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Father Marko Rupnik – Scandal and Contempt

Articles | October 27, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

Since the year 2020, Father Marko Rupnik has stood accused of the sexual, spiritual and psychological abuses of at least 9 women, including nuns, over a 30-year period.

These abuses, allegedly, included religious vessels, and unholy, actions in a church, and other sacrilegious proclivities, too disgusting to discuss. 

This is what he has done.  It can’t be dismissed, forgotten, or swept under the rug.  This is abuse in the same vein as the other abuses of children, men, and seminarians which have embarrassed, weakened and scandalized the Catholic Church in the last generation.    

And now, there are reports that with the knowledge, and at least tacit approval of Pope Francis, a Slovenian diocese has announced that Rupnik, a former Jesuit, expelled from the order, has been accepted and granted faculty as a priest into the diocese of Koper.

The old joke is “If you could suppress any religious order, which would it be, and why would it be the Jesuits?”  There is no more forgiving, open-minded, progressive, order.  It professes an openness to homosexual activity, Holy Communion for those in unorthodox unions and relationships, female deacons and priests.  If the Society of Jesus excommunicated this predator, then what in the hell is going on with the Bishop of Koper and Pope Francis?  Does Francis have no standards at all?  Is there no end to this madness?  No depths to which the modern, progressive church will not plunge?  Where is any proof that Francis has not completely abandoned his role of defender of the Faith, as a custodian for the Church of Christ, as Successor of Peter. 

For years Francis has surrounded himself with Bishops who have countenanced and hidden scandal and abuse.  This is his way, and these are his friends.  But this public refusal to forbid this travesty is a bridge too far.  This is tantamount to an abdication of his priesthood, his vocation, his reign, his office.  He should immediately resign or be deposed by Cardinals as proffered by Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, himself a Jesuit, Doctor of the Church, in his treatise De Romano Pontifice.

What standards does Pope Francis have?  Is there anything so depraved, rotten or stained which he will not bless? 

Is it a coincidence that this is being done in the shadow of the Synod on Synodality?  A meeting during which the church is being rewired, so that all are welcome, with no right, no wrong, no judgement, that this was announced, sotto voce, in the hopes that it would not draw too much attention.  This is like those wicked information dumps that guilty administrations make in the dusk of a Friday before a long holiday weekend.   

Is this the permissiveness of the Vicar of Christ?  Would any father of children allow such a monstrosity in his house.  Who could respect a neighboring father who allows this in his home?  This casts a certain hopelessness upon the future of the Church Militant.  This action is diabolical, and the casting aside of these victims, including the holy Sisters of the Church, lays directly at the feet of Francis. May God have mercy on us. 



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