Catholics for Catholics CEO John Yep sends a special message from live on the ground at Dodger Stadium: It has been a huge success. There are over five thousand in attendance. Thank you to all those who have prayed and participated. Happy Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Success! Prayer “wins” again!

Last Friday was historic. It was a triumph of good over evil. The LA Dodgers refused to back down from honoring the “Sisters” of Perpetual Indulgence, a group that openly mocks nuns and God with horrific sexual imagery of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

Catholics for Catholics didn’t sit back. We rallied with other groups, Lifesite, Catholic Vote, Virgin Most Powerful Radio, and America Needs Fatima, to show tremendous UNITY as we stood together against those who defile Holy Mother Church.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, heroically joined us on the streets. Here is what he had to say in an exclusive interview given to Catholics for Catholics just hours before the event.

The event was an “out-of-the-park-homerun.” Here is the official RALLY TALLY:
   – Number of people expected at the rally? 500. How many showed? 5,000!
   – The “Sisters” were meant to be honored DURING the game. They were hustled into pre-game warm-ups to minimize their public appearance. Even the few fans there at the time gave them heartfelt BOOs.
   – Dodger Stadium holds 56,000 seats. Games against their archrivals, the Giants, are always sold out. Only 41,000 people, however, attended the ballgame that night.
   – 15,000 people attended the Prayer Procession to defend God and religious nuns rather than watch blasphemy.  

The icing on the cake?

The Dodgers lost that night. And the next day, they suffered their worst at-home loss in 125 years… losing 15-0. 😉

Catholics for Catholics would like to thank all those who showed up to the rally as well as the literally thousands of people who prayed from all over the world for the success of the event. It worked. Prayer works. God is real!

We will not stop in proclaiming God’s majesty!

God Bless and Fight On!

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