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The Catholic Patriot’s Response to the Urgent Border Crisis

Video | May 18, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

What specifically does the Catholic Church believe about immigration and chaos at the border? Is the border patrol warning that things are about to get worse? What is the relationship between a household, families, and borders? Is this an issue of Christian Charity, or are anti-Christian NGOS driving a radical agenda? Are the bishops informed on these important issues? Discussion of our founding event and our keynote speaker General Flynn. Jesse Romero and John Yep discuss the Catholic faith, politics, and the news.


What is Catholics for Catholics? We are a 501c4 organization that provides educational resources about Catholic doctrine including materials addressing Catholic leaders’ positions on public policy, legislation, and other matters affecting social welfare. We are at the intersection of the faith and politics. Catholics for Catholics has a mission to collaborate with other groups as we all work to help the Church and Country in this special time in history.


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