A week ago, almost no one had ever heard Oliver Anthony play guitar.  Now, after his song, Rich Men North of Richmond has gone viral (video included below this article), he has become a sensation.  He has tapped into something of a phenomenon which vocalizes the way many people feel.  He has created a stir in a way not seen since Donald Trump came down that golden escalator.  His song has become an anthem of sorts.  Not a national anthem as his song highlights the concerns of a certain segment of our country.  Some call them Deplorables.  Others, darkly, call them Ultra-Maga.  But they are a segment of society who feel dissociated and disgusted by the goings on in our nation’s capital. 

Consider.  Surrounding the songs discovery, we have seen the FDA quietly amend its opinion of the use of Ivermectin in treating Covid.  Recall how vociferously the FDA argued against using the drug against Covid.  Even though the drug has been used for years, successfully and safely, those doctors who were prescribing its use were threatened with the loss of their license.  Many people were canceled or called out for taking horse dewormer.  How many were mocked for their opinion?  Since then, a group of doctors has filed a lawsuit against the FDA, and other federal health agencies because the FDA said ivermectin should not be used to treat COVID-19.   Quietly during the trial, FDA Attorney Ashley Cheung Honold backpedaled from the blackballing, saying that “…FDA was not regulating the off-label use of drugs…They FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe Ivermectin to treat Covid.”  Up until now they had been hoping to memory hole that the FDA, government, Fauci and media all called us horse paste eating lunatics.

How many Americans died needlessly because the Pharma establishment called this cheap, readily available, Nobel Prize winning medicine a pig medicine?  These people should be tried for crimes against humanity.  Anthony’s song could very well have been talking about this cabal by the media, government, academies of physicians, the pharmaceutical industry, and Tech companies teaming up and demonizing those who tried Ivermectin.  All so that an ineffective, provably dangerous, unnecessary vaccine could be forced into people’s bodies so that hundreds of billions of dollars could be made.  We mustn’t forget, that rather than use Ivermectin people were forced to stay home, shut down, mask up, stay away from school, lose their businesses, forfeit their rights.  It’s criminal.  The vaccine, which is ineffective from preventing infection or transmission, has side effects causing myocarditis and blood clots.  It was forced on citizens who were used as experimental lab rats in pursuit of an unheard of payday.  As explained by RFK Jr, The Federal Emergency Use Authorization Statute states that if an alternative treatment exists, the FDA can’t use the Emergency Use Authorization for a new treatment, which is exactly what they did.  Massive amounts of money flowed from the govt to the pharmaceutical industry and back to the governing class in the forms of donations, stock options, and cushy retirement gigs.

The other farce trying to play out is the so-called investigation of Hunter Biden.  Politico reports:  In a negotiated plea agreement with the Justice Department, Biden would plead guilty and receive no sentence for two misdemeanor tax offenses and a felony gun charge.  That deal would have come with a guarantee that the First Son not be prosecuted on any further criminal charges.  Luckily, for now, US District Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected that deal saying “These agreements are not straightforward, and they contain some atypical provisions.”  The Judge went on to say that she could not find another example of an agreement so broad that it shielded the defendant from charges in different cases being investigated.  To translate, there is no chance that normal folks ever get this offered deal.  That negotiation, is reportedly still ongoing. 

Meanwhile, Attorney General Merrick Garland has named a special prosecutor to investigate the First Degenerate.  However, the AG is so corrupt, and the system is so stacked in favor of the ruling elites, that the Special Prosecutor he named is a US Attorney named David Weiss.  If it wasn’t so serious, his selection would be humorous, because he is exactly the prosecutor who offered Hunter the sweetheart deal that Judge Noreika has rejected.  In other words, the same prosecutor who is doing legal contortions to protect Hunter, and has offered him such a broad deal as to sweep this under the rug, is now the Special Council who has been appointed to further cover up the Biden family’s breathtaking degeneracy and corruption.  There is, perhaps, no better example of how Washington protects itself.  This is stunning corruption made possible only by how little the Biden Administration fears being exposed by leakers, the Republican Party, and the Media. 

Then there is this.  After a series of falls and an episode wherein he froze at a podium, mid-sentence, does anyone really think that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has the best interest at heart of the average American?  Maybe it is time to step down?  No, what these episodes show, aside from making Joe Biden look healthy, is that it is the continued pursuit of power and accumulation of wealth that motivate those in office.  There are very few demonstrable instances that would be a counter indication.  Otherwise, why has the Republican controlled House been so impotent in following through with its promises of investigations of Secretary Mayorkas, President Biden, Dr Fauci?  

The government has been like this for a long time.  For example, an open border really helps no American, yet it has been porous for a generation.  But there was at least lip service to the issue.  Now, there really is no effort to hide the disregard for voters.  What we are witnessing now, with big pharma, open border, lack of accountability for politicians (and their sons) and aged roaming the halls of congress is really just a Masters Level course in manipulation and contempt by the government of the US toward the populace.  Hard to see any different explanation.  It is corruption and collusion.  No one is this incompetent or pusillanimous for this long.  As Monica Crowley says in her tweet of last month, “The name of the White House cokehead is in the same place as the names of the SCOTUS leaker & the J6 pipe bomber, the trans shooter manifesto and the Epstein client list.”  Sad but true. 

Another example of the government playing with the lives of American citizens comes clear when one looks at the level of support given to Ukraine, when the people of East Palestine Ohio (bus derailment) are dealing with an environmental cleanup of historic proportion and the state of Hawaii is dealing with one of the worst natural disasters in history.  Biden announced a “one-time” payment of $700 per household to those folks who have been displaced by the fires in Maui.  $700 is an insult.  This callus man can’t get hundreds of billions of tax dollars to Ukraine fast enough.  I’m sure Hawaiians are confused to hear the giant sucking sound of their tax dollars leaving the wildfire ravaged state. 

These are corrupt weasels.  This is a brood of vipers.   By their fruits we know it.  They will de-bank citizens whom they see as a threat, just as soon as look at them.  Citizens are being manipulated to allow their accumulation of massive wealth.  We are tools.  A means to an end.  That’s it.



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