As the Republican primary race heats up, tonight’s debate on Fox News Channel promises to be a highly anticipated event for political enthusiasts across the United States. From the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching, this debate offers a unique opportunity to analyze the candidates’ positions on a number of issues that are of great importance to the Catholic Church.

One of the key issues that will be discussed tonight is immigration. As Catholics, we are called to welcome the stranger and treat all individuals with dignity and respect. This includes immigrants, regardless of their legal status. There are three basic principles of Catholic Social Teaching on Immigration.

First Principle: People have the right to migrate to sustain their lives and the lives of their families.

Second Principle: A country has the right to regulate its borders and to control immigration.

Third Principle: A country must regulate its borders with justice and mercy.

Let us see which candidate best expresses all three CST principles.

Another issue that will likely come up tonight is the economy. All economic life should be shaped by moral principles. Catholic Social Teaching outlines that economic choices and institutions must be judged by how they protect or undermine the life and dignity of the human person, support the family, and serve the common good. What would a world look like in which the common good of every US citizen is recognized?

We hope that the war in Ukraine will be discussed. “Nothing is to be lost with peace; everything can be lost with war.” These were words used by Pope Pius XII in August 1939, on the eve of World War II. Catholic Social Teaching states that seeking alternative solutions to war for resolving international conflicts has taken on tremendous urgency today, primarily because of “the terrifying power of the means of destruction — to which even medium and small-sized countries have access — and the ever closer links between the peoples of the whole world make it very difficult or practically impossible to limit the consequences of a conflict.”

We need to know each candidate’s stance and why they think this way.

A war of aggression is intrinsically immoral. In the tragic case where such a war breaks out, leaders of the State that have been attacked have the right and the duty to organize a defense even using the force of arms. Americans need to understand what is the long-term goal of the war in Ukraine and what our role as a country should be moving forward.

A fourth topic that could be discussed is the pro-life stance of each candidate. The sanctity of life is a crucial aspect of Catholic morality. It emphasizes the inherent value of human life, from conception to natural death, and advocates for the protection of the vulnerable and defenseless. For Catholics, the debate on pro-life is not just a political issue, but a moral imperative to uphold the dignity and sacredness of every human person.

The debate may also dive into the hot topic of gender ideology. Catholic teaching holds that men and women are created with specific roles and purposes, and that gender norms should not be discarded in favor of a new, fluid concept of gender. Advocates of gender ideology, on the other hand, argue that people should be free to choose their gender identity and reject traditional gender roles. This approach contradicts Catholic teaching and threatens to undermine the dignity of the human person.

Republican candidates may also emphasize the importance of protecting American and Catholic values over the influence of lobbyists and big corporations. These candidates will show their determination that these values should be at the forefront of decision-making and that the interests of the American people should always come first. With the current political climate being heavily influenced by corporate interests, these candidates will present what values they believe make America great.

Another great concern to Catholics is the recent FBI investigations against us. Just a few months ago, a resolution was introduced by Republicans for the FBI Director to be impeached. The resolution alleges that the FBI has targeted pro-lifers and Latin Mass Catholics under Director Christopher Wray’s watch. The resolution would force Democrats to vote on the appropriateness of using the federal government to target conservative American citizens.

Overall, tonight’s Republican primary debate on Fox News Channel offers a unique opportunity to analyze the candidates’ positions on a number of issues that are of great importance to Catholic Social Teaching. As Catholics, we must continue to advocate for policies that promote human dignity and the common good, and hold our elected officials accountable to these values.



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