former Navy Seal, entrepreneur, and the Republican nominee for Arizona Second Congressional District. I believe we are in deep trouble as a nation, in part, because we have pushed God out of everything. I commend Catholics for Catholics for their amazing work and now is the time to get behind God-fearing patriots to right the course of our country. This November, I’m taking on three term Democrat Tom O’Halloran, who votes with Nancy Pelosi one hundred percent of the time. He is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. It is not a body of values of Arizona or Catholics.

I encourage all of you to go and pray for myself, as we fight this country. Thank Eli for his work. Let’s give him a round of applause.

And then, we got go local. I told you something’s going to start special here. So, it would make sense to go to our local champion, especially for one particular issue. And who’s that person? State Senator Nancy Barto is a wife, mother, and business owner dedicated to pro-life. Nancy has sponsored bills to protect the unborn including SB 1164, which was signed into law and which ends late term abortions. And also, SB 1254, which promotes abortion alternatives such as pregnancy and childbirth services, local adoption agencies, and the availability of free ultrasounds.

Nancy had also has sponsored legislation that has banned sex education before the fifth grade and has sponsored—thank you—sponsored anti-vaccination bills religious belief exemptions. She has also sponsored numerous bills to crack down on border trafficking and strengthen border security. We want to thank you, Nancy, Senator Nancy Barto for advocating for the most vulnerable and defending us against the government overreach. Please welcome, Nancy Barto.

Nancy Barto: Thank you so much. It’s such an honor to be here and it’s very humbling to be singled out like this as a champion because nobody does this work by themselves. You saw many legislators who were recognized earlier. It’s always, always a team sport down at the legislature and I acknowledge their hard work and commitment for life, as well. Thank you and you need to really thank all of them, as much.

I did want to talk a little bit about—and I know I have my cheat sheet because I didn’t want to forget something but—I wanted you to know where I came from and why am doing this. A lot of people ask, why are you in this fight? It is so ugly. It is so dirty and you take so much heat for us and of course that comes with a lot of thank yous and I appreciate that. But you know, this is why: because of my faith. We all do what we are doing, what we are called to do, for him. And so that’s what’s motivating me as a follower of Jesus Christ.

When Joe and I—my husband’s right here—got married, we committed ourselves to him, early on, and we said we going to follow whatever you have for us. And, boy, has it been an adventure. Right, Joe? And frankly, I just want to tell you how it started with me because I think a lot of us can identify with the miraculous track and road and adventure God has each of us on. Mine started with a… you know we have three daughters. And we felt compelled to start praying for abortion clinics at abortion clinics. And since Joe is working I was the one that really went down there with our youngest and regularly went to an abortion clinic every week, and I noticed something right away. The Catholics were there every single time they were doing abortions.

As an evangelical I was the only one there and I was actually not a great break prayer warrior out loud or anything. I was just praying by myself, you know, with my kids there playing in the grass. But you know, I made some great friends. I saw some bold, boldness reaching out to these women that were seeking abortions and had my first foray into what it was really like here. What was, what was really going on. And, because our presence there, Children of the Rosary walking up and down the streets, praying, reaching out to those women, turning a lot of them away, was impacting the business at Planned Parenthood. And right away, the city of Phoenix passed an ordinance saying we couldn’t do that anymore—Bubble Ordinance.

Well, we took it to the Supreme Court and I was one of plaintiffs, along with two Children of the Rosary members. And we took that all the way up to the Supreme Court. We lost and—actually we won in the state Supreme Court and it was appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we won.

So, I’m thinking okay, that was good, you know. Well, I had no idea that I was going to be thrust into this after that because I was shy even to go pray. But God had other ideas for us and now I’ve been serving in the legislature for 16 years. I don’t know where the time went. But he has a journey for us that’s pretty amazing. When I was thrust into the arena myself, the thing that I was so shocked about is exactly what you’re talking about. People of faith who say one thing and do another.

I was shocked at my own people in any evangelical world that believed, I thought, that life is precious. That’s what I was always taught. And especially then, I learned, well, there’s a lot of Catholics here, there’s a lot of Hispanics, just in the whole spectrum of the legislature, there are a lot of Catholics and I know what they believe. I see them at the at the clinics praying. But then they would never vote for any, any pro-life bill.

Life is not a political issue. (applause) It’s amazing to me that we are so divided on this and now with Roe being overturned our battle is just beginning. It’s just beginning. You are you are going to see some unimaginable things happen and we are going to see a great victory for life. We are going to say this, but it may take a while. (applause) We are up against people on the left that tell us we’re extreme when they voted consistently against protecting women, informing women, protecting minors, not getting parental consent for a minor to be taken out of state for an abortion, for abortion up to birth, to allow a baby to die on a cold metal table after a botched abortion.

This is what they support. This is what they support and they call us extreme. You know, you are in my district—district four. I was redistricted into one—the most competitive race in the state. And it’s this issue that you’re seeing all the signs that say, “Barto bans abortion,” because I ran the bill protecting children that are born over 15 weeks. (applause)

My question is, why are they advertising positively for me? Of course, we want to ban abortion. We had  to call out what they’ve all about. We had to call it out they will never vote for anything less than abortion up to the ninth month. Abortion on demand. Roe V Wade. And Planned Parenthood is asking the courts to define what Arizona’s law is all about because right now we have a competing law; we have a 15-week law, and we have our underlying law that bans abortion basically at conception, except to save the life of the mother.

That law is enforceable because our 15 week bill said it was not repealed. And when Roe was overturned that law became enforceable and doctors have to be held accountable. But what’s happening right now—it’s in the courts. We have a lot of praying to do. We have a lot of praying to do and we have a lot of voting to do. This is my ask tonight, that we did not stay complacent. That we hold our legislators and our candidates accountable. Where are they going to stand? I say let’s pass the strongest pro-life bill that we can muster. (applause)

Rape is wrong. But okay, are there some exceptions where rape is okay? Incest is wrong. It always hurts a child. But are there some exceptions where it’s okay? Abortion is always wrong. (applause) And yet we’re told there have to be exceptions. Politically we’re not there yet. But we need to get there. We have a lot of educating to do. We have a lot of work to do and we have a lot of voting to do. Pray for our race in district four, that we overcome because I have a very pro-abortion Democrat incumbent opponent. And they are putting all kinds of money against me including the, “Bartow bans abortion,” signs. We are going to, with your help, win this race along with Maria Syms is here with us tonight running for the house in this district. This is the jewel of the state. The battle in the state. We cannot lose this race.

If you can help, pray for all of us. Pray for us. Get involved: I really thank you so much for living your faith because that’s what it’s going to take. We need a resurrection miracle working power through the name of Jesus Christ and he’s going to do miraculous things. He’s going to do them. We’ll just watch. God bless you all. (applause)

John Yep: Could not agree more. Yes. Rape and incest are bad. But don’t take it out on the kid. It’s not his fault. So, as we move forward, you have to ask yourselves: how did we get in this state? Don’t we have a church which is meant to speak up, right? And we have our faith leaders across all denominations who are just arguing for right and that should be what guides us. And why don’t we always hear some stronger messages?

Well, I need some background information. How did we get here? To address that, I’m going to show you short clip from a film, which was co-produced by EWTN around 2016 at a very crucial time when we were all going to vote. Arcadia Films produced this and I’m going to bring up my—also—friend, Stephen Payne to come up here and kind of just give a quick intro, what A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is all about and you’ll see the trailer. Let’s welcome Stephen up.

Stephen Payne: Hello. I’m missing my other half. My dad is back in Connecticut. He’s having some health problems, so, please pray for him. He’s been my rock and all the words that you hear in these films, I mean, he wrote every one of them. So, it’s really a pleasure to be here tonight and to support all of you good people that are running for office and continuing to hold your office, hopefully. And for what you stand for, your moral conviction, your courage, because the other side doesn’t play fair.

Who didn’t play fair? Saul Belinsky. In 2014, Doug Keck at EWTN asked us to do this film because he thought that Catholics really needed to understand how this ideology, this American communism has infiltrated our politics, but also into the Church. It actually used the poor to actually introduce evil—an evil ideology into this wonderful country which was pure and Christian.

So, my dad and I were just, you know, throughout… we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, that’s for sure. Making that film was not an easy task, but it got done and it got done by Our Lady. And I really think it’s, today’s really her day because it was her calling to all of us at that moment and across time to pray the Rosary. (applause) This, and I will say it a few times tonight, it is the weapon to destroy evil. (applause) So, lead with that. This is our film. Just a brief two minute and half, so many of you, some of you haven’t seen the film, this is the trailer to that film, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Thank you everyone.

Film trailer: Lest we forget, at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment of the very first radical who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he, at least, won his own kingdom: Lucifer.

Saul Alinsky was a 20th-century American radical. Today he’s best known as the father of community organizing. The goal of Alinsky organizing is to restructure society according to a statist model, collectivist model—and to restructure the Church to support that. Socialists strive to bring the overthrow of all civil society. And the last is like a great wolf, neither black nor white, but gray in their cunning.

(music) Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf? Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, ha ha ha ha ha?

All life is warfare. The end justifies almost any means. Rubbed raw the sores of discontent. You do what you can and clothe it in moral garments. There is a dark horse at work in the world. Injecting poison in education. Injecting poison in the news media. Women are not exchangeable parts. Destroying children. Destroying families. (inaudible) What’s at stake is the entire Christian culture. (music)

John Yep: That film gives a little, it’s totally worth watching. You should see it. And I think it was what, Paul Kengor who actually wrote, he gave you guys a tribute and said it was that film that helped sway the 2016 election, so, films matter and they’re important.

So to address the—we kind of got the two—our next two speakers are going to address what Joseph Ratzinger would call the two lungs of society, vera i razum, faith and reason. We have a priest who I’ve gotten to know fairly well. He almost doesn’t even need an introduction. At a recent event, Steve Bannon got up in the room, and he was a speaker and started out by saying, “Wow. I walked up on stage and I was in this room, and I thought I was the most hated man in the room—until I caught sight of Father James Altman.” And he knew he was there.

Father Altman is from Wisconsin, and he became known—he was a just a parish priest doing his thing, you know, the thing of continuing to feed your flock during COVID. And make it… he saw the Sacraments as essential. He continued to feed his flock, thanks be to God during that time. And then 2020 elections were coming up and he just did a homily. He wasn’t planning for it to go big or viral, but he said something which is summarized in the words, “You can’t be Catholic and Democrat.” (applause) Now that’s an important point, which needs to be addressed well, too. How can the Church say you cannot be part of political party? That’s getting in the politics. But one of the projects Catholics for Catholics has worked into education, and think tanking that way, is we’re going to bring up some issues that have already been done, and some of it’s out there, about what? Because Church and Catholics, and yeah, you have the Bible, but it’s tradition and you go ahead. You stand on those two pillars.

Catholic tradition, there is a precedent. Many don’t know this. There is a precedent for different bishops have actually condemned formal participation in groups and some political parties. You have the 1930s in Germany. Some bishops around Germany took the step of speaking out about Nazi socialism, emphasis on socialism. And also there was very strong motions made toward the communists’ party in the 1940s post World War II. You see, there comes a point where things are so clear, when sits not just about higher taxes, lower taxes, that we can hold to our truth and some aren’t political. It’s just saying that which is the, “best one.”

So, we like to welcome the priest who stuck his neck out, take a lot of bullets, and a priest and a friend and a brother that I love so much. Let’s welcome Father James Altman. (standing ovation)

Father James Altman: All glory be to God. He only gave me 15 minutes, dear family, so you better sit down ‘cause I’ve got a lot to say. Hey, what was he thinking? You know I always give you your money’s worth, so I gonna talk fast. I’m filling in.

In nomine Patris et Fili et Spiritus Sancti Amen. Heavenly Father, send your spirit down upon us. Amen.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican president that led the war to eliminate slavery where about 300,000 white men died to release the slaves from the oppression of the Democrats, which is an inconvenient truth, which left-wing media never mention. In the times in which we are living, the words of the great Abraham Lincoln spoken in the aftermath of Gettysburg readily come to mind, adjusted slightly for time and place. I did the math, hopefully it’s correct.

Twelve score and six years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. I thank every single serviceman here, including our first speaker, for their service and their sacrifice for our freedom. Now we are engaged in a great cultural war testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. And we are met here in the midst of a great battle of that war. A war not yet fought with guns, although Merrick Garland and his Gestapo FBI have begun what the Nazis did in Germany.

So let me be clear on this, dear family. Let the word go forth to Merrick Garland and the rest of them. Make no mistake about what I say right here, right now. God damn Merrick Garland and the FBI in his Gestapo, all who are guilty by the complicity and that includes the bishops who have failed to speak up and defend you.

I trust I’ve not disappointed you thus far. And, listen, anyone who does not understand that weaponizing the IRS will do with guns what Lois Lerner under Obama did—has her head where the sun don’t shine. The IRS doesn’t need guns. Dear family, we’re engaged in a great culture war. We do fight the battle for truth and the truth, who is God, versus the diabolical agenda of the Democrats and the agenda that God, himself, damns. And it is not without reason, it is not without foundation, in 4000 years of salvation history, that I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat. Period.

And God damns the bishops who failed to stand up and proclaim that truth. It would be better for them if the great millstone be tied around their necks and they get dumped into the deep blue sea. Or into the Rio Grande, where they commit treason against the people of the United States, where they commit federal crimes, where they aid and abet illegal criminals to invade our country. But don’t take my word for it, dear family. Jesus the Lord taught that eternal damnation that comes from the great millstone. Get this straight. dear family. What Jesus actually meant when he said capital punishment will be better for the hierarchy than to lead his lands astray.

Now Jesus could have used any means to say, better you get this form of capital punishment like stoning, probably the second most horrible way to die in his day. Or Jesus could have said, better you get that way of capital punishment, like crucifixion the most horrible way to die in his day. But instead, Jesus chose being dragged down to the bottom of the sea by the great millstone as his best means of capital punishment for those who led his lambs astray. Why? The answer always is found by understanding the culture in which words are spoken. The culture that interpreted what Jesus said. In the Jewish culture back then, even heinous criminals got a proper burial, which is why the disciples imposed upon Pilot to let them bury Jesus that day. Because in Jewish culture, if you did not get a proper burial, essentially meant that you would burn in hell for eternity. That is why it was imperative for the disciples of Jesus to get him down off that holy cross and bury him, which they did and that is why Jesus used the great millstone, not an ordinary millstone, but the massive heavy great millstone, which absolutely would drag you down to the bottom of the sea, which would prevent you from getting a proper burial, which meant you would burn in hell for eternity. So, connect the dots, dear family.

Understand the culture. Understand what Jesus said that day. Jesus said it would be better for you, the hierarchy, to be damned by Almighty God to the eternal fires of hell than to lead my children astray. It’s a very uncomfortable truth for the sorority sisters.

So, here’s the truth of what the Catholic Church actually teaches that was handed down the last 2000 years about Democrats and why most of the hierarchy will suffer eternal damnation for not speaking the truth. And remember it—remembers this. It is not the Catholic Church’s teaching. It is Almighty God’s teaching and only the Catholic Church has been around for 2000 years to hand it down. There is one truth and one truth only and that has been handed down, unchanged, unchangeable, for 2000 years. So, let us be informed instead of merely opinionated, and accept the truth of the Catholic Church has handed down about today’s Democrats that can be summed up in one simple phrase: God damn socialism. (applause) And he does.

And make no mistake about this whatsoever, dear family. Communists equals progressives equals socialists equals Democrats. (applause) So, I mean, I maybe still have seven and a half minutes left. They used to have a clock, it would tell me, you know, I have to speed it up. I’ll go fast. Pay attention.

The last 10 vicars of Christ on earth: The popes, including 3 canonized popes, have taught us about the evil of socialism from Pope Pius IX through Benedict the XVI, from 1846 to 2013, 167 straight years. Pope Pius IX—pope from 1846 1878 ripped into commie socialism in his Encyclical, Nostis et nobiscum, on December 8, 1849, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Quote, “You are aware indeed that the goal of this most iniquitous plot (I love his language) is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs, and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this socialism and communism by confusing them with perverted teachings.” For the record, dear family, he was talking about the elite vermin of today who spoke the words, the great reset, and Build Back Better.

Pope Leo the XIII, pope from 1878 to 1903 wrote in his 1878 encyclical, Quod apostolici muneris, that socialists were a sect that threatens civil society with destruction. Any single person who has the audacity to say, the great reset, or build back better, and that includes you Joe Biden and the puppeteers who run the show, God damn you. (applause) Twenty-three years later, Pope Leo the XIII wrote in his 1901 encyclical, Graves de communi re, that socialism was the enemy of society and of religion. Pope Saint Pius the X, pope from 1903 to 1914, in 1910 he wrote his apostolic letter, Notre Charge Apostolique, to the French bishops condemning the French socialist movement, Le Sillon. Quote: But stranger still, alarming and saddening at the same time, are the audacity and frivolity of men who call themselves Catholics (think Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi) and dream of re-shaping society under such conditions, and of establishing on earth (nice mother earth, pachamama), over and beyond the pale of the Catholic Church “the reign of love and justice.”

In other words, like Satan in the garden, these evil people use seductive, sweet-sounding words to lure you like the sirens of mythology, into crashing your eternal souls upon the rocks. A current, clear example are those morons who go around professing that moronic proposition (Listen, if you act like a moron, you’re a moron. If you talk like a moron, you’re a moron. Sorry. My mother used to say to me, “quit acting like a moron.” Sometimes the shoe fit. My tough luck.)

Anyway, there’s a current moronic expression, love is love. Dear family, shepherds of the Church who do not call out the absolute absurdity of that absolutely inane proposition will burn in hell. Love is not love. The true definition of love was given to us by Jesus Christ our Lord and that definition is self-sacrifice, not self-indulgence. The cross, dear family, love is the cross. (applause)

More on the church’s teaching on socialism. Pope Benedict the XV, pope from 1914 to 1922 wrote in his 1914 encyclical, the condemnation of socialism should never be forgotten. Pope Pius IX, pope from ‘22 to ‘39 in his 1931 encyclical, socialism was fundamentally contrary to Christian truth. Pope Pius XII, from ‘39 to ’58. In 1952 said the church will fight to the end, (I don’t think the current crop of bishops have heard this) they will fight to the end in defense of supreme values threatened by socialism.

And finally, given the short time we have here, the truth, Pope Saint John XXIII, pope from ‘58 to ’63. In 1961, in his encyclical wrote, that no Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism. In other words, now watch, I love this part. Well, I love it all, so far, but I love this part. In other words, I only quoted all these popes, three of whom have been canonized, when I simply spoke the truth, you cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat. So, imagine my surprise, imagine my surprise when effeminate frauds of bishops came after me for speaking the truth in the Catholic Church.

We, you and I, cannot hide that truth under a bushel basket no matter what they say. It is our job to let that light of truth, which is Christ, shine forth into the world. The truth that Pope Benedict XVI, the last Vicar of Christ on earth—remember who’s the first one? Saint Peter. Who’s the last one? Benedict XVI, because Jorge Bergoglio threw out the title. Benedict XVI said in his 2005 encyclical, Deus caritas est, God is love, that we do not need a state which regulates and controls everything, or as another commentator put it, a state that can give you anything is a state that can take away everything.

Well listen. They’re going to take away everything, you’re going to be happy that you don’t own anything. Isn’t that what they’re telling us these days? Wow. Dear family, we are in the midst of a battle for integrity and truth in the upcoming election. We’re here striving and sacrificing to preserve this great nation for which a million members of our armed services did the ultimate sacrifice in body, and so many millions and millions more suffered permanent wounds of heart and spirit. Now is not the time to be a pansy prancing around in a purple miter. Again, if the shoe fits. Now is the time for them to speak clearly, God damns socialism, and God damns every socialist Democrat. And every socialist Democrat who spits on the grave of every single service man or woman, rubs bitter salt into the wounds of the living.

Thus, as Lincoln put it, it is for us, the living, rather to be here and dedicated to the unfinished work, which all those soldiers, living and dead, fought and have, thus far, so nobly advanced the unfinished work for so many gave their last full measure of devotion. We, here and now, must pick up the torch of our faith and our freedom nearly extinguished by godless Democrats and by godless bishops. Pick up that torch and let the light of Christ shine forth in this ever-darkening world. God bless you all in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, amen. (standing ovation)

John Yep: So grateful for you, Father. I have to say, having a dad is very important. Okay. Richard, or Stephen already noted that having his dad around has made him—it’s a security. It’s a foundation to be a dad, father, and having two priests tonight here, having them with me in this room, with us tonight. It just feels so right and, we’re so grateful for that because I think to myself, holy cow, Mark Houck, Paul Vaughn, collectively between the both of them, I think they were they have 15 kids together, you know, within the two families. Their houses were raided because, whatever, they protested from abortion shop. How many spiritual fathers came out and said, that’s not right. I felt orphaned in that situation.

Where are you dad? Where are you? We need a father and Father has come and both priests are here. We’re so grateful for them. You know, some people, whoa, Father, don’t say, God damns you or whatever like that. I just want to read you a little quote, I think you know this guy. “But even if we were an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you let them be under God’s curse.” St. Paul said that, Galatians 1:8. Oh. But he says let them be cursed is a little bit less than God damns you.

A little Greek lesson. That’s an imperative, Greek aorism. That’s the way they would say it directly when they’re talking about another party. They’d say, let them be. It’s a, it’s why we learn Greek, right? To understand better the meaning of the Scriptures. And also, woe. Woe to them, that wasn’t… what does woe mean? It’s a Hebrew which means the same curse. We don’t want them to go to hell. In fact, at the other side we’re going to pray for our opponents. We’re going to pray for them ‘cause—pearly gates none of this matters, about all getting to heaven.

So, I also… I’m new to fatherhood I have to mention, as well. There’s one honorable in the room with Maria Syms. Another honorable, it’s honorable my dad. And my dad, Christopher Yep has come from Chicago where we hail. And some of you wonder, like   how did I get involved in this, this fight. A lot of it’s my dad. Twenty-th… he started his own company. He was working for another job, he had seven kids and had a job, which was taking him away from the family a lot. So he said, you what, I’m just going to, I’m going to leave my job, go to my basement and I’m going to start my own business. My mom probably thought he was crazy. Now she totally supported him. That was 1991.

Thirty years later, the company has about 85 employees, almost 100. Barack Obama and the HHS administration was forcing employers to pay for abortifacients. My dad said no. He’s in Chicago, mind you. Not the most friendliest cities. And he said, you know what, I’m going to put my company on the line. And he’s one of the first companies to file a lawsuit. Not only gets the Feds, but he gets the state of Illinois, too. And reflecting upon that, that’s my psyche.

That my dad valued money—or valued eternal life more than the wallet. What we do as parents, as mentors, has impacts. And I’d like my dad just to stand up and let’s just give him a big round of applause. Thank you so much, dad. There he is. We love our dads.

Shifting to… we’ll talk about moms, by the way, at the end. Moms, there’s a special mom and an award and she’s at the very end. Best for last. That’s a notice to our spiritual Father.

Warrior in his own right and our keynote speaker, Gen. Michael Flynn is a fierce voice for freedom as the country’s highest serving a military intelligence officer with over three decades of impeccable service, Flynn is an unstoppable champion of liberty and justice. He now leads the fight in a battle for the nation soul championing a majority of American citizens now under assault. Flynn is chairman of America’s Future, and now retired from active military duty. Flynn is a foreign policy advisor to several Republican U.S. presidential candidates, and national security advisor to the 45th President of the United States of America. He is a best-selling author, holds numerous degrees. Funds a fearless voice for American suffering under present-day tyranny and a steadfast champion of the freedoms afforded us by the moral courage of previous generations.

If I remember correctly, general, sure you can correct me, but I think it was general, or, uh, President Trump—didn’t he say one time that, well, on Inauguration Day I was in the car, or it was Obama and they met, right, and I think President Trump asked Barack Obama if a, what were the biggest threats facing our nation? And didn’t he say, two. North Korea and General Mike Flynn. We now know why that was the case. Because it was a man with power and not afraid to lose anything for the greater goal. And I’ve always wanted to meet you General Flynn since, like, seven years ago. So, it’s awesome to have you here tonight and let’s give a big round of applause for General Michael Flynn. (standing ovation)

General Michael Flynn: Take a seat. Take seats there, Marine. Okay. Wow. How about that gospel according to Father Altman? Whoa! You know, I have never lost my faith. I will tell you that the church, the church has lost a lot of the faithful. They have because they’re not, people are not going to church, this is strictly, if you know, if you’re not Catholic you may not understand it although, if you never experienced a Catholic Mass, it was kinda like at the beginning when we were standing up and sitting down for the National Anthem and sitting back down and standing back up in the Pledge of Allegiance. Catholic Church is like that.

But if you never known, if you’ve never, if you’re not a Catholic one of the things that I have witnessed and I have been a part of—in fact, my cousin who married me, or he was there, he was there, sort of a co-pastor during the marriage of my wife and I. He’s actually been, he’s been a priest for going on 45 years and he is a recruiter of priests. He’s also an educator of priests and so one of the things that they don’t do, and Father Altman knows this, there’s not a lot of leadership teaching in the priesthood. For those that are, those that are going into the priesthood there’s a lot of theology and a lot of psychology and sociology and a lot of touchy-feely stuff.

And of course, you know, you have to be, you know, you have to go through all the different Biblical classes. It’s all this leading up to your ordination where you become a priest. But there’s very, very little leadership and one of things that I have tried to learn about the Catholic Church, even more, and I thought I knew a lot growing up as a Catholic kid. Because I was around a lot of priests like that guy. My generation and my upbringing—I was around a lot of Irish priests. I’m from up in the northeast part of the country. I’m from the state of Rhode Island. I grew up primarily in a state of Rhode Island, although I was speaking with Sigi earlier, and I’m going to bring her up in a little bit. I actually spent some of my early years in Germany because my father was in the Army at the time. My father’s a World War II and Korean War vet.

But I grew up around a bunch of priests who were leaders. Leaders in the community. And it’s because they all grew up in an era, in a sort of very tough, tough era to become a priest and you know, you went away and there was a lot of growing up. And so I, when we are looking at the leaders of our communities, now in the Catholic community, it’s not coming from the priest, not coming from the priest. It used to. It used to. And that’s the reason why we have, in the book that Jeff mentioned, that’s one of the reasons—In fact I’ve taken on this particular Pope and taken on the Catholic Church in part of the book that I wrote that’s called, The Field of Fight (not the one that you were presented tonight.)

And in that I really, I take on the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church, like the military likes to cloak itself in this thing called Canon Law, okay. And it’s, and I’m going to tell you, until we change the way we develop and recruit and bring priests into this beautiful faith, or until we put more pressure on those priests that are in the various dioceses around the country, we’re going to continue to go down this path of the Catholic Church is going down.

Okay, remember, this Pope, he’s the second pope in the history of the papacy that’s coming to office without the previous Pope dying, okay. So, I don’t mind it when I hear Father Altman, you know, he’s, it’s interesting because—does everybody know the Johnson amendment is? Many don’t. Many don’t. Many don’t know what the Johnson amendment is but it’s the Lyndon Baines Johnson amendment that he put into a—basically it’s so that somebody that stands at the pulpit can’t say, I endorse Sonny Borelli for the next, you know, state senator from… So, that’s the Johnson amendment, okay. But there’s nothing wrong with somebody standing there—I don’t care what their denomination is—standing there and talking about the issues that are important in the lives of the members of their congregation.

And priests don’t do that right now. (applause) In fact, priests, and this is why my wife and I—this is like a sidebar—we been together since we were 13 years old, okay. We’ve been married going on 42 years and we go, we go around—if I go into a church… and I’m way off of my script, I got a little script. I guess you got me, Father. I’m like the gospel of Flynn. (applause) But my wife and I, we go around, you know when we travel, we travel all over the place and of course being in the military. So, we go in and I’m like, I’m one of these guys, it’s like I want to be led or I am going to lead, okay. And that’s what I want when I look at the Catholic Church, because the Church is not the priest, it’s not the building, it’s the people that are there.

And I didn’t catch the Greek that Jeff mentioned, but there was a picture that came up on the movie, it’s this idea of faith and reason. The picture, right? Faith and reason. Because reason—and it’s a beautiful picture atop on the Sistine Chapel, as well. Where the two are reaching across to each other; the two angels, I guess, right? But their fingers don’t touch. Have you ever noticed that? You ever notice that? When you look at that, look at it differently the next time you look at it. What that represents and the reason why they’re not touching—there is an intentional reason why they’re not touching because one represents faith, one represents faith. The other represents reason and they never, the two never touch.

Because faith is something that, it’s hard to see. You can feel it. Reason is not hard to see. Reason is something that you can touch, feel, right? There’s a factual basis to it. It’s very, it’s there. It’s part of our lives. It’s who we are. It’s the fabric that makes up our bodies, our clothes that we’re wearing. Reason, idea, reasoning, you know, whether or not the sun’s going to shine. Reason about the way the earth and the, and the planets rotate. Reason.

But faith, faith is totally different and faith is not like hope. I mentioned this earlier. Hope, hope is something in the future. Hope is something that I hope that we win this election. I hope that we can save this country. Faith is right now. Okay. And we have got to have faith in each other. We have got to have faith in our families. We’ve got to have faith in our communities. We’ve got to have, first, you’ve got have faith in yourself. I don’t want to be around people that aren’t self-confident, that don’t have faith in themselves because it’s especially if it’s somebody that I have to rely on.

I mean I’ve got a laundry list of problems, you know, and I’m going to read a couple of things because, you know, I made some notes and I think that it’s important. But before I do, you know, the question about what is a Catholic—if Catholics for Catholics is going to address, What is a Catholic, a major part of that, I don’t know where Jeff is, but a major part of that is, What is a Catholic in America?

Jesus chose Israel. America chose Jesus. It’s a totally different, totally different perspective. There’s a reason why we have that sort of very, it’s like a familial relationship, that we as Christians, as believers, have this relationship with a place called Israel. Because that’s where it sort of all started for us, right? But this country, this country was around 1500s, 1200s, 1600s, 1700s and then all of a sudden, but we were departing, we were going away from, we are moving away from being persecuted. That’s why this country was created. The people of this country, created this country and we chose God. If you think about for one second the 10 Commandments and the Bible, the 10 Commandments in the Bible. Two documents that can be directly attributed to the 10 Commandments and the Bible, and the 10 Commandments are the promises that we make to each other. That’s what they are. They’re promises. The Bible is the fulfillment of those promises. So, when our founders, our founders created this country, when they stood there and they started to think about, what is it that we want to be? We chose a Judeo-Christian set of principles and values to form this country. We should be fearless about that.

So, our Bill of Rights, our Bill of Rights like the 10 Commandments are the promises that we make to each other as citizens. And our Constitution, like the Bible, is the fulfillment of those promises. It is very clear to me. It’s so clear to me. And, yet, today you’re not a Democrat or Republican. You’re not a conservative or progressive. You’re either a patriot or you’re, you’re… I don’t want to use treason. I’ll say a treasonous you-know-what. I mean, we’re not dealing with, you know, these great political people that are here or citizens who are in politics that are here is better way to say it.

This is not politics as usual. This is not. We’re done. We’re done with politics as normal and as usual in this country. This is a—it’s frightening. I’m up here wondering, why clap? This is not politics as usual in United States of America any longer. There’s no way in the world, that any American citizen with an ounce of common sense would think that what is happening in this country is fine. There’s no way, no way in the world. No way will somebody—and there will be a few because there’s always a percentage—that will go to vote, whatever vote, this November, maybe if we had it. Maybe if we have elections in the future, there’s no way in the world that people are going to go and vote for any of this.

I mean, we have an election system in our country that is totally broken. We’ve gone through, we’ve experienced a COVID and they’re continuing to pressure to give these children and anybody on this vaccine and, frankly, I usually ask audiences to ask me if I’d had the vaccine. And I say it’s none of your damn business. And I’m not antivax. I’ve had every single thing known to man stuck in me, okay? You don’t spend three and a half decades of your life, and anybody that’s served in the military for a day knows that. But I knew something was wrong. We shut down businesses.

How many of you are, by just by a raise of hands, that your churches shut down. Leave them. Leave those churches immediately. If they didn’t open up their doors, or if those priests or whatever denomination you’re from. If they weren’t willing to go to jail for their beliefs, because as I know a number of priests from a couple of different countries and I know a number of ministers from different countries who went to jail.

How dare we shut churches down. You know why we shut churches down? Because churches are where people can go and organize, okay. That’s where the truth can be discovered. How you feel? How you feel? What are you doing? What’s going on? Are we all going to be doing this? Are we going to, so shut the churches down, intentionally, on purpose. Not because, oh, this is a spreader area. No.

Forty-year high inflation. I mentioned to the young man that travels with me and maybe a couple others earlier. The January 6 un-select committee had their second, or their post recess TV show today, right. And then the last one that they had was just at the very, very tail end of July, early August timeframe. That was the last time they had their TV show. Well both days, okay, today was one and then the previous one was when the inflation numbers were going to come out. So, today was when the inflation numbers come out. So, those numbers come out on a very specific day, and trust me, the White House knows about them, all the people know that are watching the economy, the global economy, they’re watching it.

So, don’t think that they just randomly say, hey, on a Wednesday or Thursday and in October, we’re to have the next hearing. They do it specifically because if you’re looking at your iPhone, and you get any kind of update or anything like that, that’s all the mainstream media. That’s all they’re talking about right now. They’re not talking about the newest inflation numbers and make they did the exact same thing at the tail end of the summer. Because it can take away from the bad news of what is happening and then right here; this is it this is one that’s near and dear to my heart.

I lived in Arizona, stationed in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I lived here, probably, I don’t know, maybe a little over six years seven years, probably. My wife and I—we had one of our sons born out here. And at the time that I was here, the last time I was here I was a senior commander down at Fort Huachuca. And at that time, that was 2002, we just had 9/11. I actually had deployed. I deployed pretty much right after 9/11 for about four or five months over at Afghanistan and then I came back out after Afghanistan. I went off to command, a command down at Fort Huachuca. And at that time, so that’s 2002 to 2004 timeframe. At that time, I’m living up on the up on the main post as senior commander. And at that time, we had 10,000 a month crossing the military reservation of Fort Huachuca. That’s 2002. Ten thousand a month, and we’re catching them everywhere. Catching them… they’d come right into your backyard. This is 2002. This is 20 years ago.

So, do you think we’ve got a problem today? We’ve got a problem for a long time. Now just happens to be an invasion and, again, it’s just like the shutting the churches down. This is intentionally being done. Okay, it’s intentionally being done and it’s not to, people say what they want more votes. They don’t care about the votes. They don’t care about the votes. You got a person running for governor here in this state, she’s not even campaigning. She doesn’t want to debate. Why? Does she already… is the fix already in? And you guys have a massive problem here.

Leadership. Leadership. This country has plenty of talented people. Plenty of smart people. Plenty of innovative people. But we need leaders, right now. We need huge leaders. We need gigantic leaders. We need people who are unapologetic about this country and are unapologetic about the things that we are facing.

So, education. Education. So, we’ve sort of beaten the critical race theory acronym, right? CRT. So, we beaten it. Okay. It doesn’t mean it’s out of the school system, so, what do they do? They’re really smart about this. They just, they change the name. They adjust it. Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. Okay. I read that book a dozen times. They change it. What are they going to change it to? Any guesses out there. Anybody want to throw out a… There you go. SEL. Social, emotional learning, right.

Alright, Father Altman, come on. Give me some of that social, emotional learning. I need that. I need that on Sunday. I need some of your social, emotional learning. But that’s what they’ve done. So they’ve taken something that is so abhorrent and I thought my friend was going to get up here and talk about two genders, right? XX and XY. Not 20. It’s not, you know, XLGBT Q SIA or IAS—it’s IAS. And you know what the S stands for? Satan. It’s unbelievable. XX, XY, that’s it. That’s it. Only two. Only two. I don’t care if you feel like a cat today. You’re not going to dress up like a cat in my classroom.

Alright, foreign energy dependence. Okay, I will tell you, this is massively an impeachable—I mean it is so clear an impeachable offense of what we’re now starting to learn about what the White House did with the Saudis. And the Saudis are, like, clear about it. They’ve shown, they’ve laid out all the evidence. Well, let me just give you one example of something that’s very, very important. This is a major national security problem. Something that could be the detriment of our country if we, if this administration does drive us into a war, which is exactly what they’re trying to do over in Europe, okay.

It’s like, China don’t look here, because we’re going to take us to nuclear war. We have people in Washington, D.C. that are talking about the limited exchange of nuclear, of tactical nuclear weapons. Energy dependence, right. So, when Donald Trump was the president, what he did, was one of the first things he was told about was the strategic petroleum reserve. And ours was maybe at like 50 percent. Strategic petroleum reserve is meant for war time. It’s meant for huge, huge national emergencies. So, it was almost depleted under Obama. So, Trump brings it back. And what does he do? He goes to all of these producers of fossil fuels, right, of oil in our country. There are many, many midsize companies, not just the big companies, but he goes to a lot of these mid-sized companies in this country, and he says, okay, here’s what I’ll do. To make sure that we’re taking care of you.

We will only buy from you and we’ll pay you $24 a barrel to fill that sucker back up. And he did… at $24 a barrel. Okay. That’s unbelievable. So, he filled up. So, today, the strategic petroleum reserve is almost empty. And you know what we’re paying? Eighty dollars a barrel to put another back—to put a barrel of oil into the strategic petroleum reserve and you know where we’re getting that oil from? We’re getting it—from now on, we’re not going to be getting it from the Saudi’s, unless we pay more. But do you know where we’re getting it from? We’re getting it from countries like Venezuela. From Venezuela. Incredible. I mean you can’t… I wish I was making it up.

National security—we have really two huge issues in this country. Now I won’t talk about the FBI because—don’t get me going there. And we’ve already had enough GDs about the FBI. I love it when he says, when he talks like that. Man, you’re unbelievable. Really, really.

National security and government reform. Okay. Those are the big issues. Now people will go vote based on, you know, how much money their spending out of their pocketbooks and their wallets every day, the economy and all the kinds of issues, the border crisis, especially in a state like Arizona. But really, our country is in deep, deep trouble. We are in, this is the most monumental, consequential period of U.S. history, in our history. Okay. It’s not like the Revolutionary war. It’s not like the Civil War.

It is either the end of time for the United States of America, or we give ourselves, we go find ourselves some breathing space and we get enough people in this country to wake up and exactly right about Catholics, exactly right about Catholics. I mean the percentages of Catholics in this country, in the bigger Christian community, the diversity of the Catholic religion in this country. That’s why I say it’s not just about Catholics, what it means to be a Catholic. It’s what it means to be a Catholic in America. Because like I’ve told many, many pastors and I’ve gone after the churches. You cannot preach, you cannot preach the Bible without the United States Constitution right next to it. You can’t do it. (applause)

So, there’s a need for us to be understanding of that. Of how important the Constitution is, national security. National security goes a lot of different ways. People think, oh, national security, it’s about some foreign war. It’s about some foreign enemy. No. A major, a massive national security problem in this country is our education system. I mean who in God’s name thinks that the Department of Education does anything? Exactly. I mean the president of the United States should walk up on day two and just say thank you for your service for all of you that are in there. I’m locking the doors. I’m taking all of your security badges and go home. Go find a job. There’s plenty. There’s plenty. Anybody that’s got a business in here, you know, right, anybody that’s got a business in here—we had the gentleman who was up here earlier, who’s running three restaurants and running for office. I guarantee he’s short on employees. There are plenty of jobs in this country.

We don’t need to Department of Education and what I have found out, what I learned about the Department of Education, and how they are infiltrating all the way down into county school boards. Okay. Don’t think that these things are just—somebody is putting fairy dust on these county school boards and poof. They’re their suddenly socialist. This has been going on for 30-40 years. Intentional. It’s intentional. You get control of the education system, you get control of the healthcare system, and you get control of the most important part of our system of government, and that’s the rule of law.

Okay. And that’s why we look at, like, a Merrick Garland, or we look at the Department of Justice and the FBI we say to ourselves, how can this be? Some of you know. Maybe somebody here served in the FBI or served in the Department of Justice. How can that be? How can, in this beautiful country of ours, how can the rule of law be that damaged? It’s intentional. You get those three components—all you have to do is read the first couple pages of Saul Alinsky, so I’m glad he brought it up.

The job of every single American patriot, right now, I honestly—the job of every single patriot, is what we must do, and some of you are doing it, but not enough of you—is we’ve got to go around and we’ve got to plant these seeds of liberty around this country. Okay. Around your community. I mean I always tell people that, you know, I’m so honored to stand up here and have some time with you all. But I will, in fact, I will leave tonight and I’ll go somewhere else. I’ll move to the sound of the guns as I prioritize my battlefield, okay. And I will keep moving and I will keep trying to plant those seeds of liberty around this country. But I will leave here, and you’ll have a wonderful night tonight. Hear some interesting people. Meet some new people, maybe, at your table or in the various groups that you’re part of. And you’ll go and you’ll go to work tomorrow because it’s a Friday, right. Maybe not. Maybe the next couple of days and maybe by Monday, maybe you’ll still remember this night. I hope that that’s not the case. I hope that what is the case is that you leave here tonight and understand that the destiny of America, the destiny of this country is based on what path you choose the walk on.

I know what path I’m walking on. But this country, will only be a great country, we will only continue to be this beautiful experiment in democracy called a constitutional republic if you—you as individuals, you choose a new path. Now what you were doing because what we’ve been doing collectively as a country is not working. It’s not working.

Our Constitution is beautiful and thank God we have it. We could not have this meeting tonight if we didn’t have it. And we have to protect it. So, how do you protect it? How do you use the resources that you have? How do you use the talent that you have? How do you use the skills that you been given by God? How do you sort of bob and weave in the communities that you’re in, whether it’s in your own neighborhood, whether it’s in your church. My wife and I we recently—and I’ll try to come to a conclusion here—my wife and I recently became volunteers in a very important county in Florida, which happens to be one of the most important counties in this country just like Maricopa County, like the one we’re in. Because there’s certain counties in this country that actually matter more in the outcome of a vote, okay. This county happens to be Sarasota County, Florida. Sarasota County, Florida, goes in an opposite direction—so goes the state of Florida. Never mind Miami-Dade and some of the other 4 or 5 counties in Florida. But right here, this county right here. Not necessarily for the local elections, but certainly for the state elections, right.

So my wife and I recently volunteered to be Republican executive committee members on our county party seat. And so, as I dug into it, like I do everything, I did my homework, read the charter of the policies, talk to some of the people that were there. Well, this is an REC that has on the charter, on its bylaws, it’s suppose to have 250 members. Well, they had less than 50. And I said, well how long has that been going on? As long as I can remember. I’m like, man, and I don’t have the time to do this. But I am doing it. So, I said okay, so let’s find out. Let’s find out from some of the people that are the leaders that are running it now. One of the precincts, one of the precincts in our county, okay, down in the southern part of the county—where the meat of the county is up in Sarasota, the city. They don’t really care about it. You know how I figured that out? Because in that precinct they had 50 slots for the volunteers, two were filled.

Republican Party. Two were filled. So, I said to the person that was there, I said so, it must tell you how they feel, how the party feels about you, or feels about your area. And then I kind of get the feeling that they’re so happy with it because nobody bothered them. Nobody bothered them. You know, so I bend to one knee, and volunteer to be a poll watcher. I got to go do the training on Zoom. So go be a poll watcher. Okay, if you don’t go and do anything else, go volunteer to do something like that. Right.

Life is not tidy. Life is not tidy. It’s filled, filled with sacrifice. It’s filled with commitment. You know when I was listening and writing words down from the first couple of speakers, you know. It’s interesting. I’d kinda like to… you know, words matter, right. Like the words like duty, obligation. These are from the previous speakers. Duty, obligation, security, presence. Now you mention presence a couple of times. Most important thing that a parent can do for a child is their presence, physical presence. So, take that metaphor and bring it up a couple notches, right.

Being present in somebody’s life. Being present when it matters for this country and then being willing to sacrifice. Commitment and in faith and hope, those are really powerful words. Those are really powerful words. Our country, this beautiful, beautiful country was built on a set of Judeo-Christian principles and values and when we hear some of the crazy talk that we hear. This is not crazy talk. This is real. This is exactly the intent that they have set in place and it’s been going on for years.

I’m glad that Father Altman threw out the phrase, you know the Build Back Better. Build Back Better was not a bumper sticker for Joe Biden or something that he made up or the Democrat Party made up. Build Back Better as a statement has been around for decades by this group in the New World order, by this World Economic Forum and if anybody has listened to me talk before or on any of these entities outlets that I go on sometimes, their intent with Bill Back Better is to destroy everything first and then build it back better in their image. That’s what it means. That’s what it means. And that’s exactly the direction that they are going.

Don’t think for a second, that’s why I say life is untidy. It is hard, very hard. And when you put yourself out there, it gets harder. Hey, when you step into someplace that you’re not supposed to be, it gets much harder and, hell on earth comes down and that’s when you have to believe. You know I lived, I’ve lived Psalm 23. Lived it, every day. Psalm 23. I would say it every single morning because I felt that. I could feel that presence. I could feel that presence. So, when we talk about where we’re going, the direction that we’re going, as I said earlier, the destiny of America will be based on the path that you choose to walk on tonight, leaving this room tonight.

So, thank you so much. Thank you to all of you for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your presence, for being here. Thank you for thinking about this country in a different way. Thank you for just being part of something that is definitely historic. I am so, I am blessed. The misery that I’ve experienced—I feel blessed to be alive, especially right now because I can see it. I can clearly see the destiny of this country and as exhausting as this is, where do I get my energy? I get it from each one of you. I get it from every single interaction that I have, from every single one of you. And that’s where I get my energy. That’s how I get to revived because I know how that feels. I know how that feels.

So, God bless you. God bless your families. God bless America. Thank you very much. (standing ovation) Tell them your story.

Sigrid Weidenweber: Thank you, general, for bringing me up here. I feel a little bit subdued after all this eloquence and everything that I could have said was said this evening. I was raised under communism and escaped East Germany after they put up the wall and it was a God thing. I went up with a French password that friends provided me. And on the day that I had to go to through the border, there’s was no French translator. So, I went through. Had there been a French translator I could have been in prison or in one of their uranium mines, but I made it to freedom, which was a wonderful thing that I thank for every day of my life.

I will keep this very short, as I said, everything has been said. But I want to leave you with a thought for this coming election. Marxism, communism has only one thing that it must do. The hallmark of it is destruction. The first thing it must destroy is the church, all churches, most of all the Catholic Church because it is still the most powerful church in the world. However, if it gets enough time it will destroy all churches because a person, a human being that believes in something higher than itself and has a God and tenants to look up will never ever allow the party to become the god it wants to be. The next thing communism must destroy is the bourgeoisie, hated, hated middle-class because the middle class is the only class that is self-contained and cannot be controlled by government. So, it must be destroyed. You can control the lower class with the largesse of the state and bribes, and you can control the upper classes because their businesses are worldwide, and you can control them in this way.

The next thing that needs to be destroyed is the family because if you have a family, and a loving father and a loving mother who instill in their children values better that they would like to have their children to live by, they will never, ever be totally controlled by the party and cannot be indoctrinated in schools with what is there.

Lastly, all enemies of the party and everyone who does not believe in the Marxist doctrine must be destroyed and my favorite example is standing right here. (applause) Well, I will leave you with a thought. Go with God and vote. (standing ovation)

John Yep: We had such a special cadre, team of people here speaking tonight. Just one after the other. Really grateful for General Flynn. For everything you’ve done. One of the things I most enjoyed was when you said, talk about the reason of our faith. Our faith is grounded on natural law and ascends to God. And that’s why it’s important, you take this into, we got to use our brains as laypeople to fight and use, and that’s why Catholics for Catholics wants to advance some key discussions—prompt discussion—talking before about, you know, is there now a time where the Catholic Church should someway formally condemn our participation in certain political parties, like it did with Freemasonry or Nazi socialism. Food for thought.

Or what about this? Maybe the fact that we don’t have so many priests, bishops speaking out? It’s because—did you know this—the governing body of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which is the bishops’ collective whole, they get 45—they’re not evil, I’m not saying that. They do a lot of good stuff. But they do get 45 percent of their annual budget from the federal government. Half of their attention—oh, John, that’s hearsay—you can go on right now and Google it, download five years of their budgets. Not that government money is bad itself. But accountability’s very important.

That’s why, an organization I love, Catholic Vote, they do great work across United States in moving the Catholic vote by Brian Burch. An email February 9 announced that Catholic Vote had joined the conservative group, Judicial Watch, in filing a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services alleging that the agencies were dragging their feet in responding to Freedom of Information requests, which Catholic Vote filed September first. The requests sought copies of all communication between agencies and Catholic affiliated groups working on the border, included is one of the dioceses.

Accountability. Now not paying any one of those organizations is evil and say, but like any of us, there’s evil in our own soul and there’s evil in organizations. And it’s okay to call for accountability. How are those funds are being used? Because in the beginning it was not so and tell you what. Peter and John didn’t go ask for a government grant when they started in the upper room. Or Peter, when he went to Rome for the first time around 64 AD and he needed a place to celebrate Mass. Was it the church owned structure that provided for him. No. It was the home of a senator. I think, Priscilla, the daughters of the senator. They gave them their house to use, which honestly became one of the first church that is in Rome. It’s still there today. You can visit. A lady-owned structure. Food for thought. More on that later when we have our Canon Law research to make the argument, when we restructure funding.

Moving gears to, you thought you knew everyone on the schedule. Got to have surprises, right? God surprises. The a, so we have a surprise guest who was not supposed to be coming but heard about it and I’m personally grateful because there was an event a month ago in California. It was an event to help Mark Finchem out and I got the lucky opportunity to sit next to this individual. I thought I would have a conversation. I sat down next to him and he had so much people come up and say, I just want to say, hi. And I never got a change to speak to him. And now I do, so, this gentleman is Steve Bannon. (standing ovation)

Steve Bannon: I figured any place that had Flynn and Father Altman here, would allow me. Look, when I first heard about this, I said obviously that if I can participate or somehow help out, I want to because this is the most important voting bloc and driving force in the country, traditional conservative Catholics, right. So, we have a big responsibility. We’re three and a half weeks away from the most important midterm election since 1862, right. It’s all on the line.

Tonight, I want to talk about two towns first and to tell you what the challenge we have. In Dearborn, Michigan, and General Flynn will understand this. In Dearborn, Michigan, there was one of these school situations, right, school situation where the school is teaching, is pushing a radical gender ideology, right, and around the nation you’ve see the moms, some dads, but you really see the moms—dads to the degree they can, but the moms really come into the school boards and stood up and said we’re not going to tolerate this. In Dearborn, women didn’t show up. Five hundred men, (applause) all Muslim. They said, we’re not going to tolerate this. You’re not gonna do this to our kids. You’re not gonna sit there and teach this radical ideology and destroy our families. And you know what? The school boards backing off, right.

But it shows you how they’re going in and saying, no, we’re not gonna let you do this, right. We’re not going to let you do this. Where else around the nation are we seeing that? We’re seeing moms, very brave moms. But we feel constrained. We feel like we can’t do that. We feel like that’s the public square. We can’t go there, right. We’re going to have to go there.

This war… look, I’m a finance and the people that watch the War Room, economics capital markets, geopolitics, hard-core politics, sometimes very hard-core smash mouth politics, right. Did I ever mention there’s no substitute for victory, right. There’s no substitute for victory. But now, and I keep telling people it’s not my kind a country.

But we had Dr. Grossman on today and some other people and show today. We’re going to have some more tomorrow. It’s a, we had the individual from Tennessee that had, that had had led a Rosary and led a prayer group in March of 2021, and the FBI just showed up to their house last week, jackbooted FBI to arrest all 11 of them on a misdemeanor. They said, by the way, no contact from March of 2020, just sitting there, just sitting right there, you’ve seen them before, praying the Rosary, right, for the one who had gone in there. Praying the Rosary. No assault. Not even the trumped up charges in Pennsylvania. And no contact since March of 2021.

In fact, the police came and one of the younger people on the block got up, they prayed with the police officers, everyone, March of 2021. They show up last week at the one individual’s house—the leader—I think his name’s Vaughn. Eleven, or 9 or 10 FBI agents up armored, guns drawn, all of it, on a misdemeanor charge—a misdemeanor charge—a misdemeanor charge. Never. However, when it got to the court, the Justice Department. Merrick Garland, added on a conspiracy charge. That’s a felony with 10 years in prison for saying the Rosary. (gasps)

When I was little kid—you know, Flynn was altar boy—when we were little kids… (laughter) I’m older than Flynn. I was 11 when, I think Flynn was, too. No, the general remembers this. When we were younger in my parish we had a couple of field agents of the FBI where I had gone to law school or chem school at the time, which you had to, or a Catholic college—they went to Fordum. These were revered individuals. That’s not the FBI today. That’s not the FBI today.

Let me tell you, so we’ve got the Muslims are standing up what they believe and they will not back down and nobody’s gonna back ‘em down, right. Nobody’s gonna back them down. (audience, inaudible) Right there. Thank you very much. The other town is, have you noticed, when you talk about the church and the infrastructure and all this versus the more traditional Catholics—we have—and I don’t want to rank order, holy men—but I had the honor of meeting him both in China and in the United States. Cardinal Zen. (applause)

Cardinal Zen is 90 years old. He’s on trial—a trial run by the Chinese Communist Party—in Hong Kong that they’re going to put him in prison for 10 or 20 years. And you know how many statements we’ve had from the Vatican? You know how much having his back from the Vatican? Zero. Zero. This is the holiest man, where he’s dedicated his entire life to the underground church in China. There’s tens of millions of dedicated Catholics in mainland China. General Flynn knows this.

When Xi’s talking, the one thing he says, he’s not worried about this my beloved Seventh Fleet in the South China Sea. He’s not worried about Biden or Austin or Millie or the Pentagon or the Army or the Marine Corps. He’s not worried about that at all. Not worried about Wall Street or the corporations, the media. Xi tells people. You know what he’s worried about? About Christians. Christians. Christians. Christians and Catholics. People that believe in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, they’re the number one national security problem in China, right. That’s why it’s so suppressed. That’s why the church, the real church, not the patriotic church, right. The real church is so strong.

Not one word from the Vatican. Do you know why I haven’t heard a word from the Vatican? No one’s heard a word. We have a secret deal with the Chinese Communist Party. The Catholic Church has a secret deal with the Chinese Communist Party. And as much people try to force them to release it, they will not release it. And do you know why they won’t release it? And by the way, when they had the pedophile issue I was over there for the conference. In fact, the treaty was announced at that conference. They had that huge conference in Rome. The one thing that was verboten, you couldn’t even mention, was the laity having any role, whatsoever, in the selection of bishops. That was off the table, couldn’t be considered.

Man. This man can be Catholic but you cannot do that. And I’m no theologian. So fine. That’s okay. The secret deal allows the Chinese Communist Party to sign off on the bishops of the Catholic Church in China. McCarrick. That whole crowd, right. Look at him. Look at him. Compare what’s happening in Hong Kong and what’s the Vatican doing to what’s going on in Dearborn. And here’s what the difference is. Those people, to their core, believe and are prepared to have that in the public square and not back down one inch. That’s you.

If this country’s to be saved, understand one thing and understand it well. If you don’t fully commit to change this, to set things right, it’s over. It’s over and we are this close to being over. The financial Armageddon we’re about to go through over the next couple years is going be horrific. The wiping out of this generation under 35 years old is going to be horrific and it’s going to take us a lot of time to figure that out and make sure they had the opportunities, that they don’t lose.

But even more, is this radical, and I mean radical it’s actually more radical than Mao Tse Tung and the Cultural Revolution and the French Revolution. Remember, the Bolsheviks—you’ve had fascists, you’ve had radical revolutions, but nothing compared to Mao. And nothing compared to the French Revolution, right. They try to totally upend—both of them focus on the making sure the church was destroyed and the family as a nuclear unit was destroyed. That’s we face today in a convergence of media and a convergence of money and capital and these corporations, and particularly big tech. It’s converging. It’s converging on one point. And you know what that one point is? The family. The family and just like Mao, right, just like Mao, they’re gonna use the children. They’re going to weaponize the children against their parents, right. They’re going to weaponize the children against their parents.

How are we gonna stop this? You know how we’re going to stop it? We’re going to defeat them at the ballot box and then we’re going to govern like this country should be governed, right. We’re not going to have any back down. (applause) The hours very late and we know what has to be done. Everyone in this audience understands what has to be done. You know, in polite company you don’t want to talk about it, you know, because I could be othered, I could be debanked. I could be deplatformed. I could be kicked out of the club.

What we have to do is get back to—you know they’re big concern, their concern is not Trump. It’s not the populace. It’s not the nationalists. It’s not the Republican Party. It’s not any of this. And they fear Trump, don’t get me wrong because he’ll get you in the room, right, at the head of the table. Their biggest fear, and they even say it, you see where they’re coming on it. You know what their biggest fear is? What they refer to as Christian Nationalism, right. At the core of what Christian Nationalism, I call Judeo Christian Nationalism, is to get this country back to first principles. To get this, this country is providential.

This is the new Jerusalem, and we have to start acting like it is. And what I mean acting—we’re in war. This is not, this is not some marginal, we’re fighting against Democrats because of marginal tax rates, or they’ve got some other idea about the Department of Education. Look at the radical ideology in schools. Look at what the FBI—you’ve been to these abortion clinics; you’ve seen these people that pray the Rosary and outside these abortion clinics. They’re some of the most holiest people in this country, they’re like Mother Teresa.

They’ve got the FBI, up armored, right, rifles up to intimidate the kids and to intimidate all of you saying, hey, you’re next, right. And to charge these people for 10 years in a federal prison. For what? For praying the Rosary in front of a door of an abortion clinic? Did you happen to see June, 2020, when they burned down Chicago, and they burned down Seattle, and they burned down Portland, burned down New York City? Did you see that? Are there any federal charges on that? Anybody rolled up by the FBI on that? No. They have turned the apparatus of not a secular state—let’s make sure we understand exactly what we’re fighting. These are more radical atheist than Mao Tse Tung, and they’re more radical atheist than the French Revolution.

And what they’re coming for is not the church, because they know the church, the establishment Protestant churches and they know the Catholic Church—the bishops and they know that that’s just an empty husk, right. That’s already rolled over for them. They’re part of it. They’re 100 percent part of it. Did you see when Roe v. Wade and the Dobbs decision when the bishops came out in celebration are saying, hey, we can go to the next level? No, you did not. You think that’s—we call that a tell.

They don’t want to upset their friends. They don’t want to upset their partners. They don’t want to upset who they’re working with. The official church will sell you out in a second and they have sold you out. Look what they’ve allowed to happen to Catholic education. When I went to school, when General Flynn went to school, somebody was talking about the number of kids in school, you have to have 15—in third grade, I think that I had 63 kids in my class. Sister Catherine had to be 90, right. A Benedictine nun. Hey, I’ve been to Georgetown when it was still a Catholic University, and I went to Harvard, and I never had a better education than under Sister Catherine with 63 people, okay? (applause) It was close order drill every day. Old school. We have to return to that. You do understand this. We have to go back to that.

That’s the fight. We have to go back to when this church was robust. When this church was not a temporal power, but it was a power throughout the country. You could feel it, right. You could feel it and the country was different. The traditional Catholic—what Father Altman represents—traditional conservative Catholics. (applause)

They tell us, they been telling us for years the Hispanics are Democrats. I got news for you. Two thirds of the Hispanics, at least, are conservative, family-oriented Catholics. (applause) Was it 50 percent of Marine rifle squads right now, Hispanic Americans, right. How many casualties did we have in Kabul of Hispanic Americans? It’s the backbone. We can do this. And more importantly, we must do it. And this is why traditional conservative Catholicism, right, informs all that. It tells you about purpose, task and purpose. About where we have to go, and the purpose and the meaning of why I have to do it.

So, remember, it’s all on your shoulders. That’s the good news. The bad news. It’s all on your shoulders. (laughter) I mean this. We’re a country of 330 million people. There’s a cadre, which you are a part of, right, part of, that is going to be the difference here. The leaders. The ones who get up and knock on the doors to make sure everything rolls and all that. And people are looking for that leadership. Right now, we stand, we stand three and a half weeks away with the unique opportunity that will never come to us again to destroy the Democratic Party as a national political institution, right. Look at, look at the slate of—wait for it—non-Catholics we can vote in in Arizona that can turn things around, right. The difference in the Catholic slate that are Democrats.

You have to think about that for second, right. Think about what we could do here, from school boards to election boards to medical boards to state legislatures to the House—and I’m talking 50 or 60 seats in the House the way the math looks right now, right. When you look back at the Tea Party in 2010, the 63 seats, remember that was off the base of 174 seats. When Newt Gingrich won in ’94, I think it was 174 and 75 seats—we had 212 seats. We win 40 or 50 seats, this is the biggest majority the Republican party’s ever had—ever had even after the Civil War. It’s right there in front of us.

We could take the Senate, with Blake Masters, we could take the Senate, 53-47. And in ’24 with that cycle, we can get, we could get a filibuster-proof Senate, and then Donald J. Trump to return the White House.

Look, I was there in ‘16 and I will tell you as an eyewitness to it every day that the ‘16 election was providential, 100 percent—100 percent. I was there. We had, we were the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, okay. (laughter) No, we had a plane, we had a set of issues, we had a man, right, who dedicated his life to do it, gave up everything, okay. And we were fighting.

Remember, if we had lost in ‘16 it was all over. Hilary Clinton, even Garland wasn’t going to be radical enough for them. They were going to replace him with somebody else. They would have had the House, the Senate, the Executive branch and the Courts. It was game, set, match, over. And Trump was down as much as 18 points with 90 days to go. Flynn knows this. We had a handful—Rudy, Flynn, myself, a handful of people on the plane doing ten, ten events a day. That win was providential. You know why? Because the American working-class and middle-class, many of whom are not Republicans and not conservatives, but they’re—wait for it—Catholic, right? In places like Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania heard that message and said, you know what? Give this guy a try, because he saying things, and he stands for things I haven’t heard before. 2020. The big steal. Down to the marrow of my bones I know Donald Trump won. I’ve seen the math. (applause) No doubt. There’s no doubt. And we’re going to set that right with this new Congress. We’re going to set… they’ve got a J6 hearing? They’re going to subpoena Trump? Okay. Subpoena this, okay.

We’re going to get a committee and we’re going to go through the Ashley Babbitt murder, and we’re going to go through FBI involvement, and we’re going to go through the CIA and what Nancy Pelosi knew. We’re going to go through all of it. We’re going to go through all of it. But principally we’re going to go, we’re going to have Finchem, we’re going to have all of them, Marchant, we’re going to have them on live testimony and they’re going… it’s not going to be a show trial like it is now. They’re going have a ranking member and they’re going to have a minority council, and they’re going to get to see the evidence and they’re going to cross examine witnesses. And just like in Watergate and just like in Iran-Contra, we’re going to get in front of the nation and we’re going to go through every one of those states and we’re going to ajudicate this in front of the world. (applause)

And they’re going to have to live with the results. If they had the math, if they had the numbers, if they had what Finchem shows you all the time, if Rachel Maddow had it, they’ve rub your nose in it every day. All they say is it’s all false, all phony, never went to court. Have they ever shown a fact? They stole it in broad daylight and then bragged about it, Mark Alias and that crowd. That’s why it’s so important to be in the room, in the counting room this time. This is what we’ve trained tens of thousands of people for. This is why it’s on your shoulders because it’s going to be in those counting rooms fighting over those illegal ballots. Remember, their thing is all votes count. But that is not quite correct. All certifiable, chain of custody, legal votes of American citizens that are registered in that area. They count, okay? (applause)

And when you count those, they can’t win. They’re say, why do you think their heads are blowing up for Finchem? Poor brother Finchem. Why—oh my God—and I’m talking about the BBC and The Times of London, and they’re going nuts. Why? ‘Cause Finchem is a decent, honest man and he’s gonna count what’s legal. (applause)

If they don’t cheat, they can’t win. 2020 was providential. The Big Steal was providential. It was the will of God that Trump won the second time and we didn’t close. Why? Because they turned over all their cards, right?

Even Clinton did this. Look at what’s happening in this country. Look at this. I’m not even talking about the military. I’m not talking this fiasco in Ukraine. I’m not talking the geopolitics or the financial—what they’ve done—the Federal Reserve. All that—as horrific as that is—and it’s all horrific. I’m talking about culturally. These people are more radical than the French Revolution and Mao’s Red Guard who are the two most radical groups in world history, right. Right here. Trained by best universities, from our best institutions, with the smugness, right. What they want to do, is their focus is to destroyed that what—what the French never got to and what Mao eventually failed: to destroy that nuclear family and to use the children to do it and, in the process, destroy them, right.

It was providential. That’s why three and a half weeks, what happens in three and a half weeks, ladies and gentlemen, they’re going to be talking about hundreds of years from now, right. This is just like the Revolution, this is just like the Civil War, this like the Great Depression World War II. This the Fourth Turn of this country and it’s not pre-destined what’s gonna be on the other side.

We’re either going to be that country that Sister Catherine had the class, as Flynn and I remember as altar boys, right—that’s been bequeathed to us, that that country can get passed down or—or, what you see in your schools, what you see in your television, what you see in your big cities, what you see throughout the world. That’s what’s going to be bequeathed. Bedlam, chaos, anarchy, atheism. Right. It’s all up to you. I say this now, and Father Altman and Flynn will remember that, but you probably remember from the Newport speech but I want to close with—some scientist did some study years ago. It’s a hundred billion people, roughly, have lived on the earth since Homo Sapiens. A hundred billion roughly. There’s seven and a half billion in the world today. Three hundred and thirty million in this country, or 50 million if you count, maybe, some people who have kinda walked in.

Why are you here? Of 100 million people, 7 million people today, why are you here? What’s your purpose? Why did Divine Providence put you in this room at this point in time? With the new Jerusalem right there—it could go either way. The only way we ran, not Trump, not DeSantis, not Tucker, not Bannon, not any of that. It’s not. It’s you. If you’re fully 100 percent committed to total and complete victory, and then with that victory—that we then govern, govern like our founders, like the founding Revolutionary generation wanted this country to be governed, and set this country up to be governed. If we do that and remember, the odds are long on the wind, but we can win.

It’s all in front of us. But then, you have to govern. But don’t think they’re going to sit there, when they control the universities, they control the media, and they control pop culture and they control tech, and they control of the investment banks, all the money, all the corporations, they control the national security apparatus, they control the FBI, they control all of it. Don’t think they’re going to sit there on the evening of the eighth after you’ve won a huge victory and say, “What a terrific idea. What a terrific idea. Why didn’t we think of that? Why didn’t we think of Kari Lake and Mark Fincham, right. And Tudor Dixon, and Andy Biggs, and all these big guys in Congress and Joe Kent and all these new Tea Party guys, all these new MAGA people. Why didn’t we think of that? Why don’t we just toss the keys and…”

They’re going to do exactly to the 10th power of what they did to Trump at the very beginning and just ask Mike Flynn what that was like. We have every day—if we’re doing our job—every day will be Stalingrad. And you have to embrace that, you have to internalize that. You have to be a rock. You had to be made of steel, that no matter what they do to you—because they’re going to debank you, they’re going to throw you out of your clubs, they’re going to kick you out of your companies, they’re not going to let your kids into the best schools. All that’s ahead of you.

Don’t think the sunlit uplands starts on the evening of the eighth. No. That’s when the hard work starts. We get this win and then we govern. You know what we govern like? Traditional conservative Catholics. (applause)

Thank you, guys for inviting me. Remember, one last time. There is no substitute for victory. Thank you. (standing ovation)

John Yep: We are so blessed to have such a group here. Thank you, Steve.

You know, things may seem dire in current society. Why don’t you leave? How can you be Catholic? I get it. How can you stay Catholic? Well, exactly. I lived in Rome for five years. I’ve seen a lot. But I also know that what is essential to our faith is the Holy Eucharist—he’s present, body and soul, (applause) in that body. Faith meets reason. Christ said it, faith, reason. I dare any one of you to explain the miracle of Lanciano. There’s no explanation for when, why that piece of bread transformed into a piece of human heart tissue, with five droplets of human blood. Come on. John, that’s crazy. Oh yeah? Signs they’ve been trying to prove for the last, since the year 800. Why?

And there’s a zillion other Eucharistic miracles. Our faith is built on reason. Our Lord, he did say in Greek, using the word, gnaw. You don’t eat my flesh, really. So, I will never leave. It’s like—as bad as our country will get—I will never stop being American, ever.

We have a next speaker. Not only do I get to just introduce someone of notoriety, he’s also a friend, but first there’s the bio part of it. And I think it’s important, too, because what this person is known for—after 2020 elections, he started to ask, can we understand? Can we understand why? He just started take, you know, looking under the hood. And, wow, the way that they just shut down any questions. Now, I think I remember a very Catholic principal. Fides quaerens intellectum., which means—it’s from the scholastics—faith seeking understanding. You see, faith is built on reason. Nothing harm. No harm in asking questions. Never discourage that.

This man asked the question. Mark Finchem is running for Secretary of State. Mark will ensure clean, fair, and secure elections of the state of Arizona. Media has attacked him because the media—these days—attacks the truth. Mark served 21 years with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. First as a firefighter paramedic, then as law enforcement officer. He also worked as a farmer and a rancher and has a business background. Mark has also served in the Arizona Legislature for four terms. He backs the blue and restores better confidence. Mark will ensure—I know he will because I’ve seen him up close—he’s got integrity and he wants this for the right reason. Let’s welcome—also too—you know someone’s important by what the left does. There’s a reason that they’ve gone after the Secretary of State’s races.

Christ himself says, he laments the Gospel. Why don’t the sons of light have the same basically intelligence the sons of darkness? Go on. Get on. We’re a little slow, but we’re catching up. We’re gonna, this guy’s gonna win. (applause) So let’s all welcome Mark Finchem.

Mark Finchem: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a long day. Father Altman, very good to see you again, sir. This man’s a leader and a patriot and a hero. (applause) F3, thank you (salute) very much for being here. I’m not sure how I follow Steve Bannon. Thanks a lot, John. But I will say this. I’m an evangelical Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. I count you as my brothers and sisters.

I want to start tonight with Ephesians 6:10: This is the battle that we are engaged in. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood. And I assure you, it is not against flesh and blood. But against the rulers, against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am stunned at the level of evil that is descended upon this great nation. It’s said that every Republic ends at about 225 years. Well, I’m here to tell you after seeing Hadrian’s Wall in Germany along the Rhine. The great Roman Empire that disintegrated. Why did they disintegrate? Because they abused their power. They ruled, they did not govern.

I believe that we are facing a Renaissance of the United States of America in this time. And you, quite frankly, are the remnant that’s going to make that happen. Your children will thank you for it. I’m kind of surprised—six hours ago I was on the War Room with Steve and he was on the East Coast. Imagine my surprise, he’s standing on the stage. It’s like, wow, we finally figured out how to teleport people.

But quite seriously, ladies and gentlemen, we face an existential threat to the survival of this nation. When the apparatus of government can be weaponized against the people it was sworn to serve… I took an oath. I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I assure you, there are more enemies domestic right now than there are foreign. I am thankful that I got guys like gunny Sonny Burelli. That man stood next to me. Leo Biasiucci in the House. I dared to ask a question.

The people of my legislative district elected me to do what? To ask questions and to get answers and for it, I’m vilified. In fact, Steve’s little unhappy with me right now because I took an interview with one Steve Pelley of 60 Minutes. Leftist, commie that he is. And Steve says, Brother why are you doing that? I said for one reason, Steve. You told me to take tough interviews. Be transparent. You told me to do it. Do me a favor? Before you grant any more interviews like that, call me, will you?

But here’s what it showed. That Satan’s schemes will not prevail. Satan doesn’t have a forethought. Only God does. So, think about this for a minute. I got a call after doing the interview yesterday, where Scott Pelley said, well, there’s only 4 ballots were impugned by the people down in Yuma and you know, there was only one person that was indicted. Actually, he was wrong, but, one person indicted. That’s hardly a conspiracy against the election. In fact, frankly, (ladies, plug your ears) the Arizona Attorney General says your evidence is bull shit.

Hey, Scott, try this one on. This morning, I get a phone call. A significant number of new arrest indictments are about to hit the land in Yuma County. Now I happen to know on the inside, don’t ask me why, 2,500 ballots were sent from Yuma County to an FBI field office in West Texas and they asked for prints. Hm. I know this for a fact because I talked to the guy that did it. Five individuals filled out 2,500 ballots.

So, Scott Pelley, I’m about to stuff this so far down your throat you’re not going to be able to swallow for a month. But we’re going to wait for 60 Minutes to put their package together with the disgraced, about to be dismissed, Speaker the House, Rusty Bowers. The individual who stood in the way of Constitutional authority of the legislature—an embarrassment—a disgrace. And he wants to vilify me? He wants to ridicule me? Buckle up, pal, ‘cause this rodeo, you better be cinched up. It’s going to be a ride.

So, here’s where we’re at today. Just to give you a little bit of intel about the election. CNN says I’m three points ahead of Adrian Fontes. He professes to be a Catholic, but he supports abortions, he supports gay marriage, he supports the disintegration of families. Well, along with Katie Hobbs and Mark Kelly—they’re kinda in the same camp. So, where we’re at today, we got CNN at three points, plus or minus 3, so, that means we’re a dead heat. And, of course, Scott Pelley with 60 Minutes was all too happy to say, “It’s a dead heat!” You’re an idiot.

Trafalgar has us at seven points, plus or minus 3 margin of error. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s way too damn close. I want to see 10 points. But here’s the problem we have. How many of you have heard of Arabella Advisors? Raise your hands. Okay. A few of you. It’s a money laundering scheme designed by the ongoing criminal enterprise known as the Democratic Party.

Here’s what’s happening. They’re shoving money into the Ukraine. Ukraine sends the money back, shoves it into Arabella Advisors and they, in turn, shove it around to all the packs, which by the way, come into Arizona and fund $4 million against Mark Finchem because he is quote, a dangerous man. What makes me dangerous? My platform is four simple words. It’s holding people accountable to just follow the law.

Here’s what distresses me. We have a weaponized government that has gone after believers. And I guaran-damn-tee you, they’re going to shut your churches down because that’s what they did to the Jews in ‘30 and ’40. If you’re not a student of history and you’re not paying attention—they disarmed them, they demeaned them, they vilified them, and then they executed them. That’s what this is about. It’s the extermination of opposition. If it were not so, why would they crash into the, why would they corner the rubicon of crashing into an ex-president’s home to take something that they had already been in negotiations to turn over?

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a message to you. Donald Trump said, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way. Remember that? That is what this was an exhibition of. It was the exhibition of the ultimate power of government. Apparently, they forgot the Tenth Amendment and the Ninth Amendment. The Ninth Amendment is before the Tenth Amendment, I would remind you of that. The power in this nation is resident in who? According to the Ninth Amendment, you. If it were not so, Justice Scalia would not have memorialized that in an opinion that he wrote where he called out the Legislative Branch as the most powerful. Don’t buy this crap about we have three coequal branches of government. It’s not true. That’s a Marxist dialectic. Don’t buy into it. The Legislature is first in the Constitution for a reason. It is closest to the people. It is the most responsive to the people. Every single Representative, State Representative and Senator in the state of Arizona, for example, represents about 250-275,000 people. On the other hand, Secretary of State or Governor: 8 million.

Who’s closer to the people? People like Sonny Borelli. Leo Biasiucci. Janae Shamp when she gets into office. You go crowd girl, yeah. Oh and Nancy Barto, Jen Treadwell and Maria Syms. My goodness, we have a whole bunch of stars here tonight. But here’s where I’m going with this. Your legislature is the direct representation of the people. That’s why it is number one in the Constitution and that’s why it is the most powerful.

Number two is the Executive. Why? Because they’re the ones who are supposed to execute the law as written. Then, of course, you’ve got the Judiciary, which likes to puff their chests out. Marbury versus Madison, they asserted power that they didn’t have. They’re suppose to be about that big—compared to that. But, I’ll not go there. Then we have the fourth branch of government, and that’s what Justice Scalia talked about. Do you know what that is? The people. The Ninth Amendment. There’s a reason it’s the Ninth and not the tenth. It becomes evident, if you will, in the structure of the Constitution. The Nineth comes before the Tenth. The people come before the state.

Now I’ve heard of secular humanists tell us, Well, we gotta separate government from the people, people from the government. Y’all know what ecclesia is, right? Ecclesia is not—it’s the Body of Christ. It’s not the structure of Christ. It’s not the church building. So, how do you expect the people of Christ to separate themselves from the government that they serve in. It’s impossible. Unless, of course, you seek to kick them out of government. Didn’t work so well for the Soviet Union. They ostracized believers. They substituted the government—the substituted God with government. I don’t think that’s the kind country we want to live in. I know it’s not the country I want to live in.

I’m glad to see this room filled. I’m glad to hear the messages that you been given. We’re at a point right now—23 days and a few hours from now we will have a decision by the people. But I pray that it is a decision of the people and not something that’s driven by machines, not something that’s driven by people who would rather have a selection than an election. But it’s gonna require each and every one of you to be engaged. You are the watchers.

Gentlemen, stand up. You are the watchmen on the wall. Don’t blink. Don’t waiver. Don’t fall asleep. Have a seat. Ladies. please stand up. Yeah. This is an exercise. But it’s deadly serious. Stand behind these men. Stand beside these men. This nation is at risk and the battle starts here. God bless you and thank you very much for your time.

John Yep: So, I’m so glad you brought up the men in the room. You know, believe it or not, Catholics don’t worship statues. We don’t also worship saints. It’s for us, it’s kinda like—a couple things. It’s like when we see a statue, it’s kinda like looking at a picture of George Washington on the wall to remind us of our patriots. And we don’t worship saints, they’re not higher than God. It’s kinda of like if you go to those who love him, and you happen to know Melania, you go to Melania. That’s all it is. Okay. Heirarchy.

There’s a man of great stature who’s inspired me and everything I’ve done and I—he is known as the protector, of first of all, of the Holy Family. He physically protected them: Joseph. (applause) And I want to give as a friend, I want to give to Mark as a remembrance, also, Joseph has helped me and I ask that Joseph also guide Mark—because Mark will protect our state in the most sacred thing we have—is to vote. And Mark, I’d like to give this statue… No, Mark’s not become a Catholic. Don’t get the wrong idea. But remember this Mark (inaudible)

Mark Finchem: So, this is what Mark looks like old? (laughter)

John Yep: It’s Saint Joseph.

Mark Finchem: Oh, okay. Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

John Yep: Our next guest, Blake is running against Mark Kelly. He is a dedicated family man, visionary and will get things done in Washington, to protect Arizona, to protect family values. I think Blake, I hear we share the same faith. You’re Catholic and you inspire me as a father of able to balance having kids and knowing the right—guess—the sermon on how much we’re called to save outside the home, without forsaking our domestic church, our family.

And there’s that moment in The Patriot—all of us are going to have to make that decision by the way—remember in The Patriot, movie, Mel Gibson. He didn’t want to fight. It’s like I got kids. I got that. Done that thing. But the war came to his door. Each one of you gotta pray. When is that moment where you’re going to have to just step out and do more than you’re doing? If we wait, it’s over.

So, it is my honor to welcome the future Arizona Senator, U.S. Senator, Blake Masters. (standing ovation)

Blake Masters: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Who’s ready to win back a Senate seat for the people of Arizona in just 27 days? We are to do that, God willing, and with your help. Thank you so much. Did anyone catch my debate with Mark Kelly last week? That was sure fun. Although someone told me, Blake, if you wanted a second debate with this guy you shouldn’t pummel them so hard, right. Lay off a little bit. But you know, Senator Kelly, he struggled to defend his record and on the one hand I’m like, surprised, because, man, he couldn’t have bothered to prepare a little bit? It really seemed like he didn’t prepare.

On the other hand, I wasn’t surprised because his record is indefensible. So, how on earth could he defend it, right? And imagine how frustrating I was—there I was centerstage, I look over at Senator Kelly and he’s just lying. He was just lying. I’ve, I’ve been focused on the border since day one. It’s like, really? But then I was also excited when he said that—it boiled my blood—but I was also excited because I could feel him walking into a trap. So, I said, really Senator, so you’re saying you’ve done all you can to secure the border. Well, if that’s true, you must be the most ineffective and worst Senator of all time, because we got a wide-open southern border. So, hey, maybe you should resign. How about that?

So, I feel we took it to him and, you know, I got into this race because I just wasn’t okay with what Joe Biden with the Democrats are doing to this country. Maybe they mean well. Maybe they don’t. Doesn’t really matter because people I know and care about in Arizona are suffering because of what’s happening in our country. Things weren’t perfect two years ago. Things are never perfect—not in this world. But they were pretty good. We had a secure border. Crime was under control. What was inflation? Was it 1.5 percent? I mean, we don’t even, we didn’t have to think about it because prices were pretty low and you could afford to live. You could afford to raise a family.

In just two short years later, after this Joe Biden and Mark Kelly agenda, the world’s on fire. Our country’s on fire. We’re about to lose it all. The border’s wide open. Crime is going through the roof. Homicide in Phoenix is up 50 percent since 2019. Can you believe that? In my hometown of Tucson, homicide is up 87 percent since 2019. That means almost double the number of people are being killed. And then inflation, of course, inflation—I don’t even like to use the term inflation—that’s an abstract economic term. Prices are through the roof. Everything you need to live keeps getting more and more expensive. Maybe for the people in this room, that’s a mere inconvenience. But for a lot of people, this is existential. This is life and death. And we don’t have to wonder about, where are these crises coming from? Where are the border crises come from? Where did this inflation crisis come from?

Well, these aren’t acts of God. They’re not hurricanes. This came from bad policy and I always debate, like are the people in charge incompetent or are they actually trying to make life worse for Arizonans and for Americans, And sometimes I think it’s some complex combination of both. Because what we’re seeing is worse than mere incompetence. I don’t think that Joe Biden is particularly competent. I know, Kamela Harris isn’t. But what we’re seeing is worse than mere incompetence and just look only at the dereliction of duty at the southern border. You know, the borders’ never been perfect. There’s always been an illegal immigration problem.

But I look at what Biden and Mark Kelly are doing. They’re not even trying to secure the border. It would be bad enough if they were trying and failing. You know what I mean? That would be costly enough for the country. A lot of people compare Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. Have you heard this? It’s easy to see why. You’ve got high gas prices, high inflation, right. Left-wing regime. It doesn’t work. But I think Jimmy Carter, I mean, he makes a, he was trying his best. He really was. He had his heart in the right place. It just didn’t work

Joe Biden is not even trying to enforce federal law the border and that’s hurting people. It’s bad for the people who are coming here: Women and children horribly brutalized by the cartel. Men being sold into indentured servitude. This is the biggest crime zone in the country. A bona fide humanitarian disaster. Crime is spiking. Fentanyl is coming through our southern border. This poison—I’ve stopped using the term, overdose to talk about fentanyl deaths because, you know, they really are poisonings.

It doesn’t seem like Joe Biden and Mark Kelly really care because they’re not doing anything to actually secure the border. And that’s why it made me so mad when Senator Kelly, who’s pretending to be a champion of border security, it’s just so dishonest. And then you look at what’s was going on with the economy and, again, I don’t want to suggest that Joe Biden is or could be a competent steward of the economy. I think he’s quite incompetent. And unfortunately, you almost feel bad for him, right.

Makes me upset with Dr. Jill Biden for kind of letting him do all this, honestly. But he’s not competent, but you look at the decisions that they’re making, the policies that my opponent is voting for, and it looks like more than mere incompetence. It’s like day one they voted to cancel the Keystone pipeline. But what did they think was gonna happen when you declare war on oil and gas in a country that’s still mostly powered by oil and gas like—gosh—you think that might send the price of energy to the moon?

Yeah. Of course, it would. They took gas from two dollars to six dollars. Now they want a metal because it’s back in the five dollars only because Biden selling out from the strategic reserve, right. But everything you need to live takes energy to make or to move, so when you make energy too expensive, you make everything in the economy too expensive, you get inflation. That was the left hook.

Well then, the right hook was the money printing, right. They printed six or $7 trillion and spent it in the last couple of months. Well, you don’t have to be a PhD economist to understand—actually, you know what—a PhD economist doesn’t understand this usually. But normal people do. When the government prints a trillion dollars it makes every dollar in your wallet worth less and less. It sends prices at the pump, at the grocery store, it sends rent prices skyrocketing.

And this—you know I met a family. I think I told this story on the debate stage last week. I met a family two weeks ago at a campaign event. The parents came up to me and said, Blake, we don’t eat breakfast anymore. We drink coffee so that we can afford to feed our kids a proper breakfast. This didn’t come from nowhere. This came from bad economic policy and I’m tired of seeing it hurt people. And now the cherry on top, of course, is the Inflation Reduction Act, which is just the Orwellian name, right. Just like the Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Did that make healthcare affordable? No. It’s shot healthcare prices to the moon. The Inflation Reduction Act, of course, is not going to reduce inflation. They passed it two months ago. We got the inflation numbers today. Inflation keeps going up and up. It’s always the opposite. Beware if the Democrats name something the Puppies and Rainbows and Unicorns Act, right. It’s going to have something really evil in that bill.

And So they hired 87,000 new IRS agents and said no to 18,000 border patrol agents, so everything’s upside down, everything topsy-turvy. People want to make a change. You know, one comment I get on the campaign trail a lot, when I’m talking to a voter at a grassroots event—the first two minutes, maybe we’re just bantering about how bad Biden is or what dumb thing Kamala Harris just said, but very often when I talk to someone for three or four minutes, we’ll kind of get to the next stage and they’ll look me in the eye and they’ll say, Blake, we’re praying for you. It’s the most powerful thing that I can hear on the campaign trail. And then they say you know this is spiritual warfare, right? And I say don’t I know it.

I just feel that every day, I look at what the progressive left is trying to do to our kids, schooling. I almost think every issue goes back to school and the indoctrination in our schools because, look, we got a border crisis. It’s going to be hard to solve it but you could imagine solving it. You can imagine, with a Republican Congress, stopping the crazy Joe Biden spending. You can imagine getting inflation under control. You can imagine it reversing the crazy America Last energy policies that we have right now

You can fix all these problems, but if we don’t stop the indoctrination in the schools, if we don’t protect our children and educate them instead of indoctrinating them, it’s only a matter of time before all of these problems come back worse than before—back with a vengeance. And you know we homeschool. My wife and I, we homeschool our kids. You know, we take them to St. Melanie’s Byzantine Catholic Church.

We just we feel so blessed to be able to protect these kids and to be able to really be in charge of their education. I know homeschooling is not for everyone, not everyone’s going to take their kids to a Catholic Church. But the feeling that my wife and I have being in charge of our kids’ education—that is a feeling that I demand. That’s a feeling that I just insist that every parent in Arizona and every parent in this country get to experience, because it’s a real blessing. And we look out at, you know, one of the reasons that we homeschool is because we found out that the local public school—they no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance.

And it’s like, if that’s gone wrong, imagine what else is going wrong. Well, we know what’s happening in the schools, right. It’s critical race theory, which I can’t believe still exists. I mean I can’t believe this. We’re teaching our kids racism. I remember when I was in public school, 1992, Canyon View Elementary School. I was in first grade. We learned about MLK, and it’s supposed to be the content of your character, right? That’s what matters, not the color of your skin. So why aren’t we teaching kids that anymore?

Well, fast-forward 30 years, critical race theory, we’re telling young people, hey, well, you’re a victim, and you’re an oppressor because of the color of your skin? It’s un-American and that’s just evil to confuse kids like that. To foment racial tensions among young people—it’s just disgusting. And then the 1619 history curriculum, this is literally in some public schools in Phoenix. It teaches kids to be ashamed of America.

Is America a perfect country? Well, no it’s not. You know who knew it wasn’t perfect? The founding fathers. And they wrestled with the question of slavery. But that’s why they wrote in the founding documents, it’s about a more perfect union, and ever more perfect union. You’re supposed to make it better over time. You’re not supposed to say, well, because this isn’t perfect let’s throw the baby out with the bathwater. But that’s what the 1619 history curriculum encourages kids to do. It encourages kids to be ashamed of their country. And this is the greatest country in the history of the world. This is a real beacon of liberty for the whole world. It’s a grand experiment in liberty that we have.

And so to confuse young kids like that, to make them feel ashamed to be an American I just think is wrong. But you know what I’m convinced is even worse than critical race theory or this perverse 1619 history curriculum is this gender ideology they’re pushing on our kids. I don’t want to exaggerate. It’s not in every single classroom. And there’s so many great teachers out there, God bless them, who would never let this toxic ideology into their classroom. But you know, I view this woke ideology—it’s the ideology of a cancer cell. Once it once it takes root, it grows, it metastasizes.

And so, probably isn’t every school at this point, it’s in our military, too, unfortunately. It’s just growing, and we need to put a stop to it, because when I see that the progressive left want to confuse your eight-year-old, or your eight-year-old grandchild. They want to tell a boy, hey, maybe you’re confused. Maybe should be a girl or encourage this girl to become a boy. They’re pushing puberty blockers and surgeries, irreversible procedures on our kids. I look at that message as child abuse. Would you agree? (applause) That’s what it is.

And so, to me this election here in 2022, and 2024 as well, I think they go together, this is not just ordinary politicking. This is not the Democrats of old. This is not Dick Gephardt and Gary Hart fighting with Ronald Reagan about how to shore up the American middle class. This is something bigger. This is a spiritual battle. We are fighting for the future of our country. We’re fighting for the future of our children and that’s why decided to put my business career on pause and do something so crazy as to throw my hat in the political ring. So, I got a lot of friends that still say, what the hell’s wrong with you, Blake? Right. (applause) But it is important, and I want to leave you with a message of hope.

I know this electorate really well at this point. Arizona wants to vote for a change and who wouldn’t? Right? My message to the people of Arizona for the next 27 days is, hey, if you like what’s going on, if you love the wide-open border and the Mexican drug cartels preying on our children with this fentanyl. If you love the double-digit crime increases. If you love paying too much for absolutely everything you need to live, there’s a Senate candidate for you. His name’s Mark Kelly. You vote for that guy and you’ll get more of the same—inflation by this time next year won’t be 13 percent, it’ll be 20 percent. But if you think that you and your family and your children deserve better than it’s time to make a change. And in his U.S. Senate race, I am the change. That’s why I’ll ask you for your vote. Thank you and your advocacy and your activism, because right now, I’m telling you, right now is when we fight for the future of our state and the future of our country and everything that is good and true and beautiful.

Right now, for the next 27 days we’ve got a chance and no, we’re not going to let it slip through our fingers. But thank you all so much for being here. Thank you for having me and God bless each and every one of you. Thank you. (standing ovation)

John Yep: We will end off the evening where it all began. Theologically, I’ll explain that in a second. But today’s a significant day. October 13, we know in our Catholic world as the anniversary of when 70,000 people—this is probably back in the time when the New York Times still reported fair things. They ran an article about this, even, got all the way to the United States about a certain miracle that had this occurrence in Portugal, and it was the miracle of the sun. It was a culminating moment out of five months—the apparition started May 13. Every month on the 13th, Mother Mary came with a message, Mother of God. She spoke to three kids. The ones depicted there to help us remember what, them. Francisco, Jacinta, Lucia. Gave them a message and a warning that there were three secrets and this perfectly encapsulates the evening.

And before I do the clincher, I want you to just get a visual memory—five minutes—we’re going to show it on the film. Once again, thanks to Arcadia. For what this was like, some original footage, five minutes, please take it away, Arcadia.

(music) On October 13, 2022, we celebrate the hundred and fifth anniversary of our Lady of Fatima’s miracle of the sun. On that day in 1917, Our Lady’s son confirmed the incredible power of his mother’s Rosary with a spectacular and frightening miracle witnessed by 70,000 people including many skeptics and atheists, as well as devout believers.

Mary asked the three children of Fatima, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, to tell the world, amend your lives, asked for forgiveness for your sins, and do not offend our Lord anymore for he is already too much offended. She also revealed to the children three secrets: a vision of hell, the end of World War I and the coming of World War II, and the shooting down of the Pope. Within days of the miracle of the sun, Russia would fall to the far left communist Bolsheviks led by their leader Vladimir Lenin. This would be called, The Great October Socialist Revolution. Has the same evil ideology that has murdered tens of millions of innocent people now come to America?

Bishop Fulton Sheen believed this. “Oh yes. Some things are so sacred and divine that their betrayal must always be prefaced with some mock of affection. My fellow men, my countrymen, beware. Lest you say, would’st thou betray America with a kiss?”

In 2005, just before her death, Sister Lucia Santos wrote a letter to Cardinal Carlo Caffarra. In it she wrote, a “time will come when the decisive battle between the kingdom of Christ and Satan will be over marriage and family, and those who work for the good of the family will experience persecution and tribulation.” Cardinal Caffarra replied, “That time has arrived. Satan is attempting to destroy the two pillars of creation, man and woman so as to fashion his own anti-creation and in this battle, woman is the human being to be defended most.”

Padre Pio called the Rosary a weapon against sin and temptation. In the words of St. Paul, put on the armor of God that you may stand firm against the tactics of the devil.

So husbands, fathers, and all men, like the Knights of old, take up your weapon—The Holy Rosary. Guard your souls and protect your families. Pray, but act like soldiers on the battlefield. Never cease until the end, when he will fall and she will crush his head.

John Yep: All good things come to an end, but we wanted to end with that note about Fatima. I took one of the biggest decisions in my life, actually, in Fatima. That was the first secret, right, when Mary opened up—or we believe. Well, you don’t have to. It’s not part of the doctrine as a whole. But where hell opened up and I remember spending the night there in prayer, just looking at that, realizing this really happened. Hell opened up right here and these kids saw it. What did they see, by the way? They saw people going down. You know, there’s a lot of talk, diminished about the eternal punishment, and everything like that. I get the mercy of God. Think it’s important.

But it’s real, heavenly realities and Mary warned us here about the evil of socialism and the spread of communism, which is at our doorstep. It’s actually around us. Broken arrow, as some would say. The enemies’ penetrated. Broken arrow around us. But we can fight and I’m just asking you to pray. We’re all using our brains here, we’re all super talented. We’re in the world, we’re not of it. So, I would like to end with what she said—and if you’re not Catholic, okay. You don’t have to pray this. That’s fine.

Mary asked us to pray the Rosary. It’s the first thing we do, pray the Rosary. We’re going to pray. We’re just going to pray three Hail Marys, and for non-Catholics what is the prayer? All it is, in some ways, it’s kind of like background noise that you’re praying to get you into the mystery of Christ, of Christ’s life. That’s the point of the Rosary.

So, I would like to invite the other member of the sacerdotal class here who’s in the room. Father David, if you would come and I’d like you to lead us just in three Hail Marys. The first Hail Mary is, we’re going to pray for all those people we’re running against, because Christ forgave those who hurt him. This is about, what it’s really about, our faith. We want the best for everybody, and we want to win, because we’ve got to win. We still pray for them. So, the first Hail Mary for that.

The second, is so that the good side wins, which is clear as day in my estimation, based on Catholic principles. And the third Hail Mary is in gratitude for the incredible, and the future mission of Catholics for Catholics, and what God has in store for them. Father…

Father Dennis Mary: With Father James Altman and John here, we have the Sons of Thunder, huh? in the same room. So, let us pray that he’ll pour the Lord’s blessing upon you all of you here and your children and grandchildren as you pray these Hail Marys and then we’ll give your Lord’s blessing.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

The Lord be with you. (And with your spirit.) We ask a blessing upon all of you, your children, your grandchildren. We ask a blessing upon, as we had prayed the Sacred Scriptures there in Luke’s gospel, and that angelic salutation, as well as Mary’s cousin Elizabeth. Her words honoring Mother Mary and from Luke’s gospel is what we did.

We pray the Scriptures, not only read them, we pray them. It’s a blessing to put our Lord’s blessing upon you. We ask a blessing especially upon all of our candidates. We ask for—we have an image of authentic masculinity here in this room, in the image of Jesus Christ, huh. When we see Blake Masters. We see Jesse Romero. We see General Michael Flynn. We see Father James Altman. We see it in, even in people like Rush Limbaugh. We see it in President Trump. Not former President Trump, right, we see it in President Trump. We see authentic masculinity. We see it as Gen. Flynn said, authentic leadership in Kari Lake and Nancy Barto. We thank you Lord for blessing them—authentic leadership among us. These Christians who support babies in the womb, especially. We ask our Mother Mary, to wrap her mantel of love and protection around all of you and a blessing upon Catholics for Catholics. We ask a blessing upon—through the intercession of Our Lady of the most Holy Trinity, daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, Spouse of the Holy Spirit—may the covenant communion of the most Holy Trinity come upon you all and remain with you and your children, your grandchildren, forever. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

John Yep: Thank you all so much for coming. Let’s get to work and let’s win, win, win. God bless you all.

Catholics for Catholics