Is Francis a peg in a sure place? –

Monday morning on X, formerly known as Twitter, Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas shared an interesting article on how the Vatican sees the US Church, and the “polarization” it causes in its effort to frighten people.  Possible subtitle idea:  Those damned rigid traditionalists are still at it.     

Later that same day, the website Complicity Clergy broke the news that Francis is expected to request the resignation of Bishop Strickland. 

It is worth noting, at this point, that the Synod on Synodality is approaching in October of this year.  Many who watch the Vatican are expecting revolutionary pivots to come from the synodal process.   Two main changes are possible:  The first is the substantively increased role of women – perhaps as significant as ordination to the diaconate.  Secondly, and foremost in desire, is the effort to approve the blessing of homosexual unions.  These changes would come on the heels of the recommendations of diocesan synodal meetings held over the world this past year.  The serious discussion of either represents a significant development for a church which claims that it was founded by Christ Himself and that its faith has been revealed, in its fullness, to the Saints in what comprises the Deposit of Faith.  See Catechism of the Catholic Church, CCC84

Isaiah 22: 19-23 describes the Lord placing faithful and courageous people in positions of authority.  “I will fasten him like a peg in a secure place.”  This is what the Father expects from his leaders of the Church Militant.  To be a linchpin.  This is not language which lends itself easily to interpretation of synodal processes or walking together in the light of the Lord trying to find the newest path.  Earnest exegesis of  this text reveals that the Lord is choosing and extoling the virtues of those who protect and safeguard His vision.  This looks like a clear delineation between clarity and confusion.  The Lord expects His servants to guard the faith, not look to change it with authority that has not been given.  Confusion is of the Evil One.

The latest messages from Bishop Strickland, in the face of the upcoming Synod, seem to be just that.  An instruction to his followers not to be swept up by the disharmony that will no doubt emanate from the Synod.  Any who read his letter to the Diocese of Tyler can see this is the language of a father trying to shield his children from discord and confusion which surrounds them.  It is specific in its language and bold in its tone.  It is consistent with that which has comprised genuine Catholic teaching and contradictory to none. 

It appears that in his capacity as Bishop, Strickland stands vigil.  He is a rock.  Talk about clarity as opposed to confusion, this is what a peg looks like. 

In contrast, consider the palaver which comes from conniving Cardinals and a “Pastoral” Pope.  Years after Francis refused to answer the five question Dubia which came to him from four cardinals in the wake of his 2016 document Amoris Laetitia, confusion is still the path of the Vatican.  

Francis and his mouthpieces couch and prevaricate and equivocate seemingly every statement in a fashion apparently designed to confuse and walk a tight rope.  A tight rope which they seem to believe keeps them from contradicting Church teaching and straying into outright heresy.  This is the starkest of all differences between them and Strickland.  Say what you will about Strickland, but he is brash enough to say what he believes. 

Francis has a history of open-ended statements such as “Who am I to judge?” when pressed on homosexual love, early in his reign.  Making the rounds lately is the confusing exhortation from some of Francis’ closest allies calling on the Church not to evangelize.  “We don’t want to convert the young people to Christ or to the Catholic Church or anything like that at all,” said Bishop Américo Aguiar, the head of World Youth Day (WYD) Lisbon 2023 who will be created a cardinal by Pope Francis in September.

“We don’t want to convert the young people to Christ or to the Catholic Church or anything like that at all.”

Bishop Américo Aguiar, the head of World Youth Day (WYD) Lisbon 2023

Nothing like that at all?  What in Heaven?  One wonders, what really is the purpose, then, of World Youth Day?  Confusion abounds. 

In a free discussion of the past few weeks, consider:  In his writings, where does Strickland stray from Church teaching?  Those prosecuting Good Bishop Joe, should be able to say what lines into heresy Strickland is crossing.  If able to do so, they would justify their inquisition.  This is not only fair to Strickland and Tyler, but it would also be the best way to convince his spiritual followers that this drastic step is necessary and just.  If this spelling out of the indictment can’t be done in a defensible, cogent manner, then why the push by Francis to bench the bishop?  Does Satan want Strickland as bishop of Tyler, Texas, or not?  Simply put, if the answer is yes, fine, he should go.  But if the answer is “hell no”, as the sensus fidelium, or sense of the faithful indicates, why is Francis so eager to get a very powerful piece of the Eternal chess match off the board?     

One imagines that in that hypothetical discussion, Bishop Strickland and his followers would be happy to state where Father James Martin, SJ falls into error.  This dialogue would provide an opportunity for correction if the orthodoxy is just flat out wrong.  Why is Martin correct in his push for homosexual unions and their blessings?  Where exactly did the Church err for Her first 1900 years of existence? 

The reality of the situation is that Francis, and those he has selected to surrounded himself with, are using synodality as a tool to push their agenda.  That agenda is to feminize, and therefore, weaken the Church and to allow for the flourishing of homosexuality in the Church.  Many of those persecuting Strickland are homosexuals themselves or are sympathetic to their homosexual friends in and out of the priesthood.  Rather than leave, they wish to colonize the Church of Christ, thereby granting immediate legitimacy to their heterodoxy and to destroy the Church as it has existed since its inception. 

What happens if the Tyler Bishop acquiesces to the request to resign?  Will that expand the already burgeoning shadow schism?  Will there be people who leave the Church?  Many will hope he does not resign, that he endures this mistreatment for the sake of the people he leads in Faith.  Perhaps Strickland should force the other side to take it to the end.  To make Francis depose him.  This is a fight of Francis’ making.  Make him fire you, Bishop Strickland.  We stand behind you. 




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