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A Providential Inheritance: The Story of Fr. Vincent and His Chalice

Articles | November 14, 2023 | by Catholics for Catholics

Vincent Charmet was ordained on June 25, 2023, at the Cathedral of St. John in Lyon, France. He is currently a parish priest at St. Augustin’s Parish en Beaujolais. Vincent was born into a family of winegrowers from the Pierres Dorées region and first studied management and philosophy. After experiencing God during an abbey visit and World Youth Day in Krakow in 2016, he entered the seminary in Lyon.

All four of his grandparents and his father were also winegrowers, hailing from the Azergues valley, specifically the yellow-stone village of Le Breuil. Vincent was baptized in his local church, Saint-Pancrace d’Oingt, where the last priest to live there, Fr. Claude Clavel, died in 1968. Since then, the church has only been open for occasional events.

On July 7, 2023, Fr. Vincent went to say his first mass for family and neighbors in the church, where an astonishing discovery was made by the deputy mayor. A beautiful box containing a chalice and a piece of paper was found in the sacristy cupboard.

The message on the paper stated that the chalice belonged to Fr. Claude Clavel, who had wished to leave it to a child of the Dupeuble Family if they became a priest or any other child of the parish who became a priest. The Dupeuble family mentioned in the message is the family of Vincent’s paternal grandmother.

The message was written on June 24, 1968, which was 55 years (plus one day) before Vincent’s ordination on June 25, 2023. There was no doubt that this chalice was intended for Fr. Vincent, and he was handed it a few minutes before mass by the deputy mayor.

After this first mass, an official presentation of the chalice was made, and the participants were deeply moved by this message of faith and prophetic hope. Vincent now uses the chalice daily, and he says that it accompanies him everywhere. He plans to pass it on to a child from the parish who becomes a priest, continuing the tradition.

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